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    Sarah Inkdragon


    Yes, sadly life has taken it’s toll again and our guildmasters are all busy people. Erekdale has a discord chat, but it isn’t very active either. I hope we get back in the flow of things eventually… it was nice to have weekly discussions and challenges.


    (I hope I spelled that tag right, I forgot to check.)

    I’ve been inside the Rickmer Rickmer’s in Hamburg. It’s pretty cool. Gotta ask – what’s your favorite era of ships? (If you didn’t already answer that beyond: pirate ships.) I love the ones from the Napoleonic Era, which remind me of PotC the most. Clippers and Barque are typically fantastic no matter when they’re from. Small ships always seem terrifying to sail, so I tend to like the bigger ones. XD I don’t know a whole lot about ships, but they’re fun.

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    Dylan Yarbrough

    @sarah-inkdragon I’d have to completely agree about the Napoleonic era.

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Viewing 2 posts - 61 through 62 (of 62 total)
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