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    So, for my blog I’m going to be answering the top three questions asked about fiction writing. The only problem is that I don’t exactly know what the top three questions are, so…

    What are your top three questions?

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    Okay.. I’ll give it a try.

    1. How do I develop great characters?

    2. Why do people like to read/write fiction?

    3. Should I plan then write, or write and outline afterwards?

    Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for…

    Hope that helps!!

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    @epicaddie2 would these be questions that newer writers are asking or readers or just writers in general? If in general, mine would be:

    1. How do I create a gripping plot?

    2. How do I world-build/incorporate the world into the storyline?

    3. What will immediately make readers fall in love with my story?

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    @girlsetfree Thanks! Those are really good questions. 😉

    Those are perfect! Thank you!

    Sam Kowal


    There’s sort of a difference between my top three most asked questions and the most gripping ones I have right now.

    Of course, something like ‘How to create the most amazing characters ever’ is something I want to know, but that’s kinda too general to be helpful. So, I guess a very specific one…

    1. What makes a character’s flaws relatable, really?

    For example, I write a story where the character is afraid of failure. One of my friends reads it, and says ‘this isn’t that relatable’. But then that friend also has really connected with other characters who are afraid of failure.

    I think this is because of how significant and well done this fear is placed in the story (you can’t just drop in a line about how the character is afraid but not actually show it and expect to have a great effect.) All the same, I’m wondering a little about that.

    2. How to create tension in the little scenes?

    Not just the fights, or the big moments, but even in the smaller interactions. I notice a lot of authors can do this well, and its harder for me. What’s one way to add more tension when one of the MC’s loved ones isn’t in mortal danger, or when his archenemy isn’t attacking from the back of a giant rooster?

    3. How to pull people into the story before they really know anything

    I love reading, but often the openings of stories are a drag for me and it’s somewhat the same with my writing. How do you pull people in before they care about the characters?

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    @epicaddie2 I think I thought of some questions now 🙂

    1) How do I create a gripping plot?

    2) What ways can I build my author platform?

    3) How to identify breaking the ‘show don’t tell’ rule in my writing?

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    @sam-kowal and @jenwriter17 Thank you so much! Those are really good questions! 😉

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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