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    Grace Carter

    Ah! I haven’t read up on this in a while.

    @kb-writer Your advice is awesome!! Thank you! And I love your poem, “When I’m Ready.” Beautiful. <3

    @k-a-grey I love the poem you tagged me in!! That’s exactly how it feels to be called friend. Oh my word, it’s beautiful. I love it. <3 And Lament is beautiful too, oh my word, that’s exactly how it feels to walk on snow. xDD

    —Cartographer of Life’s Wandering Ways.
    Also, secretly Hedgehog Jones. Don’t tell anyone.


    Grace Carter

    @kb-writer @evelyn @libby @k-a-grey

    Whipped up this *click* poem today (the date says 12/6, but I started the draft of a different poem that day and later changed it). (: Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts!

    —Cartographer of Life’s Wandering Ways.
    Also, secretly Hedgehog Jones. Don’t tell anyone.



    @h-jones That was good! 🙂


    K. A. Grey

      @kb-writer  @evelyn  @h-jones  Thank you all so much!

      @h-jones Your poem is beautiful!  Great job!

      "Atticus, he was real nice. . . .”
      “Most people are, Scout, when you finally see them.”


      Katherine Baker


      That was beautiful! I love how it told such a cohesive story! I followed along really well. Great work!

      Always remember you're unique...
      ...Just like everyone else


      Grace Carter

      @k-a-grey @kb-writer @evelyn Thanks all! <3

      Haha here’s another I wrote. xDD *showers you all with poetry*


      To feel the Living God is astounding.

      It almost seems surreal,

      Like He has taken my pen

      And is writing for me.

      His gentle hand on my heart;

      His presence, like a breath—

      Even amidst my stumbling words

      And intrusive thoughts—

      Is like blood coursing through

      What was once a heart of stone.

      It’s like tears running down dry cheeks

      When I, for eons of time, have thought

      I’d no tears left to cry.

      Like a hug from a father after weeks of tension;

      Like rain pouring down after years of drought;

      Like believing in a promise for so long

      And suddenly seeing it come to life

      Right before my eyes.


      Sunlight pouring over the mountaintops

      To meet my tear-filled gaze.


      It has been dark for so, so long—

      But now I see the light,

      And with it, Your beautiful face.

      You take my blistered hands in Yours

      And kiss my bruised knuckles,

      Broken from years of fighting.

      You say to me,

      “There is no longer need to run.

      My daughter, you are home.

      I Am your home.”


      Tears are streaming down my cheeks

      As I put this pen to paper.

      I pray I don’t forget the sun

      When it sinks low again,

      Because it will. That much is sure.

      But even then, my God, I pray

      You bring me back to this—

      To grateful words of a wearied heart

      Who felt the eyes of the Living King,

      Filled with a love so true and dear

      That not even a thousand pens

      Could capture all of its majesty—

      Fiercer than the roughest storm,

      Deeper than the darkest oceans,

      And wider than the sky.

      —Cartographer of Life’s Wandering Ways.
      Also, secretly Hedgehog Jones. Don’t tell anyone.


      K. A. Grey

        @h-jones  Absolutely beautiful.  Thank you for sharing! ❤

        "Atticus, he was real nice. . . .”
        “Most people are, Scout, when you finally see them.”


        Grace Carter

        @k-a-grey Thank you! <3

        Also, I love the quote in your signature. To Kill A Mockingbird, yes?

        —Cartographer of Life’s Wandering Ways.
        Also, secretly Hedgehog Jones. Don’t tell anyone.


        K. A. Grey

          @h-jones  Yes, it is.  I tried to put in the reference but it wouldn’t let me.  🙂

          Here’s something I wrote, I might need to keep working on it:

          Starlight Starbright Twinklebright

          Snowflake Sparkling Wild

          Moonlight Raindrops Snow Tears

          Seasons Life Fifteen Years


          Playground Chubby fingers Child

          Memories Laughter Air Float


          Once upon a time…

          Roses Sparkle Diamondring

          Mr. and Mrs.  Queen King

          Petals Red Love Float


          Whisper Whisper Dress Ghost

          Greymist Wrinkled, dried-up Rose

          Once upon a time…


          Mother’s sleeping Child awake

          Love Whisper Memoryblue Lake

          I love you…

          Dandelion blossoms float

          Once upon a time…

          "Atticus, he was real nice. . . .”
          “Most people are, Scout, when you finally see them.”



            This one doesn’t exactly have a syllable/word-per-line pattern, but here’s one I’ve been working on called “At Earth’s End”

            When the sun kisses the ground goodnight

            When the earth turns its final time

            When the moon shines bright

            and steals the fame from the stars

            When the black veil of night

            masks the earth from the worlds beyond


            The planets declare farewell

            And bow before a standing crowd

            And down falls the curtain of night

            Painted with stars and a moon –

            Each a world of their own


            The sky

            Closes its eye

            And bids its last



            Leaving a dark yet peaceful world behind

            For the last time

            . . .

