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    HELP my Character Wakes Up with no memory.

    The title says it all πŸ˜‚

    He’s not the only one with memory problems. In fact all the characters in the story have had their memories wiped/tampered with.

    My question is, do any of you have suggestions on the dos and don’ts of beginning a book with a character like this? What’s cliche, what is not, etc? I just need brainstorming 😁

    And more specifically, what are some of the reactions that YOU all would have if you woke up with no personal memory, only a general sense of how the world worked? I’m curious about that too.

    Oh and I guess this is important to be added: you’re in a huge city that is eerily silent, rather old, and seems completely empty.


    Thanks folks!



    I haven’t read a ton of books where people lose their memory πŸ˜‰ but here are some things I thought of when you asked how I would react. For one thing, since I’d still know some stuff about earth and how it works, I’d probably really wonder if I have a family and if they were worried about me. After all, if I did have one, they probably wouldn’t have a clue where I was, which would worry them sick! So definitely that. And I’m sure I’d constantly be trying to figure out who I am and where I came from, and such things as that. Talk about feeling insecure! xP So just normal things like that would definitely run through my brain constantly, I’m sure.

    Does he know anything about what cities are like because he still remembers some things? Because if he does, he should also be really curious (maybe in a fearful way) why it’s so quiet and eerie, since cities are supposed to be filled with people and bustling.

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    @lrc Hey! I’ll brainstorm for a second with you.πŸ˜„ Just random ideas in random orders, I guess.

    – Make memory loss part of your characters arc. For example, if your character was an Enneagram 4 (Enneagram is just way to tell personilities), their self-identity might beΒ really important to them. Which could be a huge factor for conflict.

    – What if one of your characters purposefully chooses not to learn of their past, because they decide they’ll just go ahead and make a new life?

    – One thing I read is to maybe not start the story with amnesia, but let the reader get to know the character first.

    I know I always say this to people, but a cliche isn’t reallyΒ what was written, it’sΒ how it was written. To use Disney as an example…how many Disney movies have side-characters (like Olaf, and Mator, etc) that areΒ super funny, but always a little on the edge? A lot. The point is, we don’t get tired of Disney characters because the characters are timeless and done properly, not because we’ve never met someone like them before.

    I think if I woke up with no memory, I would probably have a breakdown until someone logical helped me up and helped me build a new identity.πŸ˜‚ I’d also probably name myself within the first day.

    Can’t wait to hear more about your story!

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    I remember as a child being so furious that I couldn’t remember roughly about an hour’s worth of a day’s events due to concussion that I cried. So I can’t imagine how disturbing and traumatic that would be to lose a lifetime’s worth of memories and experiences. While this kind of total amnesia can happen, as I understand it, it’s extremely rare, and partial memory loss is far more common. So maybe he has some memories and not others? Because if he’s really totally wiped out, I’m not sure that he’d be self-aware enough to know that he’s not remembering things that he should be. In which case, he might not be that bothered…

    Ally Renee


    Hi there! Oh my, that sounds traumatic. But I’ve been there (for the most part, anyways).Β I have actually written a short story where one of my characters gets temporary-memory loss (so not exactly like yours, but still a sad situation for the characters LOL), but here are some things that I incorporated with that, if you’ll find this helpful:

    – He woke up not knowing that specific parts of his memory were lost. I had him forget about specific people but remember the rest, so it’s harder for him to tell that something is wrong. He felt normal mentally, I guess is what I was trying to say XD So there was no burning desire to try to figure out what was wrong with him because he didn’t know until those around him discovered the damage.

    – Every now and then, some memories would flicker back into his mind faintly — mostly when something specific was mentioned. But it would fade away quickly before he could figure it out.

    I feel like beginning the story with the character’s memory wiped might be hard when writing to keep the character engaged. Of course, I’ve never read a story with a character who has amnesia at the very beginning that I can remember, so maybe there are some really good examples that I don’t know or can’t think of. But I think if the character starts out with memories and then at some point loses them, it might be easier for the readers to keep reading on with thoughts like “Is he going to get his memory back?” and whatnot. That’s just my thoughts; you do whatever you want to your characters in your book πŸ˜‰

    If I woke up with no memories whatsoever, I’d probably freak out on a major level XD Something that I think someone would feel if they couldn’t remember anything was constant panic because I sometimes panic when I can’t remember one thing important, so nothing at all may be catastrophic LOL. I myself would interrogate everyone I could get ahold of and try to get information about myself out of them.

    Hope this helps! I am also very intrigued by the fact that many of your characters’ minds are tampered with πŸ˜› Sounds like a cool plot line!

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