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    I’m Jeremy but you can call me Jere if you like (Jair not Jerry).

    I’ve been a middle grade to young adult writer for two years now. I’m a Christian writing for the mainstream atm.

    I’ve dabbled in different genres like mystery, contemporary, sci-fi, and fantasy. My latest is a sci-fi short story I hope to send to a kids magazine once I’m done revising.

    I’m also looking forward to connecting with other writers.

    Glad to meet you all!

    Chelsea R.H.


    Hey there! How’s things going? What was your favourite of those genres to write in?

    Mahalo keia huiʻana


    I like the combination of science and imagination in sci-fi, seeing how far the what-ifs can take us. It’s also the genre I’ve gravitated to the most for reading and watching. Writing I. It has brought me the closest to publishing as well.

    What’s your favorite genre?

    Naiya Dyani

    @jeremydvance Konnichiwa! I’m Naiya, also writing young adult, but more in the speculative fiction/fantasy realm. Welcome to this wonderful, crazy group of writers! 😉

    Hearts are like matter--they can be beaten down, torn, and burned, but they cannot be destroyed.


    Hi @jeremydvance ! I’m Kat 😀

    I write young adult too, but hopefully good enough adults can also enjoy them.

    Do you have any other hobbies than writing? How old are you?

    Welcome to Story Embers! 😀

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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