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    Karla Van Der Berg

    Hi guys!

    So I have finally found a prof editor person who I happen to know IRL, and he is the dad of one my best pals. He and I are super excited to work togeather and he thinks we can get my book released on the kindle publishing thing before the end of the year. (Becuase we are both obsessive and gluttons for work.) So I would like to make sure everything is dandy with my book cover:


    Any changes you guys would recommend? KEEP IN MIND: the cover is supposed to be misleading and convince potential readers this is just another generic YA book with maybe a few twists. I am trying to have the visuals sell the book rather than plot, cuz I wants readers to be surprised when they realized this book is not the YA vampire romance novel they signed up for. XD


    The Fledgling Artist

    Hey! This is pretty good! I hope  you don’t feel overwhelmed by all my comments, I just know when I post for critique I wouldn’t want anyone to hold back, so I assume that’s how you feel too.

    Okay so the first thing I noticed is that the character seems a tad off balance. I think this could be fixed by moving her left (I think it’s her left??) leg forward a little.

    Next, the black rose seems a little (random?) oddly placed compositionally. I would change this by either moving it so it isn’t cut off partway anymore, or add more roses around the character.

    This is a very small thing, and it may just be a style thing, but I think the trees might look a little better if you made the branches a little curvy.

    (I made dis, just in case I wasn’t making any sense)

    And lastly, The character’s head seems a little off to me. I’m not really sure how to describe what looks off, but .. It might be that the eye is too low, or that her forehead comes in too much. I drew over her face to try and figure out how I would have done it differently, but I’m not convinced my paint over is very correct either?

    I think overall you did a great job, and you don’t really need to change anything to call it finished. Although I hope something I said could be useful for going into future projects. (Oh yeah, and I think it’s super cool that you are going to be published!! Congrats on that!)

    "Though I'm not yet who I will be, I'm no longer who I was."


    Hey Karla! I think it looks awesome. I like your use of color and textures and lighting, particularly. How long have you been working on your book? 🙂
    A lot of what thefledgelingartist said I agree with so I don’t have a lot to add.
    While I was analyzing it something did stick out to me, however. After thinking about it more I’m sure this is just a stylization thing though I thought I meant mention it anyway. So you can just take it with a grain of salt.
    The curvature of her back did look a little unnatural to me. Nonetheless, I think it overall is great.

    Sketching with no reference is like hiking without a map!

    Karla Van Der Berg



    Oh gosh,

    I meant critiquing the layout and font not the art. I should have mentioned that in the Description. Though I do appreciate the critiques all the same. 🙂 Unfortunately the sloppy way I did the drawing and layered it, I am unable to make the changes suggested. Though I did think of adding more roses, but After I did I thought it distracted from the girl too much. I think I am keeping the drawing the same, inspite of the flaws I think it still works and I am proud of it. Unless it should look too unprofessional as it js, in that case I might draw a new and better cover. 🙂

    The Fledgling Artist

    @blueberry Oh my apologies for misunderstanding! I don’t think you need to worry about changing the art. As I mentioned it looks great. Unfortunately I don’t really know anything about making book covers.

    Congrats on getting published though! That’s super cool!

    "Though I'm not yet who I will be, I'm no longer who I was."

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