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    @selah-chelya Thanks! ^_^ And I will! I await anxiously to find out! 🙂 And oof, i feel that. What are some of your favorite WIP’s you have?

    @cassie-hartfinh Awesome! When I get some time I’ll check those out and ask! Say hi to Starscream for me ;P

    @nuetrobolt Thanks! He’s adorable 😛 lol. And yeah! Though, I must confess I haven’t ready the LOTR series, only the Hobbit. I have a hard time with long and lengthy sentences so it wasn’t really my cup of tea, per-say. Then again, I did try to read the LOTR series when I was a lot younger than I am now. Maybe when I catch some time I’ll try my hand at it again!

    @julia thanks! I’m excited to see everything this site offers! 🙂




    Ah, the world’s most terrible question…the one with no answer! 😛

    I have a lot of them, but not really any favorites, per say. I mean, the ones that are more developed are my favorite right now because I know the characters in them better, but that doesn’t go for much. XD If I had to pick one, maybe Unquenchable, my longest and most intensive book in some ways. And the one that I have written the first ten chapters of, Out of the Ashes. Or the futuristic one I am doing with my sister (yep, that’s @ashira), Raen. I love them all, though! 🙂

    Do you have a fav? And did I already mention that pretty much all I write is his-fic? All my WIP’s are, except the aforementioned co-authored book and one or two wanna-be nonfiction historical ones, hehe!

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    @noodle-mum, Vip tells me to thank you. The hobbit is as good or maybe even better than LOTR. LOTR is hard, but it is definitely worth the read.

    I'm Throne Warden of Emberia or Nuetrobolt. I write with my tiny dragon, Vip.




    I’d have to say it’s about the same for me. My favorite, at the moment, is the one I’m currently working on 😛 It’s work in progress title is ‘The Four Relics’. I haven’t finished it yet, but I have gotten around 50,000 words down for it ^_^ That’s so cool that you write his-fic! I find I’m better at Fantasy type things, as well as YA occasionally. Honestly, I tend not to think about Genre, unless I’m playing off the Genre tropes (like for my book about superheroes) or when I’m actually striving to see what makes this specific genre good and bad (like with my current WIP). It’s something I’m learning to do, lol

    Unquenchable sounds super interesting! As does Out of the Ashes and Raen! Do you mind telling me more about them? 🙂 Oh! And do you have a favorite (or a couple favorites ;P) character you’ve written before?

    @neutrobolt I’ll definitely have to check out LOTR again. I know all my friends have read them, and they usually quote it or make jokes about it. 😛 What other authors are you interested in?


    Steward of the Pen

    @noodle-mum Neat! I’m a fantasy fan too, and that’s mainly what I write. I haven’t read any of those authors, though. What do you like best about them?

    Yes! Having characters learn to overcome their lies is always such a good thing. We pretty much all believe lies about something, so that character arc can really resonate with us even if we aren’t necessarily struggling with that particular lie.

    Most of my stories have had the theme of friendship in some form or another, and also themes of hope, redemption, and second chances. They all tend to tie together well and there are lots of angles to view them from, so I love exploring them in my stories.

    Ooh, naming the inner critic is a great idea. I think I shall have to try that. 😛



    @steward-of-the-pen 😀 Awesome! And honestly, it’s the characters that they write that really pulls me to their books. It’s not really plot-wise what happens (Though the plot can be super thick and that adds so much to it!) but it’s the characters striving for different goals, and forming friendships, and growing like real people would, that really brought me to the particular books they wrote.

    That sounds awesome! What’s your current WIP?

    It’s definetly helped me battle the inner critic (AKA: Wilbur. I’ll have to tell you how I came up with that sometime XD cause ooo boy it’s a story) and keep him at bay. 🙂 It also helps to create a kinda backstory for how the Inner Critic came to be.




