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    Grace T.

    Hi everyone!

    To keep this brief, I’m an ISFJ creative writing major graduating in May and slated to start my MFA this fall; I hope to go into editing but for now any temp job that comes my way I will take because a master’s degree is not free. I love reading basically any genre out there–I’ve been focused on fantasy, but I’m trying to throw in some nonfiction, sci-fi, and historical fiction because variety is the best policy. =D I tend to write fantasy as well (if I have a chance to write about selkies, I WILL TAKE IT), or occasionally contemporary with a fantastic twist. Favorite writers include but are certainly not limited to J.R.R. Tolkien, Brandon Sanderson (whom I have met in person), Kyle Robert Shultz, P.G. Wodehouse, G.K. Chesterton, C. S. Lewis, Gerard Manley Hopkins, and Agatha Christie.

    Well. That was not brief. Oh well. *shrugs*

    Sam Kowal

    @grace-tolkienista :O *eyes widen* You met Sanderson. You…

    Storms that is cool. Unfortunately I have not done that yet.

    I like to read a lot of genres, too, but mostly fantasy :D. Also, I write fantasy. Are you currently working on any writing projects?

    *nom, nom, nom*

    Grace T.

    @sam-kowal Yeah, I’m still not over it and it’s been almost 3 years. xD

    Tentatively. Progress isn’t moving quickly because I really need to work on the antagonist’s motivations and machinations. Also, this one’s not really fantasy–it’s a sort of superhero story with a non-powered protagonist with anxiety, powered teens who use their powers for art/creativity instead of fighting, and probably some societal issues implied if I ever get that far in the book. xD I’m also brainstorming a piece inspired by Peter Pan and Rapunzel that will probably be some sort of steampunk (a new genre for me).

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    Josiah DeGraaf

    @grace-tolkienista Ok; I’m jealous of you now. I’d love to meet Sanderson some day.

    Grace T.

    @josiah One of the great oldies of TPS is jealous of me? My life just got a tiny bit cooler. XD I hope you can–and I’m sure you’ll be able to ask a much more significant question than my scatterbrain managed.

    Josiah DeGraaf

    Ha. TPS was a good bit ago… Those were good times. Found my first writing community there!

    Heh. Maybe, maybe not. I can get tongue-tied in those kinds of situations. xD

    Sierra Stevenson

    @grace-tolkienista Welcome! I’m into editing as well. Proofreading court documents mostly — not the most thrilling work, but hey, at least I get to flex my vocabulary  😀 What sort of temp work are you into?

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