            The world awakes from its nap

            The sky opens her eyes –

            and the Son blinds them


            The world, no longer peaceful, rumbles at its Maker

            The people run in fear

            The ball of fire threatens

            To kiss the earth again

            Unclouded and unveiled

            The fugitive runs –

            But the bride of Christ comes

            Towards the Groom that awaits her –


            The King of Glory

            Once dressed in red

            Clothed His bride

            With His own white

            And on that day, black covered the sky –

            Then the veil was torn in two

            Now, we await the day when the earth’s

            Curtain, too, will split in two

            And the Groom will swoop up the white-gowned rescued


            The linens of white are her something borrowed

            The sad life she knew

            Her something blue

            The nature she had, her something old

            Endless awe is her something new

            Passing from well-spent life she knew

            Into everlasting honeymoon


            In that moment, she awakens

            Glad for the life that wasn’t wasted

            That the life she suffered was not in vain

            For suffered, much more, was the Lamb Who was slain

            She was glad for every day she lived

            For the One Who died for the life to give

            All the working and waiting

            And praying and hoping

            And weeping and screaming

            Was worth all the days she stayed


            And as His mercy culminates

            And as the Son’s beams permeate

            The light of His presence, more than enough

            To fill this eternal session of praise

            That begins at salvation

            With no end date


            Her eternal destiny sealed

            She was glad she waited

            For His Glory –

            finally revealed



              Okay, in hindsight one of the paragraphs has a misplaced modifier that kind of misconstrues the meaning. Instead of, “All the working and waiting, etc. was worth all the days that she stayed,” it should be “Seeing His glory was all the waiting and praying, etc…” or something like that. I’m finding it difficult to portray the right meaning in that paragraph without making it sound like we work our way to Heaven. Does anyone have any thoughts on that?



              @mgtask Wow, this is a gorgeous poem. So vivid and gentle…. like a boat ride down a stream. (Look you’re making me poetic just reading it. xD)

              As to your question, I don’t know how to word that better. Maybe you could go with an approach more like this:

              For the One Who died for the life to give

              She had wanted to love back,

              To give thanks,

              Working and waiting

              And praying and hoping

              Then weeping and screaming.

              Now she saw His glory worth all the days she stayed

              All the days of pain.

              Something like that? It might help better explain that she’s not doing it to earn her way to heaven, but I would continue to mess around with it because I feel like you could find something better. 😛

              It was a lovely poem though! Thank you so much for sharing it. (:


              Liana J. Douglas

              Just wrote this poem yesterday about the recent dumping of snow we received. (;

              Life all around

              Fresh and new

              I’m filled with hope

              The day is new

              Bright, warm sun

              Gentle breeze

              A day gone well

              My life at ease


              Shadows roll

              The sky turns grey

              Oh, can I make it

              Can I fight through this next day?

              Cold seeps in

              Hope starts to drift

              Oh, where is the life?

              Will my troubles

              Ever lift?


              The wind picks up

              Snow begins to fall

              This isn’t right.

              No, not at all.

              I built up hope

              You let me down

              Now troubles come

              No warning, no sound.


              What happened to joy?

              Will it ever be true

              That my life will go well

              I’m not seeing the view.

              I don’t understand

              Why the ice still comes

              Heartbeat slows

              To the beat of drums


              Just bring the warmth!

              The bright blue sky!

              I need that hope!

              Oh, why? Oh, why?

              The hurt falls soft

              But heavily

              Oh, why must you

              Imprison me?


              The dark and cold

              Obstruct my view

              My path is gone

              No one to run to

              Why did you leave

              When I needed you most?

              Why weren’t you there?

              You left your post.


              A whisper comes

              Through the howling wind

              “I never left

              It was you who did.

              I am still here

              Through the cold, dark nights

              I never left you.

              I am your Life.”


              “You don’t need to rely

              On the bright warm sun

              I’ve got a plan

              Though it may not be fun

              So embrace the wind

              The storms

              The cold

              There’s beauty there

              Though it may seem old.”


              “Accept the snow

              Though cold it may be

              There will be life

              Just wait and see

              Endure this test

              Fight it through

              There’s more in store

              You’ll have blessings anew.”

              ENTJ. Artist. Actress. Fantasy Fiction. MBTI Nerd. Star Wars. Marvel Films. Piano. Jesus Freak.


              Emma Starr

              @lianajdouglas Beautiful! I especially loved the first verse. 😉 Great rhymes that don’t seem awkward; they fit well and flow smoothly.

              Spreading God's love until I can see seven billion smiles. 🙂



              Liana J. Douglas

              @emma-starr XD Thanks! Poetry is one of those things that just kinda pops out of nowhere for me, and I never really know if it works until I finish it. Laughs

              ENTJ. Artist. Actress. Fantasy Fiction. MBTI Nerd. Star Wars. Marvel Films. Piano. Jesus Freak.

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