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    Hello Everyone!

    I originally joined Kingdom Keepers, unfortunately right before the website started to close down.  When I received their courtesy link to Story Embers, I decided to come over here and try it out a bit!

    I am an 18-year-old American, born and raised in New England but now residing in South Carolina.  My family has been heavily involved in the equestrian sport for generations so you could say my fiction writing is a bit of a spin-off considering my ancestors’ choice of careers.  I am currently working towards an English degree so wish me luck all you English lovers!  It’s an unhappy experience to have word limits on my papers… definitely my worst struggle so far.  I have two young thoroughbred horses (think the Kentucky Derby and Justify), and one middle-aged American Warmblood (think giants).  I also have a miniature poodle with the mind of a human and a twice as easily offended nature.  He truly believes he is the best thing since sliced bread; I kid you not.

    I read, watch, and write Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller, Horror, Action, Western, Classical… and very, very infrequently a bit of the Romance genre.  Actually just watched Pride and Prejudice Saturday night… personally enjoyed Star Wars and War of the Worlds better but… such is life.

    Currently, I am flipping between three different novels, although I posted only one description on my profile.  Two of the novels are number one and two in a series concerning a mutated creature whose eventual creation helped cause the American Civil War and eventually aided heavily in the World Wars, Stalin’s massive amount of murders, etc etc.  The third novel I’m currently working on is the second book in a futuristic series concerning a rather bloody worldwide peace corporation fighting against the slowly accelerating attack of computerized mind control.

    I am looking forward to getting to know a few people on here and both reading and sharing writing tips!  Thank you for having me,

    Angelina V


    @angelina-vita  Welcome to the group!

    Those story ideas all sound very interesting. You said that the third book you are working on is the second in a series, so did you finish the first one? If so, is it published or something?

    Just out of curiosity, which Pride and Prejudice did you watch? Cause there are two, a BBC mini series and an American movie; the former is astronomically better.

    If you make decisions out of fear, you are more likely to be wrong


    @angelina-vita Welcome to SE!  You have your own horses?  Amazing!  Do you do any artwork?


    Thanks @theinvizibleman!  I did!  Actually, its a four-part series and I’ve written all four books… however, I wasn’t pleased with the way #2 matched up to #3… so I took a year off the series and am rewriting #2 over summer break, then planning on piecing #3 and 4 up fall through winter.  Currently, I am working on publishing #1… Talked to a few publishers editors and agents, am working with an editor… so we’re on the road to publishing it!  I did enter it in a contest and was going along great… until I got a lot of warnings from friends and strangers alike that the foundation behind the contest was pretty shady in the dealings with the former winners.  I did some more research and ended up yanking the manuscript so now working on the publishing for real.  As for Pride and Prejudice… I’m not sure which I watched actually; until now I didn’t know there were different versions.  Elizabeth Bennet was played by Keira Knightley if that helps identify at all?


    Thank you @ariel-ashira!  I do… we actually have 10 overall but those three are my special babies 😉  I do a bit of artwork off and on… I’m not very good though.  I have a friend who can do crazy crazy portraits and drawings/paintings… its crazy how good real talent is!  I’m definitely not that!


    @angelina-vita  Nice! Yeah, you watched the worse one; SW and WotWs were better. You should give the BBC version a go. Are you getting an online degree or on a campus?

    If you make decisions out of fear, you are more likely to be wrong


    @theinvizibleman that’s great to hear… 😐 idk if I have the brain capacity to watch another romance for at least a year… I’ll do the BBC version when I do get it back though lol.  It’s all at one college that offers both… my advisor has put me on a half and half… Maths and Sciences on campus, English and Arts online.  A lot of colleges are doubling like that now… the courses you don’t necessarily need the classroom or lab for are turning all online.  Actually someone I know is going specifically no online and most of her classes are online anyways even though they’re advertised as on campus.  She might go to a class once a month or so.  If you don’t need to be there with the teacher they usually cut you out now; if you’re having trouble you end up scheduling a meeting or going to a tutoring session with a couple other students.  Interesting way of doing things but its spreading through most colleges now so I guess its sticking!  How about you?  Are you in HS or College or totally finished with both?


    My HS graduation is actually on Saturday, and I’ve also been taking some dual credit classes at a nearby community college. I will be going to college in the fall; hopefully I will have some time to write but probably won’t

    If you make decisions out of fear, you are more likely to be wrong


    @theinvizibleman so you’re doing or did the same as me… it’s been definitely shrinking my writing time both with classes and other commitments…  All I can say is if you really want to get somewhere with your fiction you’re going to need to set aside a special time once a week at least and make sure you write in that space no matter what…  I’ve had to get very deliberate about writing… although I can say the month leading up to finals I totally take off writing and focus on strictly studying. Can’t wait to be finished with all this school and it feels like I’ve only just started!!

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