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    Elena May

    Hello! Nice to meet you!

    I’m a Christian college student still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. Right now I’m an English major but hoping to become a speech therapist eventually. But I love learning and am interested in so many different areas. Some other areas I was interested in at one time were archaeology, voice acting, turkey farming, choir conducting, being a Dante scholar, and the list continues.

    I’ve always loved stories, especially fantasy and historical fiction novels, and I know that they will always have a major part in my life. It’s been a wish of mine since I was little to be a writer, but though I wrote in school, did a bit of fan fiction, and have been working on worldbuilding, I never got serious about writing. So when I heard about Story Embers in April I figured it would be a great opportunity to actually get myself writing.

    Becoming an English major has exposed me to more types of writing. This spring I took a free verse poetry class, and while I don’t see myself becoming a great poet, I do really appreciate the power of the genre now and I want to continue writing poetry. Last fall I wrote my first piece of creative non-fiction for a class, and I found that I was really interested in that genre. I would love to explore it more also, in addition to my first loves of fantasy and historical fiction.

    Anyways, more fun stuff about me: I was homeschooled and also went to the online schools Veritas Scholars Academy and Wilson Hill Academy. I have 3 siblings (my sister is adopted!). My dad is a medical missionary so I’ve lived in France and West Africa for a few years. I speak French. I like drinking tea. I’m an artist and musician (I play cello and piano and I love singing but only in choirs because I get so nervous!) I do English Country Dance (like the dances in Jane Austen books/movies). I like hiking and cross-country skiing. I love snow! My favorite animal is frogs because someone gave me a stuffed frog (Jeremy from Beatrix Potter) when I was only 4 days old. I’m of Dutch and German ancestry so I love eating Speculaas cookies.My favorite LOTR character is *sigh* Boromir. If I could have a super power I would so totally choose flight.

    That’s it for now!

    Chelsea R.H.


    Hello! My name is SeekJustice and I’m also a homeschool graduate. I’m Australian, currently having a gap year and then I’m going to study dog training and behaviour when the course I’m enrolled in begins next year.

    I find speech therapy fascinating! I’m really interested in Auslan (australian sign language) and I’d like to study that when I’ve finished my dog training and then combine the two into working with therapy and service dogs for the deaf.

    Anyway, I love fantasy and historical fiction too! What’s your favourite historical period to read about? Who are a few favourite authors?

    Its really cool that you can speak French and have lived in France. I’ve been trying to learn French because I would like to go on a research trip to French Polynesia, but I really struggle with the pronunciation.

    Speculaas biscuits (that being what they’re called here) are delicious. My neighbour is Dutch so I feel I’ve become very acquainted with the food through her wonderful cooking 😛

    Anyway, I’m a bit of a rambler, so please forgive me.

    Welcome to Story Embers!

    Mahalo keia huiʻana


    @elena-may Hi and welcome!

    I love English Country Dancing! It’s so much fun. I just moved but my old  homeschool community usually had a “ball” twice every year, and it is amazing! What type of places do you get to go to ECD? Do you guys dress up in regency styles for dancing?

    Your favorite character from LOTR is Boromir. Wow… I have never heard that from someone. Why do you like him?

    I hope you enjoy your stay here at Story Embers!

    Elena May

    @seekjustice that sounds like a really cool plan! Animal assisted therapy is so awesome. How did you get interested in dog training? I’m really interested in sign languages too and have been learning ASL. Our ASL club went to a Deaf church recently and I met someone who also knew Auslan so that was really cool!

    I like the medieval era, but recently I’ve been reading a lot of fiction and non-fiction about the 1930’s-50’s in England, such as James Herriot, Call the Midwife, and The King’s Speech so I’ve been enjoying that. What is your favorite historical fiction era to read about? As far as fantasy I really like Tolkien and Brandon Sanderson. They both have such good worldbuilding skills.

    that’s so cool that you do ECD! Hopefully you can find a place to continue doing it! There’s a small group in my hometown that is made up of mostly friendly older people who do it every other week. In my town there was a battle fought in the War of 1812 and there is a reenactment every year, so that’s when we dress up and do a ball since it is the same era. It makes the dancing so much fun when you get to wear the fancy clothing. Other than that I don’t get to wear my Regency regalia too much. Did you dress up for your balls?

    Haha yeah I like Boromir because he is a conflicted character–I like how he struggles with coveting the ring but in the end dies bravely and asks for forgiveness. I also like majestic characters and he has that quality too.


    @elena-may Yes! I hope so too.

    Oh, that sounds lovely! And yes, dressing up completely changes the mood of the dancing. For our balls, the girls would wear the regency style but no one pressure the guys to try to find a pair of trousers, and buckled shoes, and coat-tails etc. They would just dress up in suits or whatever fancy thing they had around.

    Are the 1800s your favorite era of American history?

    Ah, yes, Boromir carries himself in such a majestic way. His death is so sad and yet noble. I wouldn’t call him my favorite character but he is a good character for sure.

    You’re learning ASL? I love it! It’s so fun and helpful.

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