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    Andrew Schmidt


      @Dakota @I-david @scarletimmortalized @Elizabeth @thewirelessblade @all-you-people-who-are-doing-this

      Okay, I’m going to start now. Prepare!


      Delton Gray stepped forward, eyeing Lord Deathrock from the castle wall. A slave screamed at the hard edge of a whip. He held his breath, tensing.

      “Get back to work!” commanded a Roman soldier.

      The slave curled up in a ball, putting a hand to the air. “Please…”

      Delton watched the cruel scene play out, anger welling up within them. This wasn’t how to treat any person! He made his way down the hallway, when…


      Delton nearly jumped, then relaxed. “Go away, you hallucinations! Oh, I hate this Alsunzer’s syndrome so much!”

      The dragon, which was not real yet only a hallucination, smiled and flexed his slender, ruby-red body. He eyed him with a pair of blue eyes, smoke swirling out of his nostrils.

      “What?” he snapped.

      “I am your dragon, from your dream.” The dragon smiled. “Remember me?”

      “Yes, I remember you – and if you let me do my job, I can get that box of rubies!” Delton tried not to be angry. “You are not real, only a little bit of my imagination, so go away… unless you want me to die because of your distraction. And if I die, you die, because you are only a little of imagination, you see.”

      The dragon considered his words. “I see. But you better be in your dream in time for Miss Werlog’s meeting.”

      And with that, the dragons disappeared as if it had never come.

      "Muhahahaha!"- Unknown Villain


      @andrew Sorry one question. Are our characters just wandering around having magically been transported here, or are they prisoners/slaves. Or are they breaking in? Thanks!

      “Scarlet, What are you eating?” ~ “Ghost peppers...” ~ Robin sighed.

      Andrew Schmidt

        @scarletimmortalized, the characters are supposed to wander around this castle, yes. Perhaps our characters can meet, then they work together to try and go rob, fight, break in, etc., into the castle. Some characters may be trying to free the slaves, others may be spies, or others simple want adventures.

        But Lord Deathrock holds a box of rubies… and these rubies are just any rubies, they’re magical ones. If you get just one, that could be a fortune. I hope that didn’t sound cliché. Xd But anyway, when the characters get the box of rubies (despite all the other treasure in the room) they can equally spread it up between them all… and then they can all leave happy as ever, after having a great adventure!

        But beware the traps; they’re everywhere. And sometimes certain characters may need help from other characters if they are to fall into them (only if.) And the traps, well, are whatever gets in your way, duh. But…

        So, there’s your answer! 🙂

        "Muhahahaha!"- Unknown Villain

        I, David

        @andrew (Just a piece of advice based off my experience with this stuff: You’re going to want someone in charge, someone who’s leading the story and keeping everyone–and their characters–in check. Otherwise, stories contradict, facts get muddied up, and it’s hard to make out what’s really happening.

        Not to say it wouldn’t work without said person–who, by the way, would literally just be like a DM from D&D–as Role Play for Learning managed, but there were still many hinderances that came into play. So just having someone outside but watching over the story would be crucial to creating an optimal adventure for everyone.)


        Andrew Schmidt

          @I-david, okay. Thanks for your advice!

          Yeah, it’s going to be fun. It’s almost like a playground for characters, wandering the Roman castle as danger awaits! But I guess since I created this thread, I’ll have to, like you said, keep an eye on all the stuff.

          Side note: there are many different rooms in the castle – like hundreds – so feel free to make up the surroundings of your own room if you are to enter just one of the random rooms of the Roman castle. Oh, except if it’s the treasure room where the rubies are; that room is covered in shimmering treasure and gold, silver floors and crimson walls, and the box of rubies is made of black rock.

          Just some info there.

          "Muhahahaha!"- Unknown Villain


          ( @andrew Thanks!)

          Scarlet lay behind the rise of a small knoll, staring up at the sky and the fluffy white clouds rolling by. If he could ignore the fact he was stuck in another world, the sky was the same old sky he looked at from the top of a building in Inium, smog adding a lovely dark haze. He hadn’t known what had happened at first when he woke up in a strange place filled with strange people. But the facts became more and more evident the longer he stayed. Now he was chasing down the rumor that there were magical rubies, capable of returning him to his world.

