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    Hey everyone!

    I’m an older teenage writer who has been scribbling little bits of stories on paper ever since I can remember. I LOVE historical fiction… and that’s what I love to write. However, I have a very bad habit of starting too many stories. Currently I have one serious WIP (that I really plan to finish): it’s set in a miner’s town in California in 1913, and has it all: kidnappings, missing people, adventure, escape, abandoned mines, shady pasts, and a lost baby that’s found in a mail car on a train. REALLY fun and REALLY hard to write (I would love to get an opinion from an unbiased reader on the first chapter, I posted it in the historical fiction group). I wanted to join Story Embers to get opinions and help on the hard bits, and to have y’all help me see where I need to grow as a writer.

    My goal is to teach my readers in an engaging way about lesser known historical facts (I’m an avid history lover), but also to reinforce truths found in Scripture and challenge them in their own lives. The current WIP’s moral is: “The trials God sends His children always accomplish two Divine purposes… making heaven better to us, and making us better for heaven.” Something that I’m being taught often, and something that I felt burdened to write about.

    Reading through some of these topics has already given me some ideas, and I’m really excited!


    @katie02 Hello Katie and welcome to SE! I’m Claire, and I have the feeling we’re the same age. (if your username has anything to do with your birthday 😉 ) Anyways, I can totally relate to the “starting too many stories” thing. I’m the same as you… and I have a serious WIP that I’m telling myself I WILL finish, lol. It’s a futuristic dystopian story set in the jungles of Peru. It involves memory erasure, endangered animals, illegal animal traders, and a girl named Rubi with a past she can’t remember. 😛

    Ooh, your story sounds very intriguing! I love historical fiction. I will be sure to read through what you posted and give you my humble opinion on it. XD And I love your WIP’s moral. Very true!

    a flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it.
    it just blooms.


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>@katie02</p>
    Hi Katie!! I’m Erynne and I’m a younger teen. Welcome to Story Embers!

    I have the same problem with writing, lol. I really have to control how many stories I write at a time. I only have one WIP but I am plotting out another. I told myself that I wasn’t allowed to start another story until I got this one finished. That way I will actually get this one finished XD

    Your story sounds super cool. I can definitely give you feedback on that chapter if you want it.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I love fantasy and I love to write fantasy. My WIP is a fantasy and it involves a princess, her friends, a cursed necklace, and an adventure.</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”><span style=”text-align: right;”>What are your favorite books and authors?</span></p>


    @claire-h Thanks, Claire!

    Yep, it has to do with my age. Your story sounds quite fascinating!

    Thank you so much for reading my first chapter!


    @erynne Good on you for actually sticking to just one! I have several pieces of stories that I work on, but I will only let myself work on one major one at a time.

    Thanks! I’d love the feedback. I’ll post the revised first chapter and tag you so you can read it.

    A fantasy? That’s awesome!

    My favorite authors would have to be EDEN Southworth and Douglas Bond, if I had to pick just two. My favorite book? Maybe the Hidden Hand, by EDEN Southworth. THAT is a book you can’t put down!



    I read the chapter of your story, but since I’m not on that group it won’t let me reply, so I’ll tell you my opinion here.

    I really, really liked it! You’re characters were awesome, and the chapter itself is very intriguing. I would not change it if I were you 😉


    Thanks @erynne! That’s really, really good to hear! It’s been a fun one to write… but the projected length is 100,000 words. And I’m only 17,000 in! So I’ll be working on it for awhile, lol.



    Whew! That’s a lot. XD

    I’m planning on my next one to be at least 50,000 and my WIP is 20,000 at the moment. I didn’t really have a goal for that one so idk what it’ll end up being. Good luck!


    Hey Katie! Welcome to Story Embers!

    Oooh, I see you like history? Do you have a favorite time period? Personally, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance are my favorites.

    I’ll have to check out your chapter! Though, like Erynne, I’m not in that forum, so I’ll just put my thoughts here. 🙂



    And I’m back again!

    I really enjoyed your chapter and introduction! E.B.B., even just from his little note at the beginning, seems like such a loveable character and makes me want to read more of his story.

    I applaud you on your characters’ speech. Your characters’ phrases, word choice, and addition and/or absence of syllables definitely plays a big part in giving the book its setting.

    Which, following up to that, I noticed that the girl didn’t have the same dialect as the Bills. Which makes me think she is either from there, but higher class than the Bills, or a foreigner. Was that what you were going for?

    And lastly, just a random thing I noticed, you used “utterly ___ful” (like forgetful, regretful) a couple times, which is something I’ve never seen before, at least that I can remember. It’s unique and I like it. 🙂


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