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      @the-fledgling-artist Indeed (: And I feel 100% called to be an artist, and I love it so long as I use it for His glory. It’s just the using it for His glory that’s the hard part, I guess. As you already know, yeah, I used to use it for myself, so I still have to fight the feelings and habits I used to practice. 🤷🏼‍♀️ But God is bringing me through it, and I’m so grateful, and I feel like it’s going to turn into a way that He can really use me. (:

      He does, actually! Gabriel. He’s a deer/bluebird/human thing… I’m really not sure what you’d call that. 😂 I guess the concept is kind of similar to that of a centaur or fawn?

      Secretly Hedgehog Jones. Don’t tell anyone.

    Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)

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