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    Hello! My Name is Jocelyn. I’m so happy to be part of this community! I don’t really know how this forum works, and would appreciate any advice. I’m a senior in High school. I’m part of a forum connected with the writing curriculum One Year Adventure Novel. I play 6 instruments. I’m working on a fantasy novel at the moment.

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    Hey Jocelyn!  I’m Ella, nice to meet you.

    It’s pretty easy to navigate the forum–there are a couple of things I was confused about, so here are the answers to those.

    To tag people, you copy and paste the name in italics under your name (for you, @nancy-drew, for me, @writergirl101).

    To post stuff on a certain group, you have to join it.  (e.g. poetry, contemporary)  If you go to Forum > Groups, you’ll see all the groups with “join group” on the right hand side.

    I think everything is pretty straightforward, but if you have any specific questions, shout out to me or @daeus-lamb in Guidelines & FAQ.

    Hope that helps!

    Are you homeschooled, or do you go to school?  I’m going to a classical Christian school for my first time this year.  Do you play sports?  I’m hoping to play basketball and run track if they hold them this year.  we’ll see 🤷‍♀️

    I’ve never done OYAN–would you recommend it?

    WHAAA?  Six instruments???  What do you play?  I know how to play piano, but I’m not super into it.  My sister is really good, though.  I’d love to learn the cello.

    What’s your WIP about?  Mine’s a speculative/futuristic story about a girl who lives alone in the wilderness and creates her own family in her imagination from a picture she finds in an abandoned house.  She tries to forget her past, and the outside world, but the first person she’s seen in 7 years shows up on her doorstep… boom. 🤯😜

    Glad you joined!  Looking forward to getting to know you!

    🤗 Ella


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    Hey! Nice to meet you! I think that Ella covered all the advice; I don’t know anything more, lol.

    That’s awesome! You play six instruments??  I only play two, and one of the two I barely know how to! (It’s a work in progress…)

    I’m also working on a fantasy story!  Would you mind telling me a little about your’s?

    Do you like Nancy Drew? (I’m only asking  because of your tag, lol.  If you do, would you mind talking to me about it? I used to love it, but now I don’t, and I think it would be fun to explain why and ask your opinion on it. But if you would rather not, that’s fine 😉 )

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    I love that series! I read the originals a while back. What are your favorite books? Mine are The Wingfeather Saga; Sherlock Holmes, especially The Hound of the Baskerville; Where the Red Fern Grows; Across Five Aprils; Rifles for Waite; The Hobbit; Tree-Castle Island; and The Lord of the Rings. Well, at least those are the ones I can remember.

    As for info on the forum, I think Ella covered it all. I have had people teaching me my way around since I got on here, lol.

    And what is the One Year Adventure Novel about? It sounds cool.

    You play SIX instruments. Wow. I played piano, and then took voice, but wow. What instruments do you play? Which is your fav? My sis is taking fiddle, but she has to learn violin first, and my brothers taking cajone. I am going to take an awesome art class 😀

    I also like to write fantasy, where anything can happen. ABSOLUTELY anything!!

    Here’s a short sentence about me: I love snails, chocolate, drawing, country music, and reading.

    It was nice to meet you, and I hope to see you around! 😉



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    @nancy-drew HEY!!! *waves enthusiastically*

    Hi! I’m Anne to every one here, and welcome to Story Embers!!!

    The sight is pretty straightforward. You see topic you like or are interested in the forum and you click on it! If it’s part of a group like poetry or middle grade fiction writers, you do have to join the group, but that’s as simple as hitting a few buttons!

    SIX INSTRUMENTS? Wowza! Which instruments? I only play one, the piano. Maybe two if you count being able to play ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman’ and ‘Narnian Lullaby’ on the recorder. I’d like to learn the violin one day; I think it’s the most beautiful of instruments when done well.

    Graduating high school soon? Then we should be the same age. 18? I am. I graduated last year, and year early and now I’m looking into online college classes for special education and writing.

    So what are some of your favorite books? A few of mine are The Wingfeather Saga, Pride and Prejudice, Martin Hospitality, and The Lord of the Rings.

    My best advice to you for this sight?… have fun! Find things that interest you and plunge into the conversation! It’s okay to join right in the middle of a discussion- this website runs on that. Enjoy yourself!

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    @nancy-drew BTW, your hair is gorgeous! Actually kinda looks like mine, lol. 😀

    I'm short, I like words, and I love people.
    No, I didn't draw my profile pic.

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    Hi! Looks like everyone else already asked you a lot of questions. So I’ll just say hi.


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