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    OK, so I just saw Avengers Infinity War and I’m not really sure what I saw. I mean it was all the characters I know but just…it was out of this world! The whole movie had me crying at each death (and those who died I wasn’t really crazy about). I blew it off as a writers heart thing. Cuz honestly, how many of us enjoy killing our own characters or experiencing their deaths?

    I want to give the Russo bros props for a well done movie but it was just so emotional and so much happened. At the end I was silently yelling at Thor for not going for the head. It wasn’t till Bucky vanished that  I realized what had happened.

    1) what do you think will happen in the next one and

    2) how do you feel about the deaths, and which one affected you most?

    Thoughts, comments,

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    Josiah DeGraaf

    1. My pipe dream is that pretty much everyone currently alive (the original team + Rocket) will end up sacrificing themselves in the climax of Avengers 4 to bring everyone else back from the soul stone. Not sure they’ll go down this route, but I think there needs to be some big sacrifice to reverse the events of this last one.

    2. Spiderman’s death affected me the most, hands down (I teared up, and I don’t normally tear up during movies). The funny thing is that I knew while watching it that it would have to be undone (he has a solo movie next summer after all), so it was interesting as a writer to think about why I was crying over a death I knew couldn’t be permanent. But I think a combination of the father/son relationship and the slow realization of understanding on Parker’s part is what made it a particularly vivid & heartbreaking character death.

    Overall it was fantastic. One of my favorite Marvel films.


    @josiah, I agree with you. I think that as writers we are uncommonly vulnerable to characters deaths. It is something that we experience often in writing and yet it hits us so hard. I was relatively shocked that  Black Panther was taken out of the game considering he is new. My sister says that things will come undone.

    I had friends come with me when I watched it Wednesday (with my siblings) and one of my friends wanted to see me cry at the death of Captain America, which didn’t happen, so when I cried for every character she was shocked.

    What do you think Hawkeye is up to and what will his involvement in the next one be? What about the argument between banner/hulk?

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    I started crying in the first five minutes… ‘nough said there. XD


    Me too. Except I cried every time some one died.

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    Kayla Joy

    I started crying 5 minutes into the movie, had a short little pause when everything was kinda ok, then started crying and didn’t stop until about 2 hours after the movie ended.

    1) I think like @Josiah , the people left are going to sacrifice themselves to get the other people back. I also think there is going to be some time travel, at least it looks to be that way from the set photo’s we’ve gotten so far. I cant wait to find out more about Captain Marvel. 🙂

    2) how do you feel about the deaths, and which one affected you most?

    The deaths were terrible. Loki’s wasn’t so much of a shock, I pretty much knew he was going to die, but he was one of my favourite characters so it hit me hard in that way. When Thanos snapped his fingers, and people didn’t just blip, I thought it was going to be fine, but then they just started to fade away. That was very emotional.

    I think the one that hit me the most was Peter Parker’s, mainly because of the obvious feeling put into that scene, by both RDJ and Tom Holland. It was a mean blow.

    That movie has left me torn. I really loved the way they filmed it, the story was amazing, but the ending was so depressing. I cannot wait to see how they deal with this all going forward.


    That’s my rant of the day. Goodnight. 🙂

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    @kayla-joy, I agree with you. I too knew Loki was gonna go but I didn’t think it would be that way, and Thor’s reaction made it even harder to bypass. I was talking to someone yesterday who thinks that the souls of the ones “killed” are in the soul stone somehow. The death that most got me was Gamora’s even though I had never seen her on screen before (haven’t seen Guardians 1 or 2 yet). I too was impressed with the way the movie was done and amazed but I think it was a little over hyped. @josiah, what do you think? Was the pre-movie hype too over the top? I was given a false impression that something great was going to happen.

    What do you think about the quick acquisition of the stones? I thought they were going to draw it out more and make it a long game of hide and seek. Do you think Shuri is still alive? What about the Banner/Hulk thing?

    I think my favorite sub-story of all was Vision/Wanda. It was so touching to see that. Honestly, I’m really scared to see what happens from here.

    Here is a question for you guys and @any-other-writers. Why is it that we get emotional over character’s deaths? I saw the movie with my siblings and a few friends and I was the only one to cry and the only writer. Is there some kinda empathy that makes us writers more susceptible to characters dying?


    that’s my rant

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    Josiah DeGraaf

    @inkling-for-christ I have no idea what Hawkeye was doing or where Banner/Hulk are heading. 😛 So no comment on that fronts!

    Infinity War is probably going to be one of my favorite Marvel films (though it largely depends on what happens with Avengers 4 since so much of IW is setting up that last one). So I didn’t feel like the film was overhyped personally.

    For every writer that’s more emotional, there’s another writer that cackles with glee whenever they kill someone off. 😛 My guess is it’s just a coincidence of your friend group.


    1. I told my friend what I think will happen in Infinity War two, so here’s what I said:  The remaining superheroes will have to form up into a new band of superheroes trying to find a new way to defeat Theoden (Um… not saying his name right, can’t remember) while Theoden himself is broken about killing Gamora, so he turns into his natural form of a human.  As a human he forget’s all that happens, but knows that the infinity stones are powerful, so when the Avengers come to kill him he fends them off, not knowing why they don’t like him though.

