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    E. K. Seaver

    Hey everyone! I’m starting a new series on my author blog for writing questions (whether it has to be about writing or anything else, though honestly, it would be better if they were about writing. XD) What are questions you had when you started writing? What are the questions/struggles you have now?

    I am by no means a professional, but I have four-and-a-half years of writing under my belt and can answer a lot of questions in some way or another (whether that be directly answering them in my posts or directing my followers to a site that can.) If you wouldn’t mind sending me your questions, that would be wonderful!


    Sounds cool!

    Here a couple serious ones (and then a few silly at the end 😛 ).

    Why am I writing?

    What am I trying to say?

    Will people relate to this?

    How do I make this relatable, but not so relatable it’s boring?

    How do I defeat autocorrect’s evil red lines and rid them from all of my amazingly foreign-sounding names? (Ex. Feya.)

    Coffee and writing or brainstorming/dreaming and sleep?


    LOL, @lonathecat! I feel you about autocorrect and unusual words/names. I have the same problem, but what really gets me is when I’m proofreading along thinking, “All right, that’s just a name, that’s just a name…” and then later on, boom! I realize a misspelled word snuck in along with them.

    As for questions, @e-k-seaver, I guess my biggest question when I started out writing was, “How do I create a story that people want to read?” Now, a little farther down the line, my question is, “How do I find the people who want to read my stories?”




    Where do I start for publishing? Do I just do it after I’ve read through my novel over fifty times over four years? How much should I pay to publish indie?

    Editors, are there any out there that a youth could afford? How do I find them?

    Cover design. Who do I go to do that? How expensive is it to get a quality cover?

    How long should I go back and revise my book before finally saying, ‘no more’, and publishing? Because, there will always be something to change, and it would stay in my doc un-published for eternity. How do I know when it’s ‘good enough’? *cringing at the words ‘good enough’* Yick.

    Thank you for asking for these questions E. K. Seaver!


    Passion = A Willingness To Suffer



    Haha I have the same problem when I’m proof reading. It doesn’t help that I’m not great at spelling either. 🙂

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