    Yeah, I totally get that! 🙂

    I don’t have any, like, overviews or anything for those books, but if you want to you are welcome to read the first 5 chapters of Out of the Ashes that I have written and on a Google Doc right now. (I have 10 chapters done, but I write them all out in notebooks before transferring to a Doc, so I just have the 5 right now. 😀 ) I can email you the access link if you have time and would like to read it, though! I have paused writing it, so if you want to read the chapters you will have to wait a few months for the rest of the book, lol.

    Raen, the futuristic coauthor book, is an outside-the-box world that we are writing as if it were in the actual future, and are working on finishing as our first publication. Beyond that, I am not sure how to describe it… XD

    Unquenchable is a colossal project that I love to death! The female MC is super similar to me, and the plots are so me, it makes it crazy fun to write about. 🙂 And it is a tremendous working progress that will likely take longer than any of my other books… There are a lot of themes and interwoven plots and subplots, and Iraqi deserts, tribes, etc cross with abortion and lots of other subjects. It’s got a couple of different main themes that are really mysteries, as well, which I love. Yeah, it’s fun and crazy! 😀

    I don’t think I could star any characters above others…they are all unique, with their own personalities and differences, and I love them all. I do really love Giorgia, the little girl character in OOTA, though…she is such a breath of fresh air in a rather intense book!

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    Steward of the Pen

    @noodle-mum Mm, yes, good characters are always what attaches me to a book too! I don’t think I’ve ever loved a book just for the plot.

    My main WIP is a long fantasy series called The Alpha Saga, which spans almost the entire history of a world I’ve created. Here’s a little blurb thing I wrote up for the first book, Dahop’s Ember, which I’m writing the first draft for right now. 😀

    As a crippled runt, Lotro of Dahop is nothing but a burden to his pack. But when he catches his esteemed older brother Dayetra—soon to become alpha—meeting with enemy spies, he decides it’s time to prove himself.

    A simple plan to expose a traitor burns to a crisp when a series of attacks leaves Lotro packless—alone except for a fellow outcast who’s supposed to be his enemy. The very ones whom the Dahop had scorned as less than worthless are, somehow, the only ones left to save them.

    Succeed, and he could earn the honor he has always longed for. Fail, and he may never have a second chance.

    With his pack in grave danger and deadly Yeultzers scouring the face of Ekwiel for a legendary “ember,” Lotro realizes that he is facing much more than a territory-and-revenge-hungry rival—instead, he is against a power bent on destroying his entire pack. Can one runt and his strife-ridden band of outcasts truly keep Dahop’s fire from being put out forever?

    Ooh, Wilbur’s story sounds hilarious. xD Yes, I would love to hear that!




    @selah-chelyah Oooh! Yeah, I’d love to check it out. Can’t promise I’ll be able to read it all very quickly (busy life keeps me from reading often times) but when I do, I’ll let you know!

    All your stories sound super fun and unique! So do your characters! Could you tell me more about Unquenchable, if you’re comfortable with that? It sounds super cool with the deserts and tribes and stuff!

    @steward-of-the-pen Oh my gosh, I love Lotro already just from reading that. He sounds super cool! And so does his older brother! 😉 Love me a good secret villain!

    Ah… the story of Wilbur. The first thing you need to know is that my characters tend to… really come to life, if that makes sense. They’re very real to me, thus how this whole thing even happened.

    Alright, way back in 2015, I decided to try and do NaNoWriMo for the first time in November. The book I decided on was written in first person, and was about these kids who had committed crimes/knew Government secrets and were in a secret ‘prison’ of sorts. Dr. J. Brown ran this prison, and was a psychologist interested in what happened to these teens that led them down the path of crime.

    (Here’s the first paragraph :P)

    If you’ve been sent to “Blackfalls Institute for Troubled Children” then it’s safe to assume you’ve made some pretty ‘decent-sized’ mistakes in your life.

    And by ‘decent-sized’ I mean you’ve messed up so badly that even if your parents could visit you, they wouldn’t go near you with a ten-foot pole. So awfully, that top notch Government Officials have gathered together to discuss the issue that is you. So horribly that, even if you could speak up in your defense, the sweetest of lies wouldn’t have made a dent in you case, let alone the actual truth.


