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    @inkling-for-christ Oh goodness, Marvel’s Infinity War.

    I’ll be honest. I expected it to be terrible, mainly because there were so many characters, I didn’t think they could do any character building at all.

    Was I ever wrong. Thanos especially had some amazing character. The deepest villain I’ve ever seen.

    That death in the first ten minutes was awful — I can’t even say it. you know who I’m talking about.

    *melts chair* It’s so awful.

    But like @josiah , Spiderman’s was terrible too. Especially with Tony Stark there…

    Gah……. *stomps around* Why did I visit this topic? I’d just recovered.

    Here’s some art …. just because … you know… *sigh*

    Loki Infinity War


    Tony Stark Infinity War


    Spiderman Infinity War

    *melts chair*

    Kayla Joy

    @snapper I love those drawings. The Loki one breaks my heart. He looks so young and innocent… and alive… 🙁

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    #snapper, THOSE ARE AMAZING DRAWINGS! you captured Loki so well. Yeah, it took me some time to get over the deaths (especially Visions, Bucky’s and Wanda’s). Honestly, (and I know people are going to hate me) I was ok with Spidey going. While I was impressed with Tom Holland, I never really liked Spiderman in general. I was really shocked that Tony didn’t go I thought he would. And Black Panter I was horrified that he faded.

    Somehow I managed to avoid any kinda spoilers so I was totally blind walking into the movie. And the characters who did fade were ones I wasn’t particularly fond of (so I thought).

    I talked to someone after seeing the movie and he thinks that Banner is really Loki in disguise and that is why he can’t turn to  Hulk.

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    Princess Foo

    @nuetrobolt *gasps in disbelief* You didn’t like Spiderman?!? Even not liking him personally, his death was the worst. *cries. It’s still too soon.* On a positive note, I now have a bunch of examples of how to make depressing character deaths.

    I have heard that Loki is Banner, and while I do think there is a strong possibility he is still alive, I don’t think he pretending to be Bruce. I don’t think he could pretend to be the Hulk, and we clearly saw the Hulk being lifted away from the Bifrost.

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    @princess-foo, I think you meant to tag @inkling-for-christ. I never took part in this discussion, because I don’t watch super hero movies.

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    Dr. Strange saw what would happen if Thanos got the Time Stone so he gave it to him, knowing he would get the Mind Stone (When really he would only need the powers of the Power, Space and Soul Stones, and maybe Reality Stone), knowing afterward he would win, and while winning Captain Marvel would be called by Nick Fury, and would be able to defeat Thanos because the Gauntlet was weakened (Burned up, remember?). Then again Nebula, Gamora’s sister, took the Gauntlet in the comics and beat him so idk. That’s just my take. Gamora, Loki, and Vision will probably stay dead.

    No one reads these anyway

    Princess Foo


    If you haven’t, go watch it, because the rest of this post is spoilers and screaming. *Internal screaming* *external screaming*


    Hawkeye is in it!! But his family is probably dead!!! The look on his face was so sad!! His family was cool. Luckily they probably are coming back.

    Antman escaped the quantum realm! That’s nice, but since Bruce was looking at pictures of all the heroes that died, and Scott’s was there, they probably thought he turned to dust, and un-turned into dust, and can save everyone. Nope, he just was in small world.

    Also Tony probably won’t die in the spaceship. Die at all? Maybe. (Probably) But I don’t think he will die from lack of oxygen. He needs to die sacrificing himself or something.

    Also Steve shaved his beard.

     @nuetrobolt @inkling-for-christ @kayla-joy @snapper @josiah @evelyn@joyofemberley @lady-iliara

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    I, David

    I need in on this. Infinity War is the best Marvel movie to date. So glad I own it.

    But Avengers 4: [SPOILER] Endgame looks ready to compete. That new trailer was heavy.




    1. I’m pretty sure the original cast will die or something *tries to be pessimistic so I can be pleasantly surprised* I know there is some playing with time…and I’d love for Steve to be dropped back into the 40s but I’m not sure how that would affect the timeline…so I doubt they will do that *sobs*

    2. Loki took me off guard, just how sudden and weird it was…yeah I don’t think he’s dead yet. The worst death was Spiderman. I can count the number of deaths I actually shed tears for on two fingers. 1. Theoden and 2. Peter Parker. Spiderman’s death was jam packed with emotions…then there are all the headcannons.

    Oh guys, here’s the trailer for Avengers (Infinity War pt2) Endgame! Eep! The link!


