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    Knowledgeful Butterfly

    To mourn empty people,

    Of the earth,

    Who did cry.


    So silent is the murmur,

    To whisper up at Darkness

    In the cover of melancholy.


    I hate to ask this of a thread i’m barely on, but can you guys dissect this. I kinda what to know if you get what i mean

    i could've gone outside to take a walk, but i know that i wouldn't've come back


      I just wrote this (literally) on an impulse. I haven’t edited it much yet. I just felt like sharing it. It doesn’t have a name.

      Also, I like your poem, @k-a-grey . 🙂


      “I’m tired”, I roll over and say
      I drop my pen and leave it to lay
      Gathering dust, I used to play
      With words, now my fingers rust
      I used to write, but now I must
      My heart is filled with decay
      Yet, I have a duty to pay
      My words cannot go away
      I must write and make them stay
      So I pray
      Every day
      My heart will be okay
      In the face of doubts’ array
      My pen will valiantly face the fray
      And with enough courage, I may
      Summon forth a victory


      Hullo 🙂 It’s been so long since I’ve dropped in here, but I just finished a short little piece of poetry and decided I’d stop by.  It’s based off of Richard Wilbur’s “The Boy at the Window.”

      Two Lonely Souls

      The forlorn child looks up with a smile
      Each time the maple leaves sway with the breeze,
      Dancing like maidens of scarlet and gold
      For the girl at the window who watches the trees,
      Seeking escape from a sorrowful world.
      Watching the brilliant frocks each leaf wears
      Tremble with laughter in the rustling wind,
      The sad little girl has forgotten her cares.

      The maple boughs wave gaily to her,
      Greeting in style the lonely little girl.
      Noting how weary she looks, the leaves
      Skip blithely about and merrily twirl,
      Attempting to please their audience of one,
      The only creature that still comes to see
      The long-forgotten tree. Together they make
      Two lonely souls in glad company.

      "Young people, you must pray, for your passions are strong and your wisdom is little."C.H.Spurgeon


      Hiya everybody!

      @libby This is really pretty!! 🙂 I like it!



      Psalm 119:11
      Your word I have hidden in my heart,
      That I might not sin against You.

      Urwen Starial

        Here’s one of mine, that I wrote today, without a chance to edit it, because I hope people on here can help me, I’m not the best at editing poems. It’s kinda long, but here it is.


        Burning curtains,

        Shattered vases,

        Ruined carpets,

        Horrified faces,

        Windows wrecked,

        Broken glasses,

        Crushed dreams,

        Smoking ashes,

        Moldy walls,

        Rotting floors,

        Empty rooms,

        Splintered doors,

        Dead roses,

        Creaky stairs,

        Shattered mirrors,

        Musty air,

        Broken archways,

        Made of stone,

        Emptiness overwhelming,

        A ruined home,

        Wreckage of couches,

        Crushed chandeliers,

        Burning wood,

        Sheet covered chairs,

        “Was joy treasured,

        And love cherished?”

        I wonder,

        “Why have the people perished?”

        “The happiness is gone,

        And this beautiful home,

        Empty, and ruined,

        Left all alone,”

        “How can such a beautiful home,

        Filled with happiness,

        Be left to die,

        The people turned to ashes?”

        “How could this monument,

        Of beauty and joy,

        Be broken and ruined,

        Like an unwanted toy?”

        I close my eyes,

        Listening for sounds of life,

        Whispers of ghosts, fill my head,

        Telling me of their strife,

        Voices and screams,

        That’s what I heard,


        <i>Explainable</i> by word,

        Fear settled into this house,

        Leaving it’s stain,

        Marking this house,

        A place of pain,

        In my head, a new voice spoke,

        “No light shall shine in here,

        No happiness, no hope,

        It shall be a place of fear.”

        This is the edited version of the unedited version, I took out a bunch of lines that I felt unnecessary, and added a few, please, tell me what you guys think!








