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    I’m Moriah, but my pen name is Piper Bee. Either is honestly fine, I get called both on the internet. I’m married, mom of three (E almost 5yo, S 3.5, and G 15 months), and I’m back in college, studying Japanese. My husband and I want to move to Japan as soon as we get an opportunity!

    I’ve been writing for ten years, but I didn’t start to take it seriously until about a year ago. I have an 80k word novel written, the first in a fairytale series. This book is my baby! I also wrote a 60k word sci-fi (first draft) for NaNoWriMo last year, and I’m currently indulging “shiny story syndrome” and am 32k words (and about 5-10k more to go) into a summer romance novel. The last one I started a week and a half ago, and I’m starting to feel like I can actually churn out books. Since my first project is going on 11 years, it feels good to get a book out in a couple of weeks!

    I have yet to publish anything, but that part I am trusting God with. He keeps telling me that His timing is best. My job is just to not give up. He has a plan! As for *my* plan, I want to publish my fairytale book this year, and so I’m building my audience and writing short stories in the same world.

    I am glad I found Story Embers! I felt like the Christian world was lacking a little bit in the way of guiding Christian creatives. How should we write fiction? How do we create real characters with honest struggles, but not excuse sin? I’ve had a long journey figuring how what is “right” and “wrong” and coming to the conclusion that it’s not black and white. The main thing is honoring God!

    I look forward to participating here!

    Gabrielle Pollack

    Welcome to the Story Embers forum! 😀 It sounds like you’re a pretty versatile writer. If you had to pick a favorite genre, which one would it be? What do you like to read?


    For reading and writing, I would definitely pick fantasy/YA. But I do feel like I prefer stories that have a good romance. When it comes to writing, I like to experiment. Right now I’m spending a lot of time on developing the world and the characters in my stories, so I just pick whatever genre fits after!


    Hi, PiperBee!

    I an new here, too, and so much you have said sounds so much like me!

    What are you planning to do in Japan?



    Hi!! I’m glad we have a lot in common 🙂 makes me very happy to be here!

    My husband will be able to work in his field (technology/management), and hopefully the kids can go to a Japanese-speaking school (a private Christian school would be ideal!) and as for me, I don’t really know. I’d like to keep studying Japanese, and maybe earn a bachelor’s degree someday. But I will definitely keep writing! A lot of people ask “why Japan” but the only answer we can come up with is just that we like it there!


    *waves* Welcome to Story Embers @piperbee ! And yay! Always exciting to have another fantasy lover. Do you have a stand-out author?

    Writer | Freelance editor


    My favorite book is The Hobbit! I love Tolkein’s style and the way he thought about storycrafting! But I haven’t been able to get past the histories in LOTR 😬 I was inspired to write after reading Libba Bray’s Gemma Doyle series, and right now I’m enjoying Leigh Bardugo. But I’ve always had a hard time picking a “favorite.”

    An aside: the author of my MC’s favorite books is named Penrose! Lol

    J. Dekreel

    Welcome to Story Embers, @piperbee!! I seriously love your name. Piper is one of my favorite names.

    Got a favorite book?

    ENFP-T. Cartoonist, "half-writer", wolfish.


    Thank you! The longer I sit with the name, more I’m glad I picked it. It’s started to feel like “me.” 🙂

    My favorite book is The Hobbit, because I felt so transported reading it! But I think my favorite story is Pride & Prejudice. I can’t seem to get enough of Elizabeth and Darcy…

    Gabrielle Pollack

    @Piperbee Fantasy is pretty cool. 😀 And cute romantic side plots are always fun to read. 😀

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