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    Veraza Winterknight

    You know you’re a writer when…

    You’re riding in the car and your brother asks why he can’t see the lightning anymore and your mom replies that it’s because there are too many hills and that “we were out in the open before.” And as soon as you hear out in the open you immediately think “Ambush!” and immediately begin scheming where to put another ambush in one of your books.

    When you went to bed at 10:30 but don’t fall asleep until 1:00, because your heart is breaking into pieces, because the character you just invented a few hours ago is going to die. You haven’t even started writing the first book yet and he’s not going to die until the third book, but you can’t help it because you really, really don’t want him to die but he has to die anyway.

    When you act out all the main scenes from all your books. And you always do it at a specific time, and when you’ve acted out the entire book you get utterly bored at the specific time, because you don’t have any other books to act out.

    When you’re playing a game and the person explaining it says “avoid the chairs” and you immediately get this image of flying chairs all coming at you at once. Then, you tweak the image and start thinking of which book to put this scene in.

    When you have a strange obsession with the letter k and create a language for your main character where almost every word has a k in it, but you don’t realize this fact until months later.

    When one of your characters has a scar on their face, and you stand in front of the mirror tracing a line on your face where the scar is supposed to be until you’re satisfied with the positioning.

    "You can dance with my henchman."


    …when you repeatedly hug your little sister, and your family thinks you’re just being extra loving today, but you’re secretly experimenting with different types of hugs.

    *cartwheels out*


    You know you’re a writer when…

    You’re sitting at the dinner table with your family, but you’ve entirely zoned out of the conversation to work through a frenzied mob scene in your head until your mom suddenly taps your arm and says, “Hey, are you ok? You look really, really angry.” Well, I guess I have some facial expressions down.

    E/INFP-T To truly understand, you must have experience. I neither understand, nor have experience.


    You know you’re a writer when…

    You find yourself staring at people in the mall for character inspiration.

    People think your flirting, but your just trying out a scene in real life to see if it works.

    Your villain takes over and you get in trouble big time with your mom because of the tone of voice you just used on her.

    “Scarlet, What are you eating?” ~ “Ghost peppers...” ~ Robin sighed.


    You know you’re a writer when you try talking to someone at the store, but she just stands there and stares off into space- and you start to wonder if she’s mute…and deaf…which would make a great story idea, by the way!

    "Young people, you must pray, for your passions are strong and your wisdom is little."C.H.Spurgeon

    Selah CJW

    You know you`re a writer when…

    You hope you did not break the law somehow because you drove with your left foot, as someone who got shot in their right leg might have to do in a book… and then you get a zillion story ideas just thinking about how they got shot in the right leg instead of the left, and who they are driving for their life from!

    You are about to explode because you realize there is no way you could ever learn all the history there is to learn, and thus leave potential story ideas hidden out there, never to be written. 🙁

    When you consider how you could make yourself faint, just once, so that you knew how to write about it. (Or wonder if you could throw yourself into the wall hard enough to be knocked unconscious without being permanently damaged, to know how to describe it.)

    You look intently at something while someone is watching you, then watch their expressions change as yours does… “ah, yes, knew it all along” expression and theirs turns to a curious admiration.


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    Veraza Winterknight

    Here’s some more…

    When you’ve thought a lot about how awesome it would be to meet your characters in real life, and then you realize that you don’t actually want to meet them. The reason for this being that they would punch you. In the face. Repeatedly. For about 1,000 years. And then they would disintegrate you.

    When you wish you could see an explosion in real life because…  A) you love explosions. B) You think they’re wonderful plot twists. And C) You have plans for explosions in your book and you want to know exactly how they look and how to describe them.

    "You can dance with my henchman."


    When you consider how you could make yourself faint, just once, so that you knew how to write about it. (Or wonder if you could throw yourself into the wall hard enough to be knocked unconscious without being permanently damaged, to know how to describe it.)

    YESSSS!!! I keep wanting to hold my breath until I pass out, just so I can experience it… but I’m too scared something awful will happen. XD

    *cartwheels out*

    Veraza Winterknight

    And another…

    When you’re listening to Lord of the Rings music and can picture everything that’s happening. So, you really, really want to write a thing where you’re yelling at the characters not to do stuff so they won’t have any problems, get in trouble, etc. However, you’re too lazy to do it, so instead you email your friend everything you’re ‘shouting’, including the names of the people, and completely freak her out.

    "You can dance with my henchman."

    Macey Bourque

    You know you’re a writer when you spend the whole day moping around saying you’re depressed, and when you’re friend asks you why, you say “I just killed my protagonist.” and proceed to sob dramatically.

    In the words of Podo Helmer, "TOOOTHY COOOOW!!!"
    An elvish warrior who sits in the trees drawing.


    …when you’re speaking, PUBLICLY, then suddenly pause for several seconds as you wrack your brain trying to find the perfect word to get your point across, despite there being several more that would do almost as well. *facepalm*

    …when there’s a ten-minute pause in the middle of an online conversation because you’re desperately searching the thesaurus for the perfect word.

    …when you can no longer read a book without mentally dissecting each sentence and figuring out how you would have worded it better.

    *cartwheels out*


    You know you’re a writer when you go to a bonfire, and you want to just let yourself experience the wonder of the moment, but you also want to dissect and analyze the way the flames act for your writing.

    Fandoms: Narnia, LotR, Harry Potter, Marvel, MLP, Ranger's Apprentice, probably everything else


    You know you’re a writer when…

    You’re typing along at a slow pace, then you add an Easter egg and can’t type fast enough.

    You have this one character who randomly talks to you through out the day.

    You think of ways to put yourself into your book… maybe as a side character or random by-stander… like Stan Lee did in marvel movies…
    You want also add your pets…

    You have a character with the same name as a friend, but they aren’t even based slightly on that person, and you wonder if your friend may misinterpret it as you trying to tell them something… especially since one character is mad at that character for a betrayal thing…

    When your wings are weak and you feel like you can't fly any farther you're halfway there!


    You know you’re a writer when…

    When you’re phone-banking for the election and you take along a notebook and pen so you can write down some of the interesting names you discover!

    That moment when Pinterest finally finds that perfect picture you needed.  (The right scene, setting, character, trinketoutfit, weapon, force-field, space station, inter-dimensional transportation portal. Ect.)

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    You know you’re a writer when at dinner one night your dad mentions that someone in the family died and he and your mom have to go to the funeral. You immediately respond by saying, “Oh can I go?!” and your mom, who knows you quite well says quickly, “No. You just want to go so you can take notes on how a dead body looks.”

    And the worst part is, she was actually right….


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