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    Andrew Schmidt

      @millennium-m @pendragon @scarletimmortalized @everybody-else

      Delton groaned, making his way through the castle, disappearing through the dark shadows and appearing in some of the other nearby places. He could almost feel Miss Werlog’s gaze on him, pointing a bony, white finger and saying, “Don’t be late for your dream, Delton Gray.”

      Then suddenly, a flicker of movement caught his eye. A figure (@scarletimmortalized) stood not that far from outside the castle wall.

      He narrowed his eyes. He was told that this was supposed to be some helper of his… Sometimes his Alsunzer’s just told him things, and even if it was mental illness, sometimes it just sort of gained his trust, in a weird odd way, though.

      “Hey, you!” screamed a soldier, sword raised. “Don’t move another inch or I’ll carve your heart out!”

      Great! Delton took in a deep breath. He fingered the black diamond handle his dagger. He was about to take action when…

      Another soldier appeared and kicked his leg. He let out a howl of pain, collapsing. And not just collapsing, but also falling down, down from the castle wall!

      Though lucky him, the wall he was in wasn’t that high of a one. Blood only spattered a little of his hands, though it still stung a little. And he hadn’t broken any bones, so… But his body still hurt a little from the fall. Whose wouldn’t? Some immortal being?

      He snatched the dagger from the ground and staggered to his feet, back aching. Then just again, he spotted the same figure, not that far away from him.


      "Muhahahaha!"- Unknown Villain

      Introverted Elf

        (My character)

        Anna(IDK what her last name is yet)

        She’s about 16 years old, a junior in high school.  She had long brown hair that has recently turned white.  Her special ability is invisiblity, and she wears a gray cloak that also can turn invisible.  She arranges her hair in constantly changing styles and has observant brown eyes.  She is of average height and build.  She wears a 3/4 sleeved, forest green battledress, dark leggings, sturdy brown leather boots, her signature hooded cloak, and fingerless gloves on her hands.  She has a curious nature and always enjoys traveling out in the forest, eager to discover new secrets about her surroundings.

        Tolkien/Batson book lover, anime fangirl, TLoZ, SW, SC fan, Stirlingite, Owl Citizen, Team Grimmie \|/


        Enter Malcom Ace (Card Extradenaire; owner of Acedeck Cards and Co.)

        Half his slab of hair is died red, the other half is black. He has a small black beard, and always wears a vest with cards printed all over it. He is always attended by several black robed attendants.



        Your story is yours and no one else's. Each sunset is different, depending where you stand. -A. Peterson


        “Fools!” Malcom Ace barked at his attendants. “Where is this you have brought me?”
        “We brought you to Lord Deathrock’s castle like you requested. Sir?” a towering figure engulfed in black robes pleaded to his master.
        Malcom Ace looked around the room.
        “Look at this!” He motioned to the Roman period furntiture and electricity and plumbing (or rather, lack of). “How can this man help me? He is so behind. More likely I will be the one losing in any alliance with this man. Remember your shame, my men.”
        “This Lord has magic rubies. If you gain them, you could start a whole new branch of your cards. It could be very powerful.”
        Malcom Ace considered the shimmering doorway of ink in the air behind him for a moment, and flicked a card hovering in front of him. The doorway disapeared.
        Malcom Ace looked at his two men and grinned at a sound. “Whips. That means slaves. This may be more worthwhile than I imagined. Forward men!”

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        Your story is yours and no one else's. Each sunset is different, depending where you stand. -A. Peterson


        Malcom Ace walked into the hall.
        “Mavron, you find a power source and mix up the game. INSTINCT” here Malcom Ace motioned to the card of that name “tells me this place is swarming with men, many of them intruders like us.”
        He looked to the other robed figure. “Go find me rubies and other magical things; also, claim any slaves you can, do you understand Gradgrind?”
        The hooded figure nodded ravenously, and growling under his breath, turned to go.
        “And I know you are not from the period of cell phones, but they really are useful. So turn it on. I will need to call you. You have FIND, do you not? Good, now go.”
        His wolfish attendant disappeared around the corner.
        Now Malcom Ace was alone, and he would go meet Lord Deathrock.

        Your story is yours and no one else's. Each sunset is different, depending where you stand. -A. Peterson


        Gradgrind turned the corner, and dropped to all fours, his cloak rippling into shaggy black fur. Malcom Ace wouldn’t approve the transformation, but he wouldn’t know.

        He licked his fangs appreciatively, and set off at a fast trot. Now he didn’t need SPEED.

        The wolf growled eagerly. He could hear slaves.

        Your story is yours and no one else's. Each sunset is different, depending where you stand. -A. Peterson

        Andrew Schmidt

          @introverted-elf, oh, nice clothing choice for your character. She sounds cool. 🙂

          @nuetrobolt, Gradgrind sounds dangerous. Xd A deadly wolfish character.

          "Muhahahaha!"- Unknown Villain

          Andrew Schmidt

            Oh, and Malcom Ace, I like how he has all those cards…

            "Muhahahaha!"- Unknown Villain


            @andrew, you think Gradgrind is dangerous… You just wait.

            Malcom Ace isn’t crazy, but his minions are.

