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    You’d be like, “Mighty, time for supper!”

    Lol, we don’t think about it so much – our mind just.. separates the name from the word. And Mighty isn’t that strange. I know someone named ”wild goat”…

    Isn’t it ironic that their descendants were bitter enemies as well? I just thought that was kind of interesting!

    Oh yeah, I know that. It’s very ironic. Last time I read Esther was a month ago – we had Purim. I think that the main message of the book is that God is always working to help his people behind the scenes (His name isn’t mentioned even once in the book) – in Esther’s time it was even more serious, because if the Jews were wiped out, Jesus wouldn’t have come.

    Another interesting point is that Mordechai and Esther are both not exactly Godly people – even their names are, in fact, the names of Babylonian idols – and it seems that all of the Babylonian Israelites were that way (if the people were faithful to God, no Haman would’ve come to kill them). So the book shows how much God is faithful to his people.

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    You are absolutely right! Esther is just her Babylonian name. Her real name was Hadassah! And, yes, the book is mostly about God watching over his people. He had a plan that Jesus would come through them, as you said. He made a promise to David that his line would never end. And it hasn’t. Jesus is still alive and reigning in heaven!

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Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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