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    Hello. My name is Patience. I’m a newer member of Story Embers. I’ve come to a point in my writing where I need a writing partner.

    About me:
    I have been writing and studying how to write fiction for over a decade.
    I have not completed a novel yet, but I have an overflowing 3″ three-ring binder full of different story starts and ideas.
    I’m currently a stage 3 “Intermediate” writer.
    I enjoy writing fairytale-esque stories that indirectly address our relationship with God, fantasy and historical fiction being the main interests.
    I’m halfway through a first draft that I want to FINISH (a “fantasy”) and in need of a writing friend/mentor/parter/somebody who will be excited and get me excited again.

    Here’s how I can help you:
    I have been studying how to write fiction for over a decade.
    I’m not practiced at giving feedback, but if you can ask┬áspecific questions, I can give you specific answers with your best interests in mind.
    I constantly read all sorts of fictional genres and age targets, with the occasional non-fiction. I will bring a well rounded reader view to the table.
    I have studied/am studying proofreading. I’m still working on it, but I’m getting it.
    I am flexible in communication method and timing. I just can’t be in touch Fridays and Saturdays.

    Arindown (Gracie)


    Hey there. I’d be interested in being your buddy.

    I can’t say I bring much to the table…I’m only starting also (about halfway through my first novel). I don’t know much about editing or anything, but I can give suggestions for what feels/sounds better to me as a reader with an objective view.

    I don’t have a ton of time on my hands either, but I’d love to give it a try.


    Not all those who wander are lost.



    Hello. Please forgive me for taking so long to get back to you! I really appreciate your willingness to be writing partners with me. Part of the reason it has taken me so long to get back to you is because I had also posted on another writers’ group and received lots of replies.
    I asked for a writing partner because after spending a year on my own focused on my writing, I realized I needed to do something different. So, I tried reaching out to other writers. I’m glad I did, it has been a blessing to me to see all the people out there willing to help. But I have too many other projects on my mind right now (baby number four is on the way), and I decided to give my writing a break. I’m not sure for how long, but at least for a month. I am no longer looking for a writing partner.
    I apologize again for not replying to you sooner.
    Patience Penn

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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