    He comes to hate the Avengers because he doesn’t know why they keep trying to kill him, so he eventually raises to power over the world with a new goal in mind:  Control everything, no matter what you have to do.

    But, now that he’s a human he isn’t as powerful as his alien/monster form, so the Avengers manage to send a “spy” into Theoden’s circle of most trusted, who I expect to be Cap or Black Widow, and when they’re in they find a way to know Theoden’s secret about hating his killing Gamora and all.

    So they go to the place she was killed and manage to bring her back to life, and with her, they go in and have her herself kill Theoden because she’s the only one he won’t kill.

    Then Theoden dies and Tony gets’s his hands on the stones, go’s kinda crazy, so someone else has to use them because Tony can’t handle them, but I’m not sure who’ll get it.  Probably Thor or Cap…

    So yeah, that’s what I think will happen next.


    2. Spider-man’s had the most impact on me… he just seemed so helpless… like a kid dying and asking their helpless parent to stop it… Which I guess was almost exactly what happened.

    I WISH TONY HAD BLOWN AWAY INSTEAD OF SPIDEY!!!! ARRRGGGGG!!!!!! *hem*  I mean… I don’t like Tony Stark very much if you can’t tell.


    And now that that’s over….. I have nothin’ to say.  Thank’s for listening *cough* I mean reading, and… um… yeah.


    Oh right.  Then there’s the whole Captin Marvel thing… Yeah, I dunno about her.  To be honest I’ve not seen any of her movies.


    Reply To: Infinity War [SPOILER PRONE]

    It was heartbreaking. I didn’t cry, but I just felt…devastated. I KNOW some of these deaths aren’t permanent (they have to be, or else…), yet the fact that most of the characters who died were ones I fully expected to live hit me very hard. It’s a tossup for me whether Gamora or Peter (Parker)’s death was the worst; in the end, I think it was Gamora. She had a miserable life and only a few years of happiness and in the end, it was ripped away from her 🙁 And then there was Loki, finally calling himself an Odinson and trying to do one last brave act… Not to mention Wanda trying to hold on to the last person she has left… and Bucky’s “Steve?” just before he disintegrates… It was so terribly sad; I’m not over it and I’m not sure I ever will be.

    Lady Iliara

    I’ve heard a lot of theories about how Loki isn’t truly dead, and I’m starting to believe them. (A) He didn’t revert back to frost giant form when he died, (B) why would he try to use just a knife to kill Thanos, he’s smarter than that, and (C) there’s an unaccounted-for bit of time on the ship where we don’t see where he is…

    *holds out hope*

    ENFJ, Aethasian, and chocolate-Pringle-nerd-blob of epic. Greet at your own risk. *trips on a rock*


    @lady-iliara, I had someone give me their theory in which Loki shapeshifted into Banner and that is why hulk won’t come out becuase loki can’t be the hulk.

    @joyofemberley, I agree. I hadn’t seen Gamora on screen prior to this (I missed the guardians movies) and I was shocked how her death hit hardest. Also, Wanda’s struggle just made me break. And Bucky’s last words I wont even go there.

    Do you guys think that Shuri is still alive?

    @ashlyvye, I agree. I don’t know how I feel about Captain marvel or where/how she fits in to all this.

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    Princess Foo

    I just watched it and… wow. Peter’s death definitely hit me the hardest. He didn’t want to go… *sobs* Gamora also was very sad, I didn’t feel like her arch was completed, making it unexpected and more sad. I did know everyone was going to turn into dust because the internet *glares. I didn’t want to know!*, but I didn’t think the movie would end like that!

    Rocket is still waiting for the other guardians to show up.

    I really like the idea that everyone else will sacrifice themselves to bring the others back.

    I was considering the possibility that the dust deaths are permanent (because both Spider-man and Black Panther have comic-book replacements) but I realized that in the second half of the movie, the avengers have to beat Thanos in some way. It is a superhero movie after all, and they need something to do for the second half. And with Thanos off staring into the sunset, “beating” him would mean undoing what he has done.

    One thing about the movie I wasn’t fond of is that basically of the connection we were suppose to have with the characters was purely based off our past experience with them. I could’ve been way more affected by their deaths, it felt like most of the heroes were just there. Captain America was just there. He’s CAPTAIN AMERICA, I expect to have more of a reaction then, “there goes another guy to beat Thanos” No one had conflict with each other or archs (Other than Gamora, Thanos, and a little bit of Thor and Iron Man, but not really). They were just there. Of course, there was like 76 heroes, so I don’t know what else they could have done. Does that make sense?

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    @princess-foo, I get ya. It did feel like some of them were just there. I also think its hard for those just coming into the Marvel universe because they won’t understand a sentence unless they have watched all 18 movies. I have friends who are just now watching marvel and they feel so behind.

    Personally, I’m not sure what is going to happen. There are a lot of theories out there. I’m excited *sorta* to see what marvel has for us next summer but we have to admit. The end of an Era has come.

    INFJ, Child of God, wannabe author, writer, dreamer, fan of DR. Who, Star Wars, NCIS-LA

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