          The knoll hid from sight an enormous castle rising out of the rolling plain like a nightmare from some book. After a brief scooping out, Scarlet had discovered it was pretty well guarded and full of slaves. If he wasn’t careful he would probably end up chained beside them. Not that chains could hold him very long that is.

          Sighing he rolled to his stomach, crawling up the knoll and peering over at the monstrosity. This was a pain. Stuck here without the band. Pulling his goggles over his eyes he searched for a place to hide nearer the castle. Geez, it was like a thing out of story book. He wished this was just a dream caused by bad indigestion.

          Finding a spot, he rolled to his feet, glancing up at the walls, before running down to the spot. He had been transported in his everyday clothes, which meant he stood out like a party in the Barrens. How had wished for a moment that he had been transported in his sniper gear, but that would stand out just as much as the clothes he had on now. He lived in the city, this was the country.

          “Just my luck,” he sighed, reaching the hiding spot. “Getting stuck in a strange world without my rifle. This would be a whole lot easier with it.”

          “Scarlet, What are you eating?” ~ “Ghost peppers...” ~ Robin sighed.

          Introverted Elf


            This sounds interesting! 😀  I might join soon with a character.

            Tolkien/Batson book lover, anime fangirl, TLoZ, SW, SC fan, Stirlingite, Owl Citizen, Team Grimmie \|/

            Andrew Schmidt

              @introverted-elf, thank you! 🙂

              Have all the fun you want! 😉

              "Muhahahaha!"- Unknown Villain

              Andrew Schmidt

                Oh, I meant to have another emoji instead of the winking emoji, but oh well! It’s not that big of a deal.

                "Muhahahaha!"- Unknown Villain

                Andrew Schmidt

                  @scarletimmortalized: Oh, Scarlet, I like that character.

                  "Muhahahaha!"- Unknown Villain


                    @andrew, okay, I want to join this! (Even though I’m in @i-david ‘s Role-Play for Leaning as well…)

                    I guess I’ll bring Vanice Shadows in.

                    Vanice Shadows: Vanice is 23, has long, black hair, blue eyes, 6’1, is an ESTJ-A, when you first meet her, she if very logical, smart, and thinks a lot. But she is really very caring though she will hide it. She wears tan jeans, an olive colored shirt with an sliver strip down the side of it, and a brown body warmer. She usually carries a gun but she won’t in this Game of Characters.

                    Andrew Schmidt

                      @millennium-m, thank you for joining. 🙂

                      Like @i-david said, I’m going to need to direct this before it overflows with characters. So, what do you think about mine and your character meeting somewhere? Then we can figure this out further… if you want to do that.

                      "Muhahahaha!"- Unknown Villain



                      Thanks! Our characters could meet outside the castle and team up to break in. I made sure Scarlet is pretty close so anyone can run into him.

                      “Scarlet, What are you eating?” ~ “Ghost peppers...” ~ Robin sighed.


                        (Okay, I’m starting Vanice right in front of the castle at the front gate. She’ll sneak in. @scarletimmortalized  or/and @andrew and see her go in and can follow. I don’t care, I’ll just go with the flow.)


                        I’m in another world. Why am I not surprised. Vanice thought as she looked at the huge castle through the leaves of a bush.

                        I’m going in. She watched a guard as he moved around the gate. She grabbed a nearby rock and looked it over.

                        I wish I had my gun. Vanice thought as she threw the rock to divert the guard.

                        He ran over to looked at it and she ran across the clearing into the castle.
                        I wonder what secrets you hold.


                          Oooo this sounds like fun and just what I need to get the creative juices flowing again. 🙂 Hmm…here goes.

                          Katrina watched as one of her fellow slaves was beaten like an animal. The man had no way to defend himself or even the strength to do so. “Please….” he begged.

                          Glancing up at the castle, Katrina noticed someone watching from the window. Then he disappeared.

                          With tight lips, Katrina turned back to her work. One day…. when the time was right, she would escape. And search for those rubies.

                          @andrew @scarletimmortalized @millennium-m

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