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    Pearl Christine

    Hello, everyone!

    I’m excited to be here! I’m Pearl, a Jesus-loving writer, photographer, reader,  blogger (@ pearlchristine.com), and creative. When I’m not writing, you can find me lost in the woods with my camera, spending time with my seven siblings, baking, running, or writing and decorating letters. I pen historical and contemporary fiction that captures the magic of childhood and adventures. I believe there’s beauty to be found in everyday life, and my stories seek to inspire young readers to find the hope, love, and wonder waiting in the world. ✨

    Anyway, that’s a bit about me. 😀 Can’t wait to get to know other writers over here!!

    Lady of the Green Turtle

    Hey, welcome! I would love to read a book like what you say you write. 🤩

    Random question: Were you on Ydubs? Your profile looks familiar. (Plus, I love that edition of Little Women. 😁 I have one on my bookshelf.)

    No! I’ll never go!

    Pearl Christine

    @lady-of-the-green-turtle Aw, thank you! <3

    Yep, I’m currently a CA on YDubs. 😀 I thought I recognized your profile from somewhere. It’s nice to see you again! (Me too, it’s so prettyyyy. XD)



    Your name looks familiar. We’re you on KDWC or CWW or maybe both this past year?

    My name is Sarafini. I was a penguin on CWW. I was also on KDWC. I write Sci-fi and thriller. I’m dabbling in pretty much all the other genres except romance/horror. I’m also a recent graduate.

    Are you still in school or are you moving on to college? If you’re at college what are you studying?

    Pearl Christine

    @sarafini Hello! I was on both CWW, KDWC, and I’m on YDubs currently. I remember seeing you on KDWC! 😀

    Oh, that’s really nice! (: I’m still in school, but once I graduate,  I’m looking into the Author Conservatory instead of college. What about you?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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