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      This is my teaser. (:

      Ancient Israel. The Romans have conquered, without force, the promised land. Spirits are dull, and on fire. Lives are full, and empty. The people long to be free. Free, but they see only the wrong kind of bondage.

      And my tag line…

      She was only six, and yet her world was about to crumble.

      So, yes. What is the premise of your writing project, if you’re sharing. It’s fine if not! (: (Great job on having fifty-seven chapters, by the way.)


      Passion means to be willing to suffer.


        @kimlikesart, your story sounds so cool!

        Basic synopsis of my WIP: My book is a young adult fantasy novel with an epic medieval feel. It has two main characters: a princess named Arlynn and a run-away farm orphan named Jaegar. Basically the goal is to find the missing prince Darak of the country of Agri before the elections are held for a new ruler because the person likely to win this election is the wicked prince Tzadok of Saxum. If Tzadok were to win, he would eventually rule about 75% of the land of Insula Nova…making it relatively easy to conquer the other countries, including Arlynn’s homeland of Silva. In order to find Prince Darak, Jaegar and Arlynn have to find 5 key pieces to unlock a clue to his whereabouts. There’s a lot more to the storyline, but this is the simplified version, sorry if it’s still kinda confusing. Sadly, I think I will need to cut at least the first 10 chapters and completely rewrite them in order for the story to make sense.  First, I need to finish this draft. Then, it needs revising and revising and revising. I would absolutely love to publish it someday!

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          You have a fair point about them all being very good.

          Yes! I have read both Farmer Giles of Ham and The Smith Wootton Major. I liked farmer Giles of Ham best of the two, though it pretty much infuriated me. I am a very firm pacifist, and seeing how the dragon was treated was just awful. However, after a lengthy debate with a friend of mine, we figured that that was Tolkien’s intention, and I was allowed to love it while being infuriated.

          What’s your take on Farmer Giles of Ham?

          Also, sorry for such a late reply. Life has been a lot recently haha.

        Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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