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    Livi Ryddle

    I don’t think I ever did this for Stilton yet actually…

    So here he is:


    1.) “Good luck! I look forward to your next visit.”

    2.) Stilton paused in the doorway. He turned to look over his shoulder at me, eyes twinkling again. “No. Only the times you leave, to watch you walk back down the road.”

    3.) (an excerpt describing his house)

    I turned aside and started down a stone path towards the small, two-room cottage where Stilton lived. Rose bushes lines the front walk, and other varieties of flowers were planted along the sides of the house, and herbs in the window boxes. I knocked on the door and waited, hearing his lyre in the back room. 

    May the road rise to meet you,
    A smile always greet you,
    May our friendship be always true and strong

    Naiya Dyani

      I should probably do character quotes for my darlins 🙂

      Grace: “He’s not going to hold it in forever. Someday it’s going to explode, and we have to do something about it now.”

      “You’re our friend, Kiet, and we’re not just going to stand by anymore.”

      “Gerik, please, just leave him alone. He never did anything to you!”

      “Why should I cover for you?”

      Kiet:    “I do not often hurry home from school. When you do, you do not see things like that.”

      “Jana ko.” (“That’s enough.”)

      “They shouldn’t act like that and get away with it. Kedori shouldn’t be any less safe than the rest of us                                 because he can’t hear.”

      “Enya, the God who made this world–do you think he still cares about it?”


      Tai:      “I told you nothing would come of all that worrying.”

      “Work on your accent.”

      “I throw up in my mouth every time [that couple] look at each other.”

      “Well, that’s a cheerful statement to make. What makes you so sure it’s as bad as all that?”

      Kedori: I thought we could become friends. No, I thought we were friends. I’ve never had any before. I thought you                    and the others were my first. But if that’s what you think friends are, I don’t want any of it!

      Will somebody explain everything to me?

      (Poor kid gets left out of the loop sometimes because he’s deaf 🙁 )

      Gerik: “Mark my words, Grace, if you keep on hanging with that Sirakani, someday he’ll turn on you. He’ll stab in you                in the back, and you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.”

      “This isn’t any of your business. Move along.”

      “It’s time justice was served.”

      “Not a word of this to anyone!”

      “I didn’t do anything unwarranted, sir.”

      “Can’t get even him to look twice at you, can you?”

      (yeah, he’s pleasant)

      Dari:   “I already feel bad enough about letting things get out of hand last time. I don’t want to make the same mistake                again.”

      (Not a ton of quotes for Dari yet.)


      So yeah, those are my precious characters. Except Gerik. He’s. . . yeah, suffice it to say, he’s not precious 🙂

      Hearts are like matter--they can be beaten down, torn, and burned, but they cannot be destroyed.

      Naiya Dyani

        Ugh, I tried to space those right.

        Hearts are like matter--they can be beaten down, torn, and burned, but they cannot be destroyed.


        Vromidon is the dragon who is doing most of the talking here:

        “Heat doesn’t go down. It goes up. Fire goes up. Gases go up and down and don’t move at all. Plants grow up. Why don’t they go down? No, the question of why the Curtain goes down is not dumb at all, now that I think about it. It is one of those high questions, a dragon question. A dumb question is something that is obvious, unrelated, or makes the person who is being asked uneasy. For instance, its like me asking you, “Why aren’t you a dragon?” Now, in some ways, that is a legitimate question of why there even a such thing as humans is, and everyone aren’t just dragons, but it’s a silly question, because obviously, no one can explain it, and you just are. Okay, that still wasn’t the best example. Its things like asking you why you don’t have wings, a tail, or can breathe fire. I’m not above dumb questions, because I do wonder those things sometimes, but they are still dumb questions. Or, for instance if we were talking about, say, the White Curtain, it would be dumb to ask a question about why say, the sun shines, because it is unrelated.”

        “Wouldn’t a question about why the sun shines be dumb anyways?”

        “No, that’s a dragon question, or a high question.”

        “But what are those?” Jay asked.

        “I’ll get to those later. You asked about dumb questions, so I’m telling you, now listen. The final category of dumb questions as I know them are questions that make the person who is being questioned uneasy, and these are more impolite than dumb. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Questions about personal things and so on.” Vromidon explained.

        “Or when someone asks you to do something you don’t want to do?” Jay asked.