        "Peace in our time. Imagine that."


        @libby Why helloo, friend! Thank you for waking up this sleepy thread. (:

        I  like your poem! I had to look up Richard Wilbur’s “The Boy at the Window.” The idea of comparing two different views like that is very intriguing. I think I shall have to try it sometime.

        @urwen-starial Wow, such a very visual poem. You have some good choices of words in there!

        Urwen Starial

          @evelyn, thanks, I started working on a new one this morning, about one of my characters, Kenem Lunen. It’s really confusing unless the storyline is explained, so I’m not going to post it on here right now, maybe in a little while once I go through it a little.

          "Peace in our time. Imagine that."


          @urwen-starial Oh neat! I’ve only written a poem about/for one of my characters once. Do you do it often?

          Urwen Starial

            @evelyn, sometimes, I just find it hard to always find good rhymes to describe my character, so not all the time. It’s fun, but hard to make out good ones.

            "Peace in our time. Imagine that."


            @urwen-starial Ah neat! 😀


            Hello! This one is a english-spanish poem. Written a couple weeks ago.

            Does it works? Enjoy and critique.



             I’ll be weak beforme my God
            The one whose praise is worth
            I’ll be weak before my God
            The one who made me of His own
             I may live in a huge desert
            One He personally knows
            Oh, God!
            Help this pouring soul!

            Yo lo sé.
            Esta és una lengua estrangera
            Quisiera este dolor también lo sea.


            @candide I don’t know a whole lot of Spanish, but it seems to work. *shrugs* 🙂

            Joseph Lin

            Full on Stars — from a Cosmonaut’s journal

            When I was a child,
            I ate dust.

            Face upon the floor,
            I saw nothing.

            Hours would go by,
            I couldn’t get up

            Years later
            I remained.

            Far from home
            It stayed the same.

            I found myself
            In heavy shadow,

            My mind goes back,

            I see no sky,
            I have no eyes.

            The world remains dark,
            I fall asleep,

            The sun.
            Find me.

            Burning fire,
            He speaks.

            I rise again
            On my knees.

            I look up
            Before the push.

            I gaze,
            Marrying the sky.

            Heaven’s gates
            Full on Stars,
            They beckon me

            To travel far.

            Thoughts on my nonsense?

            Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings

            Emma Starr

            @joseph_darkgrate I LOVE THAT POEM. The images are perfecttttt. Well done.

            Do you blog and post your poems?

            Spreading God's love until I can see seven billion smiles. 🙂

            Urwen Starial


              I love it, very good, *has fake coughing fit to hide tears*


              When I had somebody to love me, 

              Everything was less hard, 

              Every hour we spent together,

              Has now broken my heart,

              When I was lonely,

              No one helped to comfort me,

              Every minute we spent together,

              Has broken my heart inside me,

              Now when I’m lonely,

              I cry in silence all alone,

              And when I need somebody,

              I am vastly broken.

              No one has tried to help me,

              Defeat this dark shadow of pain,

              I cry in silence, and pine for love,

              I am quite afraid.

              What if no one wants me?

              Because I’m so fallen?

              Yet, in the distance,

              I hear someone calling.

              Saying; I will love you,

              Forever, as you are,

              My love will find you,

              No matter where you are.

              I shall always love you,

              And treasure you forever,

              And by your side, I shall remain 

              And leave you I shall never.

              I lifted my head up,

              And wiped away my tears,

              Grasped the offered hand,

              And the pain disappeared.

              My grief fell away,

              And new joy was born,

              And I was victorious,

              No matter how worn.

              I smiled, and followed the voice,

              Into a new light,

              And to a beautiful city we went,

              A city new and bright.

              Gold and silver, and opals shined,

              The voice spoke again,

              This is where you’ll live,

              And my love shall never end.

              Quite messy still, I wrote this this morning on impulse, just wanted critique on it. 🙂

              "Peace in our time. Imagine that."

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