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    Daeus Lamb

    Hey everyone!

    Over the past months, the guildmasters and SE staff have been talking about some ways to improve our forum users’ experience. Today, we’re rolling these improvements out. 😀

    Word wars. Until now, only guilds have competed in the race to see which guild can collectively write the most words in a week. Going forward, guilds will still be competing, but there will be an individual side to the competition as well, which anyone can join in. I’ll be creating a place on the forum where I announce upcoming word wars and give all the rules and details. It’ll be fun!

    The following will mostly apply to guild members, though I recommend everyone read them.

    Theme Discussions. In the past, each guild had its own theme discussion and guildmasters posted about that topic once a week. To make things easier on the guildmasters, in the next few weeks, all guilds will be transitioning to doing the same theme discussions. Basically, the guildmasters will take turns writing the discussion post for all the guilds. This means, your guildmaster will have more time to dedicate to making your guild awesome! Ask your guildmaster if you have questions about this.

    How to join/create a guild. Till now, the only way to join a guild was to apply through the form linked to on our “join” page. (See nav bar.) We’ll still be offering that option. However, you now have two other options. 1. Create your own guild. To do this, find 10 or more people in the general forum who are willing to join you. Pick someone to be your leader/moderator and email me your request to become a guild. I’ll look into it and, if everything looks good, you’ll be approved. 2. Guildmasters/moderators will now be allowed to add new people to their guild at any time (as long as they have room). You may get asked by a moderator if you would like to join their guild.

    To clarify, “guildmaster” refers to any of the current guild leaders. They will be the ones writing the theme discussion posts. “Moderator” will be the term for future guild leaders. They will not be writing theme discussion posts.

    I think these improvements will make the forum and guilds a more lively place. 🙂 I’m free to answer any questions.

    👖 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢


    @daeus-lamb Thank you for the update!

    Faith Blum

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    Check out the info here, please. Also, there’s a lovely little subscribe button to the right of the titles on the posts now! So make sure you subscribe to topics you want to see as we will no longer be doing mass taggings.

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    Maddie Morrow

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    @MissPenguin @mckinly

    Hey guys, check out some of the changes we’ve got going on here. And also, to make things a little easier so the guildmasters don’t always have to tag every single person, if you would be so kind as to click on each of the main topics (like in our guild would be Announcements, Story Analysis, Prayer Requests, etc. and at the top right of each topic is a little subscribe button. If you click that you’ll get a notification whenever a new post is created within that topic, regardless of if you’re tagged or not. Thanks!

    Veraza Winterknight


    Will do!!

    I, David

    Sounds great!



    Aye, aye, Captain!

    Jane Maree
    Caleb E. King

    Okie awesome!

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    Proud Meerkat!

    Ariel Ashira

    This sounds AWESOME!

    "No matter how much it hurts, how dark it gets, or how hard you fall, you are never out of the fight."

    Selah CJW

    @daeus-lamb  @jane-maree

    Wow, this sounds amazing!! Cannot wait to see this happening…great job, admins! 🙂

    Assistant Guildmaster of the Phantom Awesome Meraki
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    Oh! *contemplates the power of being a guild leader…* The I could really start a revoution XD (JK, I’m not active enough to be a leader!)

    INTJ- trying to grow into real wisdom; James 3:17

    Ariel Ashira

    @daeus Is it allowed to stay in your guild and also join another guild that is started?

    "No matter how much it hurts, how dark it gets, or how hard you fall, you are never out of the fight."


    Sounds good!

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    That I might not sin against You.

    Selah CJW


      I am wondering the same thing!

    Assistant Guildmaster of the Phantom Awesome Meraki
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