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    Hi y’all! I just joined… any words of wisdom? (:

    lover of our Lord, words, and music as his writing tools


    Welcome to crazy town! @serenity

    INTP. Writer of fantasy and sci-fi. Wannabe artist. Anime geek. Merakian.


    @serenity Words of wisdom? Hm…

    “Humor can be dissected, as a frog can, but the thing dies in the process.” – Mark Twain.


    I would repeat what @elizabeth said. Welcome to crazy town!!!


    Thanks girls!

    I always loved the saying about success, especially when applied to writing: “you’ve got what it takes, but it may take all you’ve got.”


    lover of our Lord, words, and music as his writing tools

    Buddy J.


    Welcome! Maybe you can bring some serenity to this group… 😉

    As for words of wisdom: “Hold on to your hat, or it might fly away.”

    So first off, don’t worry about keeping up with everything… I don’t keep up with everything. You can subscribe to as many topics and discussions as you want, but don’t worry about answering all of them.

    So… Here is my advice… Don’t be afraid to tag people who you are familiar with… If you are feeling left out assert your self somewhere, and just jump up and down… Or tag someone and tell them something you want to discuss and let people join from there.

    Just look around and get familiar with the layout. Feel free to tag me (@wordsmith), as ask any questions, or tag @daeus-lamb or other staff people who’s tag I can’t remember.

    is my friend so if you can’t remember my tag but you can remember hers, you can ask her.

    My name is Wordsmith, I shall be standing right over there if you need anything. Welcome to Story Embers. 🙂


    Published author, reader of many books, Student in writing, and Lumenite!

    Parker Hankins

    @serenity, just join in and make as many friends as you can. Join a guild if possible!!

    Living in a world of mystery and dangerous predicaments while working with the AWESOME Meraki's.


    Words of Wisdom…
    “Wisdom of words cannot compare to the wisdom of the Word.”

    Words of wisdom about Story Embers. I second @wordsmith , also if your stuck I can help (I was Kingdom Pen before here and it’s pretty similar).
    Tags are below people’s names. Not their names. It can be confusing sometimes.

    When your wings are weak and you feel like you can't fly any farther you're halfway there!

    Thomas (CrØss_Bl₳de)

    “Have wisdom.” – Me

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay!

    *Forum Signature here*


    Words of wisdom? Uh, yeah.

    LEAVE. It’s your best chance of survival.

    But should you choose to risk your life to join in our insanity, here’s some choice words: If you want to insert HTML markup into your text, assuming you know it, make sure you’re in the “Text” tab of the text box instead of the “Visual” one. Learned that the hard way.

    No one reads these anyway

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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