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    Taylor Clogston

    Hey all! I just found a quirk in Google Docs and, since I could find hardly anything else about it online, wanted to share.

    I’m in the middle of a line edit for a friend’s manuscript, and as of last night, the total number of comments in the document’s comment history (including all previously resolved comments) hit about 5100. When she tried to access the document, she was informed that we hit the maximum comment length and was prompted to create a new copy with all the active comments transferred over but with none of the version history. As this was about 40K words into a roughly 150K-word book, we’ll likely need to repeat this process at least once more.

    If you’re working with Google Docs and happen to be approaching the comment history limit (which may or may not be 5000 comments), make sure everyone involved knows what’s up ahead of time!

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    Alabama Rose

    Whoa. I did not know that. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll keep it in mind!

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    @taylorclogston Thank you for that heads up!

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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