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    For you fantasy people, and anyone in general.

    Has anyone heard of Eragon by Christopher Paolini? I’m reading/listening to it now and I was wondering if there is anyone knows of it.

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    Jane Maree


    *raises hand* Yep, I read that series a couple years back. I remember it being kinda interesting and pretty good, ignoring the fact that it was also kind of a rip of from several other books. xD

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    R.M. Archer

    Yep! I’ve read it twice. It’s not a huge favorite, but I enjoyed it both times I read it. 🙂

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    Sarah Inkdragon


    Sure, I’ve read Eragon. Watched the movie to, though I’ll admit I did both mainly for Murtagh. (I have a thing with anti-heroes, okay? Perfectly normal.) XD They weren’t my favorite, but they weren’t bad. As I said before, Murtagh was fun. As was Sapphira’s sassy side, and Eragon… well, for a hero type, he wasn’t terrible. A bit to noble and unselfish(because, honestly, what normal person decides to suddenly one day sacrifice his life to try and take down Mr. Evil Overlord? I wouldn’t. Not without an army to back me. But then again, I’m more of the hero’s hacking sidekick that guides him through his escapades. [Riley from National Treasure, anyone?]).

    Anyhow, it wasn’t to bad of a book. I never managed to finish the series(I have my own books[that are much better] to finish writing.) And that wasn’t bragging about my WIPs at all. *cough* Ahem. *cough* *choke*

    I’ll go before I embarrass myself. (I’m an INTJ. I have a reputation to uphold.) 😉

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    @inkling-for-christ Yup! I love those books. 🙂


    @jane-maree, I agree with you. I see too many cop-offs from LOTR and I feel like there may be a little pulled off from how to train your dragons.

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    @inkling-for-christ I have heard of the series, but haven’t read them. I’ve heard two things–they were really good, and they were really awful. So they’re not on the top of my to-read list right now.  😀

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    Jane Maree


    There was a bit of Star Wars in there too. And a couple of dragon-ish facts and things taken from Anne McCaffrey’s Pern books.

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    @emma-starr, I wouldn’t totally recommend the series. its too close to LOTR

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    @jane-maree, @everyone, I think we need to examine this deeper. While Paolini, was homeschooled he graduated at 15 and began working on his first novel (Eragon). It was heavily promoted through his parents publishing company. That may explain how he got away with so much. Also, he was 15 when he wrote it. According to Wikipedia, he was influenced by J.R.R Tolkien, E.R Eddison, Jeremy Thatcher, Brian Jacques, Anne McCaffrey, Ramond E. Feist, et others. Interestingly enough, the article on Wikipedia adds, “In the acknowledgments of Brisingr, Paolini acknowledged the influence of Leon and Hiroko Kapp’s The Craft of the Japanese Sword for his description of the forging of Eragon’s sword.[12] Additionally, Paolini admitted he is a Doctor Who fan, which inspired his reference to the “lonely god” (the epithet given to the Doctor by the Face of Boe in the episode “New Earth”),[13][14] to “rooms that are bigger on the inside than the outside” (from “Questions Unanswered” in Inheritance), as well as to Raxacoricofallapatorius, the home of the Slitheen (“Blood Price” in Inheritance).[15]”

    However, it is nice to know that he was influenced by good sources, but personally, I think he released his work TOO early. I see room for development.








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    Jenna Terese

    @inkling-for-christ oh, was there a question I was supposed to answer?

    I have heard of this book, but haven’t read it, so….I don’t have much to add, sorry. 🙁

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    Rachel Rogers

    @inkling-for-christ I *may* have heard of these books, but they’re quite unfamiliar to me. They sound interesting, though!

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    @jenwriter17, not really. I’m just surfing for people who have read this book so that I can discuss it. My sister read it and loves it. I was skeptical of it and am listening to it only cause I have nothing else at the moment. To be honest it isn’t bad but there is a lot that could be worked on.

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    @inklings-for-christ *cracks knuckles* I actually have a lot of thoughts on the Inheritance Cycle. I read it several years ago (I think I was fourteen; possibly fifteen?) and really enjoyed it at the time, but that faded pretty quickly as I grew a little older.

    In my opinion, the IC has only two things in its favor— Murtagh, and a fairly strong ability to keep you focused in the moment and experiencing the adventure ‘firsthand’.

    It is a Star Wars/LotR ripoff. It is a ‘typical high fantasy dragon story’. Spiritually, the only truly edifying thing about it was Murtagh’s redemption story. Most of it’s just imaginative thrill and adventure, which is fine, but there are other parts of it that could potentially be disturbing. Some moral lines smudged and blurred where they shouldn’t have been, a few instances of what I like to call ‘weird fantasy violence’, and heavy Zen/New Age influences having to do with the spirits of dragons, dragon worship, etc, that were presented as good and acceptable things.

    Theme was pretty much nonexistent. Characters were okay; pretty easy to follow. Only Murtagh really resonated with me though. (And Nasuada, come to think of it, but that’s probably just because she was irrevocably tied in with Murtagh’s storyline.)

    On top of that, it ended with a pretty hopeless, nihilistic message that as long as you’re immortal and never going to die you pretty much don’t have to worry about who you worship or if morality matters, but can just ‘follow your heart’— easy-speak for ‘do whatever feels good and get away with it’.

    If I had to sum up the Inheritance Cycle in one thought, I’d say it’s a story in a mask— it builds heavily on trite genre tropes without making it that obvious, and has just enough entertaining glitter and thrill on its mask to get by.

    By no means would I call it dark fantasy, though I know a couple of people who were much more disturbed by it than I was (@daeus-lamb), and reading it really helped me figure out what not to do and why in my own writing journey, so reading it isn’t entirely pointless, but there are definitely better books you could spend your time on.

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    Whoops, got the tag wrong. 😛 @inkling-for-christ

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