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    Bethany Rose

    Hello, Story Embers folk!

    You are one of the most impressive gatherings of Christian storytellers I’ve encountered-and I’m just a bit intimidated by all of you!

    But as writers, we have to say no to fear every day, don’t we? So I’m finally doing that by diving into the forum here. ✨

    I’m Bethany Rose, more at home in my Minnesotan forest than anywhere else. On some writerly places, I’m known as @wildrosejournal – but unfortunately, I have a more sinister nickname as well. It stems from my love of foraging and wild mushrooms, and may or may not contain the word “assassin.” 🙈

    I’m the leader of TheWiltingRoseProject.com (a site ministering to young women and reminding them Where they can find lasting worth) and I can also often be found on The Young Writers’ Workshop Community. 🌱

    My most recent bookish loves are Jayber Crow and George MacDonald, and I’m still reeling from Andrew Peterson’s Adorning the Dark. 🌘

    So tell me about yourselves! I’m so looking forward to meeting you. What drew you here to Story Embers?

    I’d love to read a favorite line from your WIP’s! 😉

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    Arindown (Gracie)


    Hey! So nice to meet you!

    I’m known around here as Arindown (because there are a multitude of other Grace’s here😉), and I love cats, art, and the wind in the autumn. What drew me to Story Embers was probably the articles they had. For the first time, I realized that I’m not the only thing wondering about some of those writing problems we face.

    Foraging and wild mushrooms reminds me of Samwise in Fellowship of the Ring.😄

    Ohhh…a line from my WIP? I’ll share my sister’s favorite:

    He smiled at the princess. “Don’t be embarrassed. My tower didn’t need cleaned anyway.” 

    “I found plenty of dust and cobwebs.” Keena laughed.

    “Experiments on sediment and floating particles.” 

    Andrew Peterson is wonderful. His books are very alive. One of my dreams is to write like him.

    What are some of your hobbies?

    Not all those who wander are lost.



    Hi! I’m glad you chose to join, it’s really fun. (:

    My sister’s name is Bethany.

    You live in a forest? That’s so cool! My dream home would be in the middle of a wood (mostly pine). It would be a log cabin with few luxuries, but it would have a fire place. (My future husband and several kids would be there as well, idealy.) But, tis only a dream, and I doubt I will ever have the luxury of becoming a hermitess.

    How did you start The Wilting Rose Project? Is that to be your life’s mission? To help suffering, or ordinary women?

    Ooh! I’ve heard of Jayber Crow, and have it on my list of books to buy. (: Why do you like it?

    I’ve never read any of Andrew Peterson’s books, but I love his music.


    How I got here? @ beth20 told me about it, and I chose to join. (After being told of it several times.) At first it was a little weird, but I really like it now. I’m glad I did as she suggested. (:

    About myself… I love to read, write, sketch, and color. I have a few close friends who all have quirks but are amazing in different which ways. I have a little sister, who’s crazy and plans to be a goat breeder someday, and own horses (and it might just happen).

    Favorite line? Ooh, I have certain scenes I like a lot, but to get them it helps to know the characters… I think I can find one in a notebook…

    All to say Welcome!!! I hope you have fun and learn a lot!


    Passion = A Willingness To Suffer

    Maya Joelle

    @wildrosejournal — welcome to SE! I’m new here myself (: There are a lot of YDubbers (some former, like me) on here.

    And I’m also in shock/awe after Adorning the Dark. It’s amazing.

    Here’s a line (*cough* lines) from my WIP Cathedral:

    You’ll find reality is sweeter when it’s real. 
    You’ll see how glorious it is to be unburdened
    of a dream that was never meant to be.

    I’d love to hear a line from your WIP too!

    fear no evil | may evil fear you


    @wildrosejournal (The line, lines, I mentioned) (:

    Rachel shut her eyes a moment and looked up, “Ruben once told me, that questions and doubts are not the same. You may ask and think on questions, but always assume there is an answer… With doubts you’re assuming there is no solution, with doubts, you have no faith…” Rachel’s eyes held great sorrow, but beyond that, there was a slight glimmer of hope.


    Passion = A Willingness To Suffer



    Hi, I’m Ella.  You certainly don’t sound like an assassin! 😄  But so glad you’re joining!  I recently joined, too.  I think what drew me to SE was, like @Arindown said, the articles.  I found one on Pinterest (I believe it was the How-To-Weave-Christian-Themes-Into-Your-Stories) and I was hooked.  This is pretty much exactly what I’ve been looking for. 😃

    I love sports in general, but my favorite is basketball.  I love reading on rainy days, and I don’t like Latin. 😆 I love action movies, Jane Austen romances, and want to live on Prince Edward Island. 😍 Or in the wilderness.  Or near the waterway downtown.  I’m still deciding. 😁

    I write thriller/suspense, fantasy, and a bunch of other stuff. 😊  What about you?

    Umm, my favorite line isn’t technically in my book, but it’s my MC’s POV.  And it’s a bunch of sentences…😬  but it makes sense all together.  (btw, her name’s Athena and she was describing herself, JSYK)

    If anyone looks close enough, they will find the real me.  If they look close enough, they can read the story behind my eyes.  This is the face of someone who buries their secrets, good and bad, deep down where no one can find them.  This is the face of Athena.  But I am no goddess of wisdom.

    Welcome, again!

    Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.



    Hi Bethany Rose! (That’s a really pretty name!)  I’m Lily and I joined about a week or so ago (I blame my summer brain for not keeping track of time XD)  Anyway, welcome to Story Embers Forum!!  Everyone here has been super helpful and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask someone.

    That’s cool that you live near a forest.  And the Wilting Rose Project sounds really interesting (I think I’ll check it out).

    So what are some of your favorite genres to write in?

    Funny story, I came across Story Embers completely by accident!  I was at a point where I felt no one was interested in writing good-quality fiction (in the Christian sphere).  But while searching for common Dystopian tropes, I found Kingdom Pen, which led me to Story Embers (and in short, I was very excited to find I wasn’t alone on this writing journey.)

    I hope you enjoy Story Ember’s Forum  🙂

    We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master. — Ernest Hemingway



    Hey, Bethany! It was awesome to find you here on Story Embers! (It’s Sarah Howell from the Wilting Rose Project (: ).

    I decided to join Story Embers because I want to get more involved in the writing community. I’m learning the benefits of serving others in my personal relationships, and just recently realized that’s exactly what the writing community is meant for.

    I keep hearing about Adorning the Dark! I loved Andrew Peterson’s fiction; does that mean I should give this book a try?

    I don’t have a WIP at the moment. My favorite line from one of my past novels is this:

    “The sword in my hand was as heavy as my resignation.”

    What you sow does not come to life unless it dies.
    -1 Corinthians 15:36b

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