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    SOOOO big thing, I’ve got a story in outlining. And here’s the thing: I’ve already written it, but that was like, a long time ago, and it’s horrible. So I’m COMPELTELY REWRITING IT, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    So here’s the problem, and I’ll start with my basic conflict.

    The main conflict is that every week or new moon or so (haven’t decided on a time period yet), the three (four) “worlds” converge, and the “bad guys” (who aren’t an issue here) get access to the “good guys” world. I have multiple ideas to execute this.

    First of all, some foreshadowing here, the original involved planets and spaceships (please think MARVEL and not Star Wars), but still had primitive weaponry like swords and such. The planets were kind of a big part of it but it’s not gonna hurt to scrap it.

    So, my options are

    A) Create the concept of a “Table” that the realms sit on and they touch each other every so often
    B) Leave the planets, and come up with some really weird concept like “Sky Bridges” that show up every few weeks or so (actually kind of like that one)

    C is where it gets tricky. I’d like to include the aircraft and such, because I really liked the ‘diversity’, per se, that it offered. So, option C is to include the aircraft and all that, but keep the “Only ever so often” method that I would like to be key by having, say, a magnetic field around the planet that doesn’t let them in except every once in a while.

    So those are my options.
    I have a larger problem. The villain.

    The villain is the KEY to the story. The protagonist is a great warrior, but he sees no hope and wishes to hide from their enemies. But the villain keeps prodding him and pulling him to come out, being the driving force behind Tal’s inner change. (The villain is actually trying to get to the supernatural being of the story who killed his family a long time ago.)

    THING IS, I can’t figure out how to fit him into the Convergence and make him the key conflict beside the Convergence, whatever form that might take.

    Ideas for the villain?

    Which method do you think would be better? I really like A and B, which makes it a really high fantasy, but I also love the “fantasy meets sci-fi” method of C. Then there’s D, which I didn’t mention, which is to have the planets themselves meet in some…really weird way that would probably have to defy physics. But if the Convergence is there at all, then having aircraft, unless it’s aircraft with a set height, releases tension from the predicament, which is what I don’t want.

    (It’s also worth saying that Miktalien/Tal, the protagonist, is considered the “Earthborne”, the one who’s supposed to stop the Convergence permanently. Valom, the villain, also has some sort of connection to earth and has “earth powers”. They’re both that way because it’s more key to the Convergence.)

    So, any thoughts? Which do you think could aid the plot and conflict better, A, B, C or D? And any thoughts on how to make the villain key?

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    I personally like the idea of the Sky Bridges. The mental picture I got was actually physical half-bridges on each planet that meet every so often, but having them just appear somehow as it sounds like you were thinking would also be cool (and probably less weird, lol).

    Unfortunately, I tend not to be good at villains causing the main conflict, so I’ll leave that part of the question to others who are better with villains, lol.

    Your story sounds like it’s going to be really cool!

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