            Your story is yours and no one else's. Each sunset is different, depending where you stand. -A. Peterson


            Alek ‘Ace’: He is a young teen with black hair. He and his twin sister, Bailie are Malcom Ace’s adopted children, but they are determined to stop him from taking over the world, despite his love for them.

            Bailie ‘Ace’: Alek’s sister. She looks as close as identical with Alek as is possible since she is a girl. She also has black hair; and isn’t as sure about stopping their adopted father.

            Vumplestiltskin: A third black robed attendant of Malcom Ace; this vegetarian vampire always wears a fancy outfit like classic vampires and carries a never used rapier at his belt.

            Sorry for all the characters. This must be confusing, but I really wanted to bring Alek and Bailie in, and that meant bringing Vumplestilskin in.

            Your story is yours and no one else's. Each sunset is different, depending where you stand. -A. Peterson


            And now to continue with the story: 

            Alek tightened his grip on his sword, making sure to keep it under his cloak. Bailie would never approve, Alek thought, nor would Malcom Ace – Alek sniffed; he refused to refer to him as father.

            Up ahead there was a slave master driving a crowd of slaves. All the men wore no shirts, and Alek could see marks of beating on their knotted backs.

            Alek sniffed again, trying not to think of pity. He couldn’t free these people, and he couldn’t try, or he would be giving himself up.

            But was Malcom Ace here? This didn’t seem like his type of place. But then again, no where seemed like his type of place, except for an insane asylum. Alek laughed, but he also hurt somewhat, thinking of how horrified Bailie would have been at such a remark.

            He slipped to the back of the slave crowd. He had to walk past the guards at the gate into the next courtyard without a hassle. That was his goal right now. He was almost there.

            Suddenly a slave women screamed up ahead, and three others joined her in a medley of flat schreeches, that to Alek’s ears was no different than a discordant opera. Soon all the women in the front were screaming.

            This was not going according to plan. Aleck broke into a run, and pushed through the crowd. The guard was closing the gates. Aleck pushed through two screeching slaves and rammed quite accidentally right into a shocked guard. Aleck mumbled apologies and ducked under a group of legs and into the next courtyard. The doors were being kept from closing by the huge crowd in the way.

            Aleck then saw what the commotion was. The wolf dashed circles through the crowd, attacking slaves with his tongue. People were scattering everywhere.

            The wolf rushed at Aleck, and Aleck dropped to one knee and grabbed him roughly by the neck fur.

            Gradgrind halted, and Aleck caressed his dirty fur.

            “You need a bath,” Aleck teased.

            Bad idea. Gradgrind jumped at him, eyes blaring, and he proceeded to lick Aleck’s face so hard that the boy was sure he had rubbed a layer of skin off.

            “Ycch. Germs.” Aleck said, rubbing his face on a corner of his cape.

            Gradgrind snarled and looked offended.

            “Come on Gradgrind, where’s Malcom Ace? Bring me to him, ok?”

            Gradgrind dashed ahead into the hall, still in the wolf form, and then paused at the corner, waiting for Aleck to catch up. Aleck didn’t bother running. Gradgrind would, no doubt, lead him the longest way possible, and Aleck would need to save his energy.

            As soon as he reached the corner, Gradgrind dashed off to the next, and waited once again.

            Aleck laughed. Sure Gradgrind was scary. After all, he was a werewolf. But, compared to Mustafa, Malcom Ace’s former werewolf associate, well, Gradgrind was practically his best friend. Mustafa had been bad. He had tried to kill him and Bailie multiple times. So Malcom Ace had killed him. Now he had gotten Gradgrind instead, and he hardly was similar except that they both were werewolves.


            Your story is yours and no one else's. Each sunset is different, depending where you stand. -A. Peterson


            Bailie looked around the bleak cell, and then moved to the bars, and looked out into the wide room, past the black robed figure, who had brought her here, and to the room full of cells full of slaves. Was she one of these?

            “What has gone on here at Yewlock Point? Slaves? You know Father won’t allow it.” She told the black robed figure.

            The figure turned and pulled off his hood and robe, revealing the pale face of Vumplestilskin.

            “I vouldn’t allow it eiver. Dearie, diz iz not Yewlock Manor. Diz, iz Deathrock Castle.” Vumplestiltskin took a tomato out of his pouch, sunk his fangs into it, and sucked all the insides out, until all he had left was a tomato skin.

            He chortled. “But Malcom Ace iz Vere.”

            Your story is yours and no one else's. Each sunset is different, depending where you stand. -A. Peterson


            I should wait for more people to start writing parts of the story. I’m taking over. 🙂

            Your story is yours and no one else's. Each sunset is different, depending where you stand. -A. Peterson

            I, David

            ‘ “Fools!” ‘

            I respect Love it.



            Scarlet noticed one of the gates was less guarded than the others, though this discovery took some time. Managing to slip in, he worked his way through the dark hallway, hoping he wouldn’t bump into anyone. His eyes were glowing and his goggles had met an unfortunate end. At least he could see where he was going now.

            There was some commotion up ahead, clenching a fist he kept himself on guard as he rounded a corner.


            @nuetrobolt perhaps some of our characters can meet?

            “Scarlet, What are you eating?” ~ “Ghost peppers...” ~ Robin sighed.

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