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    I. D. Triskele

    Describe each of your OCs with an aesthetic, a quote from them personally, or a phrase that describes them best.

    Have at it! I can’t wait to see what you guys got!

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    Well, you asked for it 😉

    Riordan. A wandering minstrel with an adventurous but secret past. War of the Roses circa 1457.

    #1.  He laughed a little and looked at her thoughtfully. “You know, child, you’ve only to ask, and I’ll come back.”

    #2. “For every friend I make, an enemy appears nearby.”

    #3. “This is not a battle I choose to fight! I have nothing—will have nothing—to do with this.”

    …yep. 😛

    Will get a few more characters to put on here later. 😀

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    Veraza Winterknight

    wow charrie threads have been popular lately



    “Even the word hopeless isn’t entirely devoid of hope.”

    “I don’t want you to get hurt.”

    “I… I can’t do this anymore.”


    “Just leave me alone!”

    “I’m done with life.”

    “Everything’s been taken from me. I only live for one reason. Revenge.”

    Edmund Lloyd Fletcher

    Wendell, from Queen of Atlantis.  If anything is him… this is him.

    [The Captain said,] “Nice try, kid. But there won’t be any escaping going on tonight. Now sit down and eat your hamburger.”

    Wendell realized that the jig was up, but was not opposed to any change in plans that involved stuffing his face. As he looked over the table his eyes suddenly lit up.

    “A’right! Toppings!” he said excitedly. He leaped forcefully into the lap of the fourth chair and dove for the seafood.

    He grabbed an octopus here, a crustacean there… and all of it went on the burger.

    The Captain’s formerly smug look began to take on a subtle revulsion of its own.

    Homeschooling father of 10, writing Christian action/adventure novels from my home high in the Rockies.

    Kayla Skywriter

    Here it goes.

    Grey Area Characters:

    Jayden: “Every story needs a villain, and I can fill that role.”

    Alex: “I remember all the good we did together, nothing could stop us.”

    Not everything is as black and white as he makes it out to be.

    Real WIP MC

    Jane: “I’m fine getting dumped again, it’s happened so many times now I don’t care!”

    “I am not alone here, I can’t act like a little kid.”

    His shoulders shake with sobs, but he calms as his mom holds him. I wonder what that feels like.

    How we chose to fight is just as important as what we fight for


    *creeps in, arms stuffed with pictures and quotes*

    I just got… a couple here… err lets see. Hmm. *flips through*

    Characters are the best…

    Here we go. *pulls out a scrap of paper*

    I found this in Charlie’s journal. She’s quite the poet.

    Eyes. Souls. Broken hearts.
    People. Walking. Talking. Moving.
    They are living coffins. Cages, holding back a bird. Whispering. Breathing. Barely.
    Sometimes I wonder if it’s too late. Sometimes I wonder if the bird has suffocated beneath the facade of feigned smiles and sappy goodness. Smothered by despair. Everyone talks. But you have to listen. Listen to their eyes. Listen to their soul. Listen to the beat of their broken heart.
    Darling, this is life.
    This is humanity.
    Everyone has a broken heart.

    And then. Hmm. Aha. Zeb’s attempt:

    Reagan nods. “Yep. And went into training myself. I plan to be a military engineer. There is such a need for good equipment. Both for spy and on the ground and in the air. I’ve got a whole notebook of stuff. Ready to change the world!” he grins.
    What a great impression he is making. But then if I said that I wanted to change the world, it might come across as stupid and sappy too. Or maybe if I growl it, it wouldn’t. I should try that. A deep resounding, The world is dark and needs light. Well… that’s cliched. Maybe: The world stinks and needs… air freshener?
    This is why I’m not a poet.

    On a side note… Kari are you okay? @kari-karast I haven’t been around here for a while but… *coughs* You sure look different. 😛 😉

    Oooh a wandering minstrel. I’m already intrigued. And then when I read the quotes… sounds really interesting!

    Oh my. XD XD I love it.

    Wow… just wow. Your story sounds heart-wrenching. *sniffs*

    *reads it again*


    What about you? Do you have anything up your sleeve?

    Veraza Winterknight

    @evelyn XD Yep. I’m perfectly fine. I found that pic a while back and thought it was really cool. But… since I don’t have any D&D charries I couldn’t really use it for anything. Then I realized it could be my profile pic. Yep, I totally didn’t just transform into dark elf. 😉 And for the record, the quotes for my character Kari have nothing to do with me.



    If you say so…


    *shuffles away slowly*



    Veraza Winterknight


    Totally. 😉

    Emberynus The Dragonslayer

    Well here’s Hector

    “Sometimes people’s world’s must become completely dark in order for them to realize that they need the Light,”

    “I prefer talking to animals than humans. . . they’re the only ones who listen more than they talk. . . the true sign of a good friend,”

    “God is not a word or a concept. God is a being. God is alive,”

    Sold souls and dead promises

    Kayla Skywriter


    I guessing you mean the story with Jane?

    Anyway, thanks, I wasn’t trying to write a happy story.

    I’ve always wanted to write something that would make someone cry.

    How we chose to fight is just as important as what we fight for


    @kayla-skywriter Me too. (:

    Sam M

    Judah -the tenacious son of a police officer tries to solve his parents’ murder in a town choked by a mysterious crime boss.

    Lauren -an edgy, strong-willed, confident auto-shop mechanic with an affinity for rock music and mad escape artist skills.

    Kaz -a troubled magician who works for a crime boss, before taking his chances against him.

    Travis -a snarky and clever, if antagonistic, barista who moonlights as a vigilante.

    Dante -a brilliant, talented, good-looking, manipulative gambler.

    Frankie -a persistent truth-seeker who discovers a tragedy, commits a horrific misdeed, and struggles to find a way  through her dark circumstances.

    Jordan -a smart, spunky nonconformist who loves truth, even in a city filled with liars, criminals, and those who live in fear.

    Huerta -a clever police officer, trying to solve his best friend’s murder in a corrupt city, while taking care of his friend’s son who’s also relentlessly seeking to take the killer down.


    @rosequeen Oooh lovely.

    I had never heard of dual aesthetics before…

    Wow, your mystery sounds really interesting!

    Sam M

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>@evelyn Thank you! I’m having some fun with it.</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Charlie and Zeb sound like great characters! What’s your story about?</p>

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