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    @ ariella-newheart @Cassie-hartfinh I have re-written it about five times, so it might be a while before I’m done. But currently I am doing NaNoWriMo so it will be a while probably, but soon maybe, I have been thinking about changing some stuff up.


    @ariella-newheart@Cassie-hartfinh I have re-written it about five times, so it might be a while before I’m done. But currently I am doing NaNoWriMo so it will be a while probably, but soon maybe, I have been thinking about changing some stuff up.

    Cassie Hartfinh

    @caserola Whatever you end up doing, I’m sure it will be an amazing piece of literature!! You go, girl!!😊

    Ahyek nahd feltin'or rempak.
    I'm not promising anything.

    Cassie Hartfinh

    @caserola @noodle-mum @ariella-newheart @ashira @selah-chelyah


    I have been on the run for three months.

    And my shoulder is taking its sweet old time healing from the arrow I expertly caught with it just over a week ago.

    Let me explain.

    Back when Hendrik was first captured for treason against the Dhilorwian Empire, I stood at a crossroads, unsure whether or not to attempt a rescue. Hendrick was a good and honorable man, to be sure, but was he worth risking our necks and our freedom over? I wasn’t so sure. I didn’t like the idea of giving up our freelancing adventures for the possibility of a life constantly on the run. Yet my conscience wouldn’t let me stand by and watch as Hendrik died for his beliefs, either. I couldn’t decide.

    Then Starscream told me that we had been living on the run this entire time. We had been living a life on the run from the stark truth that our lives had no real purpose, no real meaning, behind our adventures. But if we rescued Hendrik, he could offer us a purpose. Perhaps his faith was the key to a meaningful life, Starscream said, if he was willing to go behind the Empire’s back and die for it. Starscream was certainly interested to find out what gave him such courage and made the man feel so fulfilled.

    That ultimately convinced me. (Well, that and perhaps an offhand comment about Hendrik giving us better trades from then on in return for his rescue.) I decided to follow Starscream’s advice and rescue Hendrik.

    So Starscream and I plotted. We formulated our plan for the day of the public hanging. And when the aaknora (sunrise) arose over Dhilorwis on that awful day of death, I filed in with the regular Tilmae city slickers, to the market square, where the hanging platform had been built overnight.

    We didn’t expect Hendrik to be the first man that the Dark Soldiers brought out, but we decided to risk carrying out our plan anyway. Starscream had hidden himself in a barn nearby, where he could watch the events unfold and signal me, but nobody could see him. He is a griffin, after all. Griffins are a rare thing among the cities of Dhilorwis, and Starscream would have attracted too much attention before the time was right.

    The Soldiers brought out Hendrik, and the poor man looked awful. He appeared as if he’d been half-starved, scorched in some places, beaten and bruised in others. His clothes were torn and muddy, and his long black hair, which he usually kept pulled back into a knot, was ragged and unkempt. When the executioner tied the noose around his neck and read him the charges against him (which included treason, conspiracy against the Empire, brainwashing, and somehow attacking officers of the Dark Being, though I think it was really an attempt at self-defense), he barely responded past a low, painful groan.

    My heart broke for this man, and I barely refrained from cursing myself for ever considering abandoning him in his hour of dire need.

    The Soldiers then tightened the rope about Hendrik’s neck. The executioner prepared to pull the lever which would drop the platform beneath Hendrik’s feet.

    It was then that I released a shrill whistle.

    Starscream burst forth from his hiding place in a flurry of wooden shards and golden feathers, releasing a piercing squawk, his eyes sharp and angry, his claws extended. He surged forward through the astonished and panicking crowd, leaping over stray crates and market stalls, toward the hanging platform and Hendrik.

    But then I saw the executioner reach for the lever.

    Without a moment’s hesitation, I drew my dagger, (mor-iah) and expertly flipped it at the Soldier’s arm. It caught his sleeve and stuck his arm firmly to a wooden beam just out of reach of the lever. Before the man could unstick himself, I then drew my sword and leaped onto the platform, holding the tip of the blade to the man’s throat and discouraging him from struggling.

    The remaining Soldiers were beginning to recover, however, as I noticed them reaching for their weapons and shouting for order in the chaotic streets, as Starscream continued to stalk the platform and squawk threateningly. I called to him that it was time for us to leave, and he nodded back, taking over watching the executioner for me while I turned to Hendrik.

    He was even worse up close. He’d half-slumped against the rope binding his neck, eyes fluttering dangerously fast as he neared unconsciousness. With my sword, I made swift work of the ropes binding him, then caught him as he fell toward the ground.

    Like the wonderful friend he is, Starscream crouched under us both before Hendrik’s weight became too much for me. Within the span of another few seconds, he spread his wings and we took to the skies, dodging arrows and spears as the few Soldiers who’d managed to recover their weapons and their senses took aim and fired.

    We flew for a few hours, but then I discovered Hendrik was running a high fever, and his wounds were so severe that he needed immediate care. Care that Starscream and I could not provide given our situation. So we landed in the next town over, about a two-days’ horse ride from Tilmae. There, we sought out a kind widow who once used to be her town’s healer, and her kindness was such that it provided a day’s rest for the three of us.

    But then the Soldiers caught up to us, and Starscream and I had to flee, leaving Hendrik in the care of the kind old woman. Thankfully, the Soldiers saw us leaving before they checked her house, and we were able to lead them out of the tiny town before they found Hendrik.

    But we’ve been running for months now.

    And a few days ago, just when Starscream and I thought we were safe, the Soldiers caught up to us. I didn’t escape harm quite so easily as Starscream did. I may have caught an arrow to my left shoulder that was headed for his wing.

    I dunno, guys. Do you think I did right? From now on, Starscream and I will be branded as wanted traitors. Did we do the right thing?

    Ahyek nahd feltin'or rempak.
    I'm not promising anything.


    @Cassie-hartfinh Um… It sounds like quite the adventure you had there, I would say that you did the right thing. You saved him and now he is doing better, I would make sure you at least try and go back to see him, you never know with the old people. As for you guys, never let your guard down or you can end up being the one hanged. If you need any more advice let me know, I’m good with stuff like this.


    @Ariella-newheart Lol, sorry I have been so busy with my guild I forgot to come back and check. And yeah, I probably did tell you about that story but I just got a new story idea so I am excited about this new one!!!!!!!!!

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