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    @everyone (not sure if that works…)

    I have been struggling with not having enough time to write. I have a deadline for my book, a blog to keep up with, and written assignments to hand in for the English degree I am pursuing. My time is very limited–as are anybody else’s–and I want to start this thread for everyone–poets, fiction writers, fantasy fiction writers alike–to share their struggles with the limited time problem, how they’d tried to deal with it, what worked and what did not. Also, we could discuss specific strategies for specific times(e.g. In winter, I have more time to write than during summertime), and suggest different solutions for different writers who have different variations of the same problem.

    So… to start us off…. Has anybody heard of or worked with The Pomodoro Technique? Does it really work?

    Thanks!! I’ll see y’all around.


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    @girlsetfree  I can relate!  It can be really hard to find time to write.

    I’m familiar with the Pomodoro Technique.  During nanowrimo, I used it all the time, and it was how I stayed sane.  But when I went back to my normal schedule, it didn’t work.  I write roughly 3000 words a week during the school year on stories alone. (I also have a blog.)  During the summer, I try to write a lot more, but for now that’s about all I can manage.  It takes me a while to get into the writing groove once I start, and taking breaks every 25 minutes just jolted me out of that groove.

    The thing that helps me most is a weekly goal.  It should be manageable, but not too easy.  Then find time whenever you can to write towards that weekly goal.  Often we find that we have more time than we think once we start cutting out non-essentials XD.  That’s what works for me, though I’m curious as to what a person who writes more than me would say.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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