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    @filewriter Lol, it’s fine. And yes, we should stop talking about staring at people lest others think we are crazy and need help. *wink, wink* I would follow you on Spotify, but I don’t have it sadly and prefer to use free stuff–like YTube. 😉

    Just a writer reaching for the stars.


    @bekks2017. Yeah, because for some reason when you stare at strangers and try to figure out their story whenever you go to the mall, people think you need mental help. *shrugs*

    Oh, yes. The famous YouTube. Um… Spotify is free. There are ads every now and then, but it’s free. Well, unless you buy Spotify Premium or whatever. (which I don’t) I don’t want to advertise, but… I really like it. Also, you can make playlists for your songs, which is a fun feature.

    All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. ~ J. R. R. Tolkien

    Rachel Rogers

    @bekks2017 Glad you joined us! Your comment about why your novel is so special to you really resonated with me. I’ve been working on a volume of poetry for the last three years almost, although I didn’t realize it was going to be a book when I first started jotting down poems. I’ve written while dealing with health issues myself, plus multiple varieties of people drama, and it’s helped keep me sane. 🙂

    Ahhh…such a good question and so hard to answer! I think I would describe myself as…a talkative girl (sometimes in conversation, sometimes on paper) in love with fireflies and zinnias, a girl quick to love but slow to make friends…a sturdy and elegant leather-bound classic in a world of paperback formula fiction.

    I always feel weird describing myself though…I can never quite tell whether I’m describing what I’m really like or what I wish I were like. 😛

    Ambiverted INFP. Scribbles all the words. Names the plant friends. Secretly Edna the Piguirrel.

    Rachel Rogers

    And it might be worth clarifying that I’m talking about biblical “love your neighbor” love… 😛

    Ambiverted INFP. Scribbles all the words. Names the plant friends. Secretly Edna the Piguirrel.

    Brianna Storm Hilvety

    @bekks2017 *Melts into a puddle* That’s one of the nicest compliments anyone has ever given me. ☺️ I’m truly humbled that I made such a big impression on you and that you kept me in mind from way back then.

    Ah, I had a feeling you were an INFJ! We have lots of those roaming the forum—even SE’s editor-in-chief, Josiah, is one. I tested as an INFJ-T for years, but lately I’ve been getting INTJ-T. I suspect that being an editor and constantly needing to think analytically has affected my results.

    Brianna Storm Hilvety

    @scribbles Oooh, I love the book analogy! I’d probably be a deep purple volume on a shelf tucked away in a corner that longs to be read, but whose cover can only be unlocked and opened by a select few deemed trustworthy.

    Mariposa Aristeo

    @bekks2017 My favorite things to bake are scones, muffins, triple chocolate cookies, brownies, cinnamon rolls, cheddar biscuits, chocolate cake, chocolate chip banana cake…I could go on forever really. 😅 Most of my baked goods aren’t exactly “healthy” though. *grins guiltily* 😋

    I think dinosaurs are cooler than dragons. 🦖

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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