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    Livi Ryddle

    Hey guys! As some of you may know, Rachel Rogers and Wordsmith have started their own publishing company (hazelgracepress.com)! 🙂 (They have also published a book, “The Broken Paintbrush,” written by Rachel and Wordsmith, and illustrated by another wonderful mutual (non-SE) friend – you should definitely order a copy!)

    But! They are also looking for some people to beta-test a new thing they want to offer – a critique service! I’ll copy/paste from an email newsletter they sent, down below. They already have the five fiction pieces they want, and one non-fiction. They still would like four more non-fiction works, though! So please, if you’re interested in helping them (and getting some feedback on your writing!), send an email to hello@hazelgracepress.com and let them know!

    (NOTE: Because of some unexpected things that arose recently, they won’t get around to beta-testing until the week of July 26th.)

    From the email:

    • Starting in August, Hazel Grace Press will offer a manuscript critique service for authors aiming to be published professionally. The team will give well-rounded, practically applicable feedback on stories (short fiction and creative nonfiction) and nonfiction (academic and informative writing), and even business writing.We’re still scurrying, drafting, revising, building, and planning behind the scenes, so stay tuned for more updates.

      (If you’re interested in beta testing this new critique service (no cost to you), reply to this email and let us know! We’ll be looking for 10 authors’ manuscripts—5 fiction, 5 nonfiction—to critique between 7/19-7/23 so we can get feedback on how we did. It’s a critical piece of developing this new project, so feel free to let your friends know about it, too.)

    Again, they want four more non-fiction works! So if you have a fiction piece you want critiqued, hold off on emailing them about it until they’ve launched the service! 🙂

    And feel free to tell anyone you think might be interested, about HGP as a whole, about their book, or the critique service! Any and all support is greatly appreciated 🙂

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