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    Hello, hi! I’m Brianna and I’m so glad to have found Story Embers. It was recommended to me by a writing friend whom I think might be here, but I don’t know her forum name.

    I’m a homeschool mother living in a super rural community. I love writing and teaching and I have a blog at briannasiegrist.com that I occasionally write on. I don’t really consider myself a blogger, because honestly, I don’t read very many other blogs and I hardly ever write on mine! But I have it and I try to update it occasionally because I feel like I should have an online presence.

    Anyway, what I really love to write is fiction. My first novel was a NaNoWriMO light-hearted inspirational romance called The Next Chef, which was kind of my trial to see if I could write a whole novel. I put it on Amazon, but honestly I am very new to the whole editing / publishing / marketing process, and I need to reformat it and add a newly edited version. I also have a few novelas I’ve written. One of them is also on Amazon called Noelle. I’ve published a couple devotionals in Upper Room, and I also write poetry for fun.

    I really like fairy tales and children’s and young adult things in general. Right now I’m working on a fairy tale romance Novella series. I have finished the first draft of book one, called CinderLouise. I am also very slooooowly editing my way through my second draft of an Epic Fantasy novel (100k wds) about giants, set in the time before Noah. I constantly get new ideas and start new stories and novels and I have been trying to train myself to finish what I started! Not just first draft, but actually editing and perfecting things and getting them publish ready.

    When I have time, I read non-fiction and classic novels. My favorite all-time book is Till We Have Faces by CS Lewis, followed by Loving God by Chuck Coleson. Of course, every time I read a new book, I tend to say it’s my favorite. I don’t read a lot of contemporary novels, which is probably one of the biggest downfalls I have as a writer.

    I’m excited to be here because honestly, I don’t have a lot of writing friends. Especially fiction writers. I feel like I have joined different groups online before that were writers who were Christian, but didn’t write fiction, or writers who wrote fiction, but none of them were believers. I didn’t feel like either really worked for me.

    I would love to be encouraged to pursue more diligently writing and all of its wonderful fun and work. And I would love to encourage others and to make friends. I’m especially looking forward to learning more about editing, prepping for publishing, and maybe marketing! I feel as if my writing has suffered because I have been very closeted with it, and it’s always hard to see your own mistakes and hang ups unless you have good critics around !


    Okay, so that’s me. At least, that’s the writing part of me ha! Of course I love the Lord very much. I have been a worship leader for years, and I’m currently our youth group leader. I also teach a ladies Bible study and take a ballet class! I love theater and singing, and last year I had so much fun playing Miss Hannigan in Annie in a Christian production. Oh, I also illustrate books sometimes! Okay, that was a lot. I didn’t even mention our beef cows or my three teenagers. But I think I’ll stop now so this doesn’t get too long.

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    Brianna Storm Hilvety

    @briannajean I noticed that we share the same first name (and spelling!), so I had to pop in to say hello! 😉 I’m glad your friend steered you our way, and I hope that you find our content to be edifying.

    Sounds like you lead a busy life and have several fun projects in the works! I’m a homeschool grad, and many others around here come from that background as well. Fantasy and YA are popular genres among our audience too, so you’ll fit right in. 😋

    Wielder of a Red Pen | TheLiteraryCrusader.com


    Mariposa Aristeo

    @briannajean Hello! Me and my (fictional) writing assistant, Aberdeen (he’s an ink-drinking, book-eating dinosaur 🦖😜), are happy to meet you! 😃

    That is amazing that you illustrate books! I recently illustrated a children’s book for Aleigha C. Israel. 😊 What books have you illustrated and what are they about?




    Hi @briannastorm It’s always fun to meet another Brianna! 🙂 I am super glad to be here.

    @mariposa, hi! I illustrated a book by Natasha Metzler called “Christmas, The whole Story of the God who Loves.” It’s a digitally painted book, but I also do a lot of acrylic painting and… pet portraits! I would love sometime to do my own children’s book but you know, it’s a lot easier to find time to do a project of someone else’s than work on a project of your own.


    Mariposa Aristeo

    @briannajean Aw, a Christmas children’s book! 😍😍😍 I adore Christmastime! I’ve recently started dabbling in digital art myself, and acrylic is one of my favorite mediums. 😊 Besides pets, what are your favorite things to paint?


    Gabrielle Pollack

    Hi @briannajean ! It’s so nice to e-meet you! I’m super happy you found Story Embers and hope it helps you on your writing journey.

    I admire you for trying to edit a 100k epic fantasy. I love epic fantasy, but writing it is hard. I can only imagine how editing it must feel like. 😂



    Wow we really do have a lot in common! I also love performance, but it’s been a while. I just recently started sing on my church’s worship team and I am glaringly ignorant of music terms, but I give it my best shot! I don’t have beef cows or teenagers, but I do have three kids under 5. I will survive this stage, right? It sounds like you have a rich, beautiful life! I’m excited to see what your work is like!



    Eyy! Super excited to meet you @briannajean ! (I too am a super-rural dweller.)

    I hope you love Story Embers and that we’ll all be able to be an encouragement to you!

    Writer | Freelance editor

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