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    *rubs hands together and laughs* MY kinda people! 😀 I’m home at last! Hehehe!

    “That it’s YOU! That it’s YOU that we neeed!”


    Brianna Storm Hilvety

    @bella-d I’ve read Pearl Maiden and The Hidden Hand. 🙂 Both are excellent books.

    Fantasy is my favorite genre, but I’ve recently developed a love for Jody Hedlund’s historical novels.

    I’m a professional editor, so I don’t have any large writing projects in progress, although I occasionally pen short stories and articles. Most of my time is devoted to helping others refine their work. 😉


    @bella-d Glad to meet you!  Oooh, I love Ben-Hur too!  Why do people have the audacity to abridge books like that when the unabridged version is so awesome?!  Do you like to draw?  Is Heir of Splendor the name of your WIP?  And it doesn’t matter around here if you are an expert or not, we are all just a bunch of writers giving advice when we know and asking for advice when we dont. 🙂


    Bella D.

    @briannastorm Oh, you don’t say! I’m trying to develop my editing skills, so maybe you could give me a tip or two!

    @ariel-ashira Indeed. I don’t appreciate it very much when people try abridging perfectly fine stories. How did you know that I was a purest??? :O

    I do like to draw, but I’m not very good at it. It takes me weeks to finish a decent sketch that looks like anything remotely resembling a person or object, soo…. :/ No, actually. It’s just a name I like to give myself as a daughter of the High King. My WIP’s name is Burning Shadows.



    Heir of Splendor


    @bella-d Burning Shadows is a fantastic name!!!  Wow!  Then what is Heir of Splendor?

    Ahh, I dont know.  I guess it seems like most people that like Ben-Hur are purest’s. 🙂

    Bella D.

    Heir of Splendor is simply my title. Nothin’ special about it, save that it is what I am (which is very special).

    True, I never thought of it in that way 😛 I am and and always have been a purest… my sisters, brother, and mother are all that way. And yes, I love the name of my WIP, but I have to give a friend credit for it.

    Heir of Splendor

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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