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    Buddy J.


    OKAY! I’m back. And my car is running just fine. 🙂 ( @evelyn – I bought it used, so it needed some work to be done on it)

    So! You’re a writer, singer, dancer, reader, movie/tv show watcher… all pretty writery things. Now, this isn’t to say those things are bad… but some people have quirks that they don’t feel fit on a writerly place. And I’d like to say… I like the quirky things that seem out of place, because they can end up being the most interesting for writerly people. If you wish, I’d love to hear.

    Of course… sometimes we’re just boring. Which again creates an interesting dynamic of serene beauty in the most simple things. It also points to the fact that we, all humans, drift in similar directions. And it’s not really boring. That’s just the word I used for contrast and poetic license.

    *nods* YEP! *coughs* I get quirky with definitions. People say I overthink sometimes. It’s probably true. Unless we want to look at the definition of “overthinking” and see if it actually fits. If we’re going by how people feel and want to understand… well… we don’t have to go there right now. I’ll refrain. 😉

    I am an ENTJ, by the Myers Briggs definition. The personality that looks to wield everything it comes into contact with as a weapon. Or… at least be precise and exact in definitions and getting things resolved. A saying now taped to my chest goes something like this: “Don’t get me started or I’ll turn into a bulldozer with a five mile smile.” Yeah. Blame Kate Flournoy for that one (only, I’ve pretty much put it on like armor… so it’s only partially her fault). ANYWAY! All that’s to ask… do you follow Myers Briggs? (did I mention that I like rabbit trails?)

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    -Wordsmith- Author of short stories, Reader of many books, Student in writing, and Lumenite!

    Bree Dawn

    Haha, I think your rabbit trails are cool. So no worries.

    Yes, I do follow MBTI, but only slightly. I’ve taken the test multiple times and have gotten multiple different answers (so basically I’m Divergent😂). I don’t put too much stock into it, but currently I’m an ESFJ, which I think is pretty accurate cause I’m basically an ambivert, emotional-cry-about-everything, kinda bean.

    Leon Fleming


    *feeling out of place and somewhat disheveled* Pardon for barging in like this, but I had a thought. Is not it of a provocative feeling the reality that both Wordsworth (William), Tolkien, and Lewis all had at least one of their parents die when they were still quite young? I’m sure there are others, but this, I wondered, was a paralleled contrast. This happened to each of these now literary legends and when we look at the outcome, they all were quite different, though not wholly in a boring sort of way.


    Welcome to Story Embers, @bree-dawn!  Do you have any pet peeves? Anything you find annoying?

    Bree Dawn


    Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you! I totally forgot I had a message awaiting a reply on here lol.

    Hm…I think it’s really annoying when people act cocky, like they’re better than everyone else, y’know? I dislike people who are shallow and wear masks instead of being their true self. But as for anything more surface-y that annoys me, I can’t think of anything.

    Ariel Ashira

    @bree-dawn Is your name from Narnia?  That talking horse who is like the best character ever?

    "No matter how much it hurts, how dark it gets, or how hard you fall, you are never out of the fight."

    Bree Dawn

    @ashira If it is, it wasn’t intentional. My friend wrote me into a story under the name, Dawn, and I wanted to use a pen name for my writing anyway, so I went with Bree Dawn. So yeah, it’s not my real name and no, it’s not intentionally a reflection of the horse in Narnia. Lol.

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    All good.

    Ah, interesting.

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