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    Mrs. Skywalker

      Hi……sorry I’m never up here *wails* Do you guys have any ideas for science fiction names? Male, female, good guys, bad guys, I need ’em all. The story has a lot of space travel, so that can give ya an idea of the kind of names I’m looking for.

      Thanks for your help!!! 😀

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      Kaleigh Flowers

      Hello! I am drafting a dystopian/sci-fi book, and names are extremely difficult! Here are several though-

      Eiley (pron. EYE-lee)

      Verity (pron. vair-IT-ee)

      Rhett (pron. RET)

      Aeron (pron. AIR-on)


      Joseph Brink

      @padawanpadme Look up baby names.

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      Old Coot

        While this website has a heavy focus on real-world and fantasy settings, there are several SF name generators (and a ton of other types of name generators) scattered throughout.


        Daeus Lamb


        ^^ That’s a good starting point.

        To get technical, it really depends on your sci-fi culture. If it’s futuristic America, just make up stuff that sounds cool and fairly normal. Futuristic Chinese? Make up something that sounds cool and Chinese. Now if it’s alien, you can do a pretty good fake by answering two questions.

        1. What are the naming/language conventions (if there are any)? Do all names have standard affixes such as Latin’s Just-us, Tacit-us, Marc-us, etc? Or is it two-part like OmenHabbido or IshiSabo? Do the aliens just have number codes as names (if so you’d have to invent enough of their language to figure out the names for all their numbers)? You can be as imaginative here as you want.

        2. What do you want the language these names are derived from to sound like? Elongated something like Eolonae while garbled might sound something like Erbtuklishk. Just form a bunch of sounds until something feels right.

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      Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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