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    Okay so i was trying to talk to my friend and telling her just to not put too much jesus cheese in it, so unessisary extra things just so it sounds ‘christian’ but its not very powful just comes off as cheesy. But she was taking it the wrong way and like saying God had helped her so much and how could she not put things about how he’s faithful through the storm, and her character is grown very much becsuse of God ect ect.  But she was completely missing my point. Yes put it in,  but don’t force it in to every scene cuz its christian, and don’t make as soon as they are everything will go perfect and be rainbows and sunshines. Cuz its not. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like he answers, sometimes you doubt him, or doubt his plan, ect.

    And @josiah i know what I’m calling the jesus chese with you helping giving critiques of my story. Of yes Yuri in stuck in the repeat completely excepting and everything going perfect is too cheesy. And the other one will Character just happens to get saved before dying. Dont Jesus Cheese it.

    So could you pleeeeaasse help say a way that i can tell my friend so she’ll understand??  I’m not saying don’t have jesus in it I’m just saying don’t make it cheesy and force it in everywhere just to make it more pleasing to God or Christian. Cuz then it looses its flavor.

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    Well, you also said anyone else and also I laughed out loud when I read “Jesus Cheese”.

    We were talking about how much we appreciate the band Needtobreath.  They run the full gamut of music from deeply stirring songs about God to simply great songs. To which I’m listening now.

    Here’s how my friend condensed it:  They write great music.  If every song was about Jesus, it would dilute the message itself and it would in turn become cliche.

    Yup.  He says profound things like that then moves on with life.  Meanwhile my head is still trying to wrap around it.

    I feel the same way about writing.  If every single theme, paragraph, arc, moment, and such is a blatant gospel message that covers every point to get saved; the total message is diluted.  If instead it’s all good writing, that points to something bigger, I find that more God honoring.  There I said it.


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    Yes i did.  Thank you xD


    Yes that’s what i mean. But anyway I’ve said it she hasn’t got.

    Thank you! !

    Princess Foo


    Maybe you could say something reminding her that life with God is not all rainbows and puppies, and writing like it is is reflecting a false view of reality, and in fact a false view of God. If her writing tells people that the love of God instantly solves all worldly problems then she is lying about who God is. And that is a serious thing.

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    Persuading people takes time and patience. I don’t know that there’s a “Here’s How to Make Sure People See the Problem with Preachy Fiction” approach out there, especially for something like this, because you’re talking about a complete perspective shift on what Christ-honoring fiction looks like. Shifts like that take time and in my opinion, expecting a sudden change is probably not terribly realistic.

    As you’re having conversations about this topic, though, I would recommend pointing to great works of fiction, real life, and the Bible itself for examples of what stories can be like. How can you write stories that mirror what real life is like (it’s not going to be simple or easy)? When you look at the lives of different people in the Bible (like Joseph, Moses, or David), what did their lives look like and how did the authors write them? What are some great Christian stories you can point her to as examples of effective storytelling?

    Don’t expect any overnight shifts. Generally in the process of persuasion, there’s a lot of listening (so you understand why she writes in this way and know how to best present her with an alternative viewpoint), thinking, and gradual persuasion that needs to take place to move someone toward changing their perspective. But I personally think that using examples can be one of the most powerful ways to help people shift perspectives.

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    Oh she’s fine in that area… trust me i got long messages in my inbox, she’s just not understanding the whole me just giving the friendly reminder of don’t make it Jesus Cheese.


    Thank you @josiah ! Amazing as usual 🙂

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