    Anyways, the ‘plot’ of the story was Wilbur trying to escape and get back to his dad. Through specific plot points, you as the reader begin to realize that–through the different things Wilbur and the other characters say, that his father is actually not at all who Wilbur is telling you/the reader he is (and is, in fact, the whole reason Wilbur committed the crimes he did in the first place and ended up in prison). The entire point of this book was to show how easy it is to lie to yourself, especially when you’re not in a good community of people holding you to the truth.

    I, however, made two common mistakes.

    The first one was I created Wilbur to have an utter disdain for any authority ever, except his father.

    The second was I immediately showed him the plot of the book and basically told him how his life was going to turn out.

    Wilbur, being Wilbur, didn’t like this very much and proceeded to completely wreck my book. He fought with me every time I tried to write him–which made writing difficult since it was supposed to be from his perspective. Eventually, I had to give up and throw the draft of what I had in a lock box, in fear of him finding and burning all my hard work.

    Eventually, as I moved onto other projects, I realized Wilbur had hitched a ride and was now following me around, trying to 1. ruin the reputation of my stories and 2. start a revolution against me to revolt and make me never write again.

    And that is how Wilbur came to be XD



      Hey @noodle-mum welcome! I’m new here too, but everyone is really nice.



      *chuckles* this forum seems to have kidnapped a lot of ENFPs since I was last here…

      Yo! I’m Elizabeth. I’m just returning to SE from a rather unplanned hiatus, so there are a lot of new people here…nice to meet you!

      What are your favorite movies/shows?

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      @shadowwriter161 😀 Hi! It’s nice to meet you, Shadow! What are some of your WIPS, if you don’t mind me asking?

      @elizabeth hehe, yeah, it appears so! It’s funny, I don’t meet a lot of other ENFP’s. This site seems to have quite a few ^_^ It’s nice to meet you Elizabeth!

      Uh, that’s such a hard one. It really depends on what genre is inspiring me in the moment. So, I tend to love the Jason Bourne movies, as well as Harry Potter, anything and everything Marvel, Classic Disney movies, ect. As for TV shows, my favorite is definitely White Collar. The way they wrote the plot to that particular TV show just k i l l e d me. I watch a lot of Anime too, like BNHA. Some Disney Cartoons like Tangled the series. Miraculous Ladybug is on the list too 😛 I used to be super obsessed with all the BBC classics like Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Merlin.

      What about you? 🙂




        It’s nice to meet you too 😀

        I have at least three WIPs at the moment, but one is much more advanced then the others. I don’t have a name for it yet (I’m hoping one hits me when I actually complete the thing XD ) Coming up with titles is harder then one might think.

        P.S I <i>love </i>classic<i> </i>Disney stuff too, and some of my friends are obsessed with Marvel and DC.



        Steward of the Pen

        @noodle-mum Thank you! I love them too. xD

        Haha! That’s a crazy story. I love it! (I love that first paragraph, by the way. The voice is really cool.) And I totally get what you mean about the characters coming alive. Lotro especially has done that for me. One day he just clicked, and suddenly his weird voice, so unlike mine, was taking over the page. It’s definitely something that wouldn’t make sense at all to a non-writer, though. 😛




        That is totally fine. You can email me at needleworksbyselah@gmail.com whenever you want to read it. I am in no hurry. 🙂

        Mm…I don’t mind telling you about it at all, but I honestly don’t know how to describe it without slaughtering it. Besides which, the main plot is basically a mystery and I don’t want to ruin it for you, lol! I suppose you could call it a romance as it has a guy and girl MC who have some proper romance. Secondary theme wraps in guy MC’s missing sister, and a lot of things relating directly to abortion. He is a fighter pilot and ends up downed up over Iraq, thus the desert tribes….

        See what I mean about slaughtering the story? XD!

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        "You will show respect!" ~The Bearded One

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