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    (I’m just so happy when I see your profile name 🙂 Huge fan of the Inklings… Okay, to be honest, I’ve only read a lot of C.S. Lewis so far and “On Fairy Stories” by Tolkien, but the entire idea of the Inklings is wonderful, so great choice!)

    Anyway, @princess-foo and @i-david kind of resurrected this thread 😀 and I happened to catch it right now. I actually haven’t seen it yet, but I was able to get it on a good deal from Amazon during their Black Friday thing and can’t wait to watch it!!! I’m kind of weird in terms of spoilers because I love hearing about spoilers before watching a film 😛 It just makes it even better because I get to compare what I imagined from what people say vs. what actually happened on screen…

    Anyway, all that to be said, I have a question:

    Do you recommend that I watch the entire Marvel film series (sorry, I don’t watch the TV series) in order before Infinity War? If so, what order do you recommend?

    I found this article that lists the “chronological order” – what do you think? https://www.cnet.com/pictures/watch-every-marvel-cinematic-universe-movie-in-the-right-order/


    Thanks for helping me out here!! 🙂

    #TeamCapForever But Doctor Strange is cool too…

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    @princess-foo, @i-david, @scarletimmortalized, @pursuewisdom.

    I totally forgot about this thread. I had to watch the trailer THREE times just to understand that the trailer had come out!! I was really happy with my prediction about the title. I took what Strange said in the last movie about them being in the end game and figured that to be the title.

    I am 100% sure the original cast will die and that means that Steve will die and I will cry.

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    I’m pretty sure Loki orchestrated the whole thing. I just know he did. I bet you he actually shifted into Thanos, and then duplicated himself to make everyone think he died. If I was Thor, I wouldn’t even have been upset when Thanos killed him because dang, Loki, you die in nearly every movie. But anyway. xDDDD (I’m mostly joking… but if this actually ended up being the case, I wouldn’t be surprised. At all.)

    I actually didn’t really love Infinity War. I don’t know why; I think the mass amounts of characters and huge plot made it feel a little bit rushed. I couldn’t really root for any one person because the stories kept switching. I wanted Thanos to be defeated, but I didn’t get very invested in the characters emotionally. But I don’t really like Marvel anyway so that probably is part of the reason I didn’t like it. xDDD pleasedon’tkillmemarvelfans

    Something I really, really did like, though, was every character’s willingness to defeat the enemy. <3 Also, Spider-Man’s death scene (favorite Marvel hero, I think!) was extremely well done. Gosh. Ugh, it just makes me think of how horrible it would be for him and for Ironman.

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    Oh my lord, this thread is super old. xDDDDD I didn’t even realize!! Haha!


    EDIT: WHA AT T THERE’S A aa trialeRs eashda

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    Married a blacksmith, and now frequently uses his knowledge for writing fantasy.


    @h-jones, I know I had to go back and look at how I even got in this thread and then had the “oh duh” moment. I created this thread because I needed people to talk to.

    I agree with you I DO NOT think that Loki is really dead. One person I talked to thinks that Loki shifted into Banner and that is why Bruce cannot turn into hulk because he isn’t Bruce. Now that does leave the question where Bruce is then, but I’m sure there is an answer.

    I am 100% sure though that Cap and Tony are gonna die.


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    Princess Foo

    @pursuewisdom You definitely need to watch several of the movies before Infinity War. The movie won’t really make sense otherwise. How many though, depends on how familiar you are with the characters. You can watch Captain America 2 without watching the first if you already know Steve’s backstory. I’m kinda assuming the question is “What is the least amount of the movies can I watch for Infinity War to make sense?” so I am going to answer that.

    • *Captain America First Avenger
    • Avengers
    • Captain America Winter Solider
    • Avenger’s Age of Ultron
    • Captain America Civil War
    • *Dr Strange
    • *Spiderman
    • *Black Panther
    • *Guardians of the Galaxy 1
    • Guardians of the Galaxy 2

    *You probably should watch these but if you are familiar with the Marvel Comics beforehand it isn’t necessary. 

    Very important make sure you watch these!

    Yes, I listed all of the CA movies, but Civil War is really important and those explain why he acts the way he does.

    If you are really asking “What order should I watch them in?” Then I would say do it in the order they came out, but chronologically would work too. I have never seen any of the Iron Man movies or the first Thor movie.


    I agree about that mass of characters thing.


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