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    Jenna Terese

    @gabriellepollack Yay, thanks for letting us know. ๐Ÿ™‚

    "If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write." -Martin Luther

    Buddy J.

    @gabriellepollack @janemaree @brandon-miller @daeus-lamb

    Rillumen has not gotten the prompt… We are ready to start.

    Published author, student in writing, works with HazelGracePress.com

    Daeus Lamb

    @wordsmith I suspect Brandon must be at work. Your prompt is: “Write any story you choose with the most originalย and creative prose you can.”

    ๐Ÿ‘– ๐Ÿข๐Ÿข๐Ÿข๐Ÿข๐Ÿข

    Buddy J.


    Ah! That makes sense.

    Thank you!


    Published author, student in writing, works with HazelGracePress.com

    Gabrielle Pollack

    @wordsmith And Avensbeck shall make Rillumenย rue the day they ever challenged the mighty champions! We shall be called Rillumen’s bane in every legend henceforth!

    *Crumples in a fit of laughter*

    I like writing fantasy. What about you?

    *dies laughing* We writers are allowed to do that.

    Buddy J.


    Ha! You think we cannot bring forth victory? Avensbeck will rue the day they ever said Rillumen will rue the day we ever challenged the champions. You may be in the lead… But let he who stand take heed, lest he fall.

    *stands in valor ready to face the enemy, calculating their movements. Rillumen is ready*

    *face brightens*

    I enjoy writing with a tech/scifi/superhero twist. I do write some fantasy, but not as much.

    Published author, student in writing, works with HazelGracePress.com


    I have read some fictional stories about things worse than death. *shrug* I suppose it is the point of no return…
    I mean your written notes. The ones that can be shredded and then you will not remember them… *grins* Or erased not just from the power of Undo or Page Refresh. Erased from Versions and Trash Can. [seriously though if you accidentally delete something, but can’t get it back by clicking undo, just go to versions and update your doc to the previous version. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ] You notes fear the pit Bing Bong fell into [Inside Out].

    I realize that you may not have known that my Shadow is my cat who follows me around. Hence, Shadow.

    I would show you the Sapphire I faithfully guarded for years, but it is where it belongs [Sapphire is from my WIP. ๐Ÿ˜› ]. I would draw my own glowing sword, but I do not wield one of the seven from my world [Also from my WIP. Yes, I put myself in my WIP].
    My dear fellow, I have night vision. I can see using the little bit of light in the dark, when others only see night. I can not see in total darkness, no, only if their is some light. Yet, I still have this. *taps the side of her golden helmet* *the sapphire sheds forth a blue light* A flash light. Yeah, someone put little lightbulbs in my helmet. But there I have a light. *grins*

    I am not danger. I don’t send fear. I hate the horror genre. *shivers* Though my characters have hardships the story must have a mostly happy ending. *nods*
    Well actually if you threaten the Kingdom of Pen I may call my friends to defeat you, but otherwise we be good. @jessi-rae can confirm you that. (Though we friends now.)

    Really? I would you’d at least have reflexes dodge instead of standing unmoving… *shrug*
    Kay: *steps in* Do you need help dealing with someone. *examines knife*
    Me: No… We will probably end up being friends and not fighting.
    Kay: Are you sure? *looks up* Cause I want to double check.
    Me: Yes. Besides you would just fake his death.
    Kay: True. That is kinda my thing. Just trying to help you out here. *pauses* In that case would you like to-
    Me: No I am not trying to die by doing something very stupid.
    Kay: Skydiving is not stupid.
    Me: What if the parachute didn’t work.
    Kay: I won’t. *walks out to go by herself* Never mind.

    *wonders if you now have a martial arts picture because of this conversion* Nice.

    Anyway, I’m cheshire from the book or the old movie. NOT the new one. *shivers* I haven’t even seen it. Just the pictures… That’s not the point you messed up wonderland, filmmaker person! Didn’t you even read the book? *shakes head*

    (sorry this has taken me so long to reply, but I was a bit sick and my brain broke.)

    *silently watching the clash of the Avensberk and Rillumin* *swishes tail* *vanishes with a grin*

    When your wings are weak and you feel like you can't fly any farther you're halfway there!

    Buddy J.


    That reply was hard to follow… But no:

    My new profile is not because of this conversation, it’s because I just started my own karate school. Thus I can tell you I have good reason for my strategy of standing still, sword drawn.

    My notes have no fear of you, having come from my soul… In fact they are more danger to you than your fear can infect them (hahaha! That sound really good).

    Also… Kay wouldn’t be very safe trying to fight me… And yes I’ve read the book.

    Published author, student in writing, works with HazelGracePress.com

    Jessi Rae

    You aren’t saying you defeated me, now, are you, my dearย @catwing? *watches you intently*

    "How did I escape? With difficulty. How did I plan this moment? With pleasure."

    Gabrielle Pollack

    @wordsmith XD *laughs more* I don’t know where Brandon gets you guys.

    That’s a cool combo. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Buddy J.


    *grins*๐Ÿ˜He is very blessed to have us!

    *demeanor changes to a different grin* Yes it is!

    *battle face comes*๐Ÿค–How’s Avensbeck doing with the prompt?

    Published author, student in writing, works with HazelGracePress.com

    Gabrielle Pollack

    @wordsmith XD

    I’ll never give up information to an enemy. ๐Ÿ˜›


    @wordsmith Oh… sorry. Maybe it was because you read it at 1 in the morning? Or because I forget Alice deletes every other brackets and their contents there in? Anyway,
    Part the First, in which the danger of claws is addressed

    1. I have read accounts sounding it seems, worse than that of death.
    2. The written words that you may forget may fear the shredding of the claw
    3. Inside Out reference

    Part the Second, in which some misunderstanding is cast aside

    • The Shadow I referred to is my cat. Not an actual shadow

    Part the Third, in which I state some things of my past associations that are not dark.

    • I do not own one of the seven glowing swords
    • I am no longer guarding the Sapphire
    • A small talk about my having night-vision.
    • I do have in my possession an object of light, despite your questionings

    Part the Fourth, in which I say I do not send fear, except in special cases

    • I don’t like the horror genre
    • I protected the Kingdom of Pen from a budding overlord

    Part the Fifth, in which I make a remark and Kay injects

    • A pun about you standing unmoving
    • Kay discusses and then decides unnecessary the faking of a death
    • The skydiving joke is mentioned again

    Part the Sixth, in which the change of appearance is noted

    • Change of your profile picture mentioned

    Part the Seventh, in which another misunderstanding is put to rest

    • My cheshire-ness is based on the old movie and book. Not the new.

    Also I read an old biography… *cough* you probably can tell *cough*

    Not defeated you, no. Merely deterred you from conquering the Kingdom of Pen.

    When your wings are weak and you feel like you can't fly any farther you're halfway there!

    Buddy J.


    Oh well… I guess I can only take that as:

    “We are doing terribly!” -Gabrielle Pollack-

    Published author, student in writing, works with HazelGracePress.com

    Buddy J.


    I appreciate your patience with me there. I think I now understand that we both fight for light (though I shall not say who I think does it better as that would make you look bad).

    Maybe we can be more friendly… I like friends and I’m really good in battle, especially if I have someone to work with. And you seem like a good companion.

    Of course if you deny this happening, that would make me sad… I really don’t like fighting for too long, but I will if I have to.

    Published author, student in writing, works with HazelGracePress.com

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