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    Have y’all ever had writers block when you’ve hardly written anything yet?

    Lot’s of stories have that one thing/idea that gets the ball rolling (the ember :). I wanted to ask if any of y’all have any tips for how to find your story ember.

    I want to find an idea that gets me excited and makes me stay up at night thinking about it. 🙂 Perhaps I get to hung up when I feel it needs to be original/unique.

    One thing I also seem to have trouble with is the antagonists goals. Since you want there to be a reason he’s doing what he’s doing. You also want that reason to not be too cliche.

    So any tips for helping to find original ideas and story embers?
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thank You!</p>

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    I feel you! 😋  My overarching advice is for you to, when you’re feeling writer’s block, play some music, get on Pinterest, and pin every prompt or picture that could help you start writing.  🙂

    Perhaps I get to hung up when I feel it needs to be original/unique.

    So do I.  That’s my constant struggle, because everything seems to be used already!! 😂  When that happens, try to remember that we learn from imitating other people’s work and we eventually start to figure out how to write in our own unique, individual ways.  So try to have that mindset when you write (I’m telling myself that too 😉).

    One thing I also seem to have trouble with is the antagonists goals.

    Girl, you sound just like me!! 🤣  I struggle with everything you’ve mentioned.  I don’t have any amazing advice about this except for what I mentioned earlier–try to imitate the authors you love, and eventually a unique (hopefully not cliche 😉) character will start to take shape.


    Hopefully I didn’t waste your time and I hope you find your embers!! 😋

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    This is a great question. For me, as a new writer, I like to let things sit for a bit in my head when I get stuck. I find that pictures, music, and movies are a great way to get my “ember” ball rolling again. Don’t follow other people’s work exactly, but take what you like about it, and make it yours. For example, lets say you love how the coronation scene in Frozen plays out. Don’t be afraid to copy it…maybe you want the same emotion between two characters, but you put the scene at a birthday party, or a casual dinner. As Andrew Peterson (I believe) put it, “Steal boldly.”😄

    I also find that the more I work on a story, the more excited I get about it. I got writer’s block on my current novel, but when I went back and read what I wrote, it got me excited again. Pushing through the hard parts can help you stay productive.

    Hope I’m not too confusing.😉

    Good advice, Ella.

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    I would definitely agree with the others about listening to music – I think it can help if you listen to something that is similar to what you’re trying to write (like emotional music that makes you feel emotional if you’re trying to write a sad scene or intense music for that scene that’s just filled with thrilling action) For example, I loved listening to the music from Pearl Harbour as I wrote a scene in my novella that goes through the attack on Pearl Harbour. It helped inspire me!

    Also, I totally agree with @arindown – I totally find that I get more excited as I write. Once you get that first opening scene down that you’re satisfied with, I think it helps you feel excited to write more.

    Have y’all ever had writers block when you’ve hardly written anything yet?

    Yes! When I first started my novella, I had to rewrite the opening lines/scene a few times until I was actually pleased with it but during that time, it was really hard to know what to write. I think what helped me in that situation was forcing myself to just write. You might not find that helpful,  but if I’m suffering from writer’s block, just writing something (even if I’m not pleased with it) can really help.

    Sorry if that wasn’t really helpful xD

    I hope you manage to find some solutions for you story:)

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    @littlewolf Lots of my story ideas come when I read a really good book but think, “I would do that one thing differently.”

    One cool trick that might spark some ideas is to try to imagine a story that’s a mash of two other stories. For instance, “Writer The Count of Monte Cristo meets Peter Pan.” Or The Brothers Karamozov meets The Lord of the Rings.


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