        “Exactly, you are catching on. I guess I can explain high questions to you. Those are questions including, ‘Why does the Curtain go down?’, ‘Why do trees grow up?’, ‘What holds up the sky?’, ‘What’s at the top of the Curtain?’, ‘Why is there evil in the world?’, ‘Why does the sun turn off every night?’ and so on. You get the picture. Those are questions that dragons ask, questions that might seem like dumb questions, but are really the best questions, questions men are incapable of asking, and that truly is what makes men dumb.”


        Your story is yours and no one else's. Each sunset is different, depending where you stand. -A. Peterson

        Urwen Starial

          Can I use my potential character who is real but not written into the actual story yet?

          Kenem Lunen:

          1: “Dreams rarely come true, what we pursue is just a dream, unless we take action and make it a reality.”

          2: “Dreams aren’t reality, reality is harsher than dreams.”

          3: “Love is a twisted view of life, a person trying to prove that dreams can come true.”

          He’s a little. . . he has a strange point of view.

          "Peace in our time. Imagine that."


            Oooh, lessee…

            Aaron: *makes bird noises* “I can legit mimic any kind of bird, just give me one and I’ll do it.”

            Kerid: (in response) “You mean dry retch? ‘Cause I’m not gonna lie, it’s sounds more like a barfing cat.”

            Fredrick: (completely oblivious to their conversation) “Is that a dog dressed as a banana?”

            Talya: *rolls eyes* You guys are ridiculous. Here we are running for our lives and all you can talk about is bananas”

            Aaron and Kerid simultaneously: “What?”

            Fredrick: “Oh. I guess it was just a deflated pool toy.”

            Barney Fife
            /BAR-nee fīf/
            an excellent representation of me

            Naiya Dyani

              @clevercraftsman Oh my word, did you copy a random conversation in my family? :’D

              Hearts are like matter--they can be beaten down, torn, and burned, but they cannot be destroyed.


                @naiya-dyani BAHAHA, maybe I did. 😂 My family is like that too. xD

                Barney Fife
                /BAR-nee fīf/
                an excellent representation of me


                  The previous characters were from my WIP Technologic, here are some from Painted Faces.

                  Favian: All I wanted to do was please my Kingdom… but not when it came to killing someone I love.

                  Cedany: Wars are harder for my brother than for me, but I know what it’s like to know your lover is on the other side.

                  Leif: Everyone is fighting, and the war is breaking Favian apart. All I wanted was to show him the little things that mattered.

                  Gregory: The mouse behind this war will pay. The coward, he would go along with anything his people wanted, even if it meant destroying my sister. I will get revenge.

                  Josselyn: I will not stand in the way of Favian. He loves that girl and I’m inclined to support him.

                  Merek: Once control is miiinnne, I will dispose of the weakling and be the king the people want.

                  Borin: Does anyone have anything to eat?

                  @nuetrobolt Ooh, Vromidon has such wonderful wisdom. 😂

                  @naiya-dyani Ahaha, I love the sound of Tai. 😉 😂 Ooh, Gerik sounds pleeeaaaasant.



                  Barney Fife
                  /BAR-nee fīf/
                  an excellent representation of me


                  @clevercraftsman I know, right.

                  Your story is yours and no one else's. Each sunset is different, depending where you stand. -A. Peterson

                  Naiya Dyani

                    @clevercraftsman XD Tai’s fun to write. His philosophy of life is kind of, hey, let’s hide any sadness or regret under some great sass and jokes! He’s kind of my comic relief, except that he’s an actual fleshed out character. I think I had his pretty crazy backstory made up before I decided to make him that way, so that definitely helps! (Although with this story, I can’t be sure. . . I’ve taken twists and turns in developing it like you wouldn’t believe! XP )

                    Gerik. . . heh,  he’s pleasant indeed XD. I have a tendency to have a close-up sympathetic villain and a not-so-sympathetic overarching villain in my stories. He’s my close-up villain for this one. I’m planning on writing a piece of flash fiction on his backstory. That should be fun! 🙂

                    It sounds like Favian could use a hug! 🙁 And Borin–I do! Have some of my ever-ready stock of brownies!

                    (I love Borin)

                    Hearts are like matter--they can be beaten down, torn, and burned, but they cannot be destroyed.


                      @naiya-dyani Aw, I know. He’s a sad little bean who needs comforting. Ooh, Borin says to tell you that he is ever grateful for your wonderful brownies!

                      (and he’s pretty flattered, too. 😉)

                      Barney Fife
                      /BAR-nee fīf/
                      an excellent representation of me

                      Veraza Winterknight

                      I just realized… I got a character poster for my MC a while back and never posted it. (It’s Eina, by the way.)

                      "You can dance with my henchman."

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