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    …because saying “hello” once isn’t enough. ;P

    My name’s Kariel, delving back into writing after denial since secondary school. Ex-theology grad student, psych background. I play with dolls to work out character ideas, and sing as prayer. I can discuss things in all seriousness, but have a mischievous streak. For you MBTI nerds, here be ENFP.

    While my genre is romance, I’m keen on horror’s possibilities for God. However, I don’t read horror but tried something like poetry in it during secondary school. I’ve a wonderful fiancé who holds Gothic taste for his preferred literature, and more read in horror than I can handle. (Dracula is still sitting on my bookshelf, everyone, but I’ll chat for hours with him on lore!) We’re inching through a speculative romance story as co-writers, and I’m outlining my own trilogy project of a romance. My current work’s main cast keeps surprising me, so outlining/plotting has been taking a while.

    To borrow from K.M. Weiland’s Scrivener template, my first entry in said romance trilogy looks something like this:

    Returning islander Katrine Lialry wants to finish school and try on missionary works with an absent friend, so she can dismiss her engagement. But when this friend is declared dead, Katrine must wrestle with her motives against the estranged fiancé — a man who brought her sin, now her tutor in Koine Greek.

    Because even dealing with one’s occultist fiancé is better in Koine, apparently, declared my dreaming mind. Song reference, teehee. <3 My affectionate working titles for this thing flip between The Fanged and The Cinnabun, and He Stole My Sweets! In other words, I ate delectable, baked, sweet treats while imagining this story.

    + His mercy in your dark.


    Welcome, Kariel! Romance, huh? Your stories sound really fun! I have never really read or written romance as more than a subplot, but it sounds cool!

    I’m Sarah. I’m a sci-fi writer and an INFP (one letter away!). If you ever have questions about grammar, character, story or physics, feel free to tag me. I’d love to help out.

    We’re glad you’re here!

    What you sow does not come to life unless it dies.
    -1 Corinthians 15:36b


    Welcome to StoryEmbers Kariel!

    I love your name, ‘Shining Star’. So beautiful… (:

    I know SE can be a little confusing at first, so, don’t be afraid to ask questions!

    Welcome, again. (:


    Passion = A Willingness To Suffer



    What’s up, Kariel, I’m Ella (and an ENFP too ).  I agree with Gracie–I love your name!

    As an author, I write thriller/suspense, fantasy, and speculative fiction.  All with a little romance in it.   I’m writing a story about a girl who participates in a race to win freedom and honor, but it comes at the cost of leaving her family (an odd mix of people who aren’t related at all 😉 ) who she loves more than anything.  She knows that the government is corrupt, but she doesn’t have the courage to fight it until she sees the horrors of the race.

    Ta-da! The end.  (I’m interested in both of the genres you write, so if you want beta-readers, I’d love to help!)

    And as a person, I love reading, talking, people, cats, chai tea, rainy days, sunny days, butterflies, Story Embers, Scrivener, developing characters, drawing maps, Jane Austen, piano/cello duets, and sleeping.

    That was unnecessary but fun.

    Annyywaayys, nice to meet you.


    Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.


    @sarahfi — Oh, yay, glad to hear you think my idea sounds fun! Ah, if I knew what my strengths were, I’d like to offer help as well. Actually, if there’s something I could do for you, please let me know! Thanks for your kindness. <3

    — Eh? I had to look up what you were referring to by name… and then I saw that my forename is listed with that meaning! You surprised me! 😀 And I spent pre-Biblical Hebrew translating my name, haha. I had no idea it was also Hawaiian. Neat. Thanks for your unexpected treat! 🙂

    — Unnecessary? Oi, you’re talking to another ENFP here. I will listen to all the things (and share a ton in return). I’m curious about your protagonist’s family! Mine is the only undergrad in a rented house of three grad students, including her villain love interest a floor below. And a grown lady-dog with more etiquette than her human tenants. Oh, and the parrot. We must not forget the parrot. Aww, thanks, I’d like to help you too if there’s something I can do for you!

    Scrivener spins my bunnybrain, everyone. I’m writing my draft-zero by hand. ^^;

    + His mercy in your dark.



      My WIP family:

    Priscila:  60 year-old grandmother;  has cataracts;  loves Jesus first, then her family;   always has a proverb or wisdom quote to “make the situation easier”

    Nic:  23 year-old grandson of Priscila;  broke his leg on purpose so he didn’t have to enter the race (that backfired, so now he has a permanent limp);  really nice despite his tough background

    Arris:  19 year-old “brother” of Nic;  has a “blood-not-clotting” disorder, so he’s always in danger of dying if a wound is too big;  parents abandoned him;  lost in his ways and thinking–only lives for family

    Hanna:  17 year-old “sister” of Nic, Phebe, and Arris;  doesn’t know who her father is;  mother is Myra;  has a tendency to spite people;  nonstop trains for the Race  (also MC)

    Phebe:  9 year-old “sister” of Nic, Hanna, and Arris;  was a thief at the Souk (market) when Hanna found her and took her in;  has a tiny build and is very fast and sassy

    Myra:  Hanna’s mother (who is killed right before Hanna turns 18);  she was found by Nic and Arris, deathly sick and still trying to protect Hanna, so they took her in and healed her


    The end!


    Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.


    Whoa, that’s a lot of potential for conflict within this one family, Ella! Plus the Race going on… whoo, boy. I can just imagine that the stakes (and tension) are about to rise up from the stewing. 😀

    + His mercy in your dark.

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