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    Christianna Hellwig

    It’s terrible, must be because I’m an INTJ, but at least you know you’re a writer when:

    People become curious objects of study. You sit in the coffee shop, listening to what sounds like a flippant conversation about what the dog did, and think. Oh what wonderful inspiration for my two town gossips. You listen to two seminary students heckle a third over his unusual take on Soteriology and you think, I’m getting insight into how people who are heavily involved in academics think. Five high school students suddenly burst out laughing and all you can think about is how unique each laugh is and what kind of expressions you can use to describe each one. Finally, you’re sitting at a table surrounded by eccentric people(because birds of a feather flock together) and you’ve managed to steer the conversation onto situational anomalies, “What would you do if…” and you sit there callously listening, thinking, “I’ll take that idea,” or, “she sounds just like protagonist,” or, “I never saw it from that perspective. It will be perfect for the crazy druid I’m crafting in my story. The guy even looks like him!” Mwhahahaha!


    "...Together fused in such a way,
    That what I speak of is a single light."

    Linyang Zhang

    You know you’re a writer when:

    -You only watch a movie that you don’t want to watch because ‘It’ll make good reference material’.

    -When you convince yourself to do almost anything by saying, ‘It’ll make good reference material’.

    -When in a crowd, you look for people that would make good characters.

    -And then stalk aforementioned good character people.

    -When you make up stories about random people that you see. (Why are those three teenage boys not in school? And wearing black? While on the playground? With bags of soda? They’re part of the Mafia, duh.)

    -When you carry a notebook everywhere ‘that’s for writing in’ but is actually a tool for self-protection to whack people over the heads with.

    -When you carry a notebook with you instead of a book, like you used to.

    -When you’ve taken all of the black pens in your family’s house hostage and keep them in your pocket.

    -When your hands are incredibly filthy and smudged with ink.

    -When you spend more time on Youtube/Pinterest than on writing.

    -When you say extremely creepy things and pass it off with the excuse: ‘I’m a writer.’

    -When you do anything creepy and pass it off with: ‘I’m a writer.’

    "I set a melody upon the scenery I saw outside my window;
    It's beginning in my spacy world."
    - TK


    You know you’re a writer when you can pull up enough courage to spy on a neighboring country’s classified information by actually talking to people in the armed forces.

    Telephone, I’m looking at ya.

    You know you’re a writer when you feel a connection with words like you’ve never felt with anything else.

    Yep; personal experience.

    You know you’re a writer when you read all day and escape the burdens of life and school “Because I need ideas and ideas and ideas…” when you should be typing that fermenting-in-your-mind novel into the computer.

    True. Er…I need a good book now. Paperback. The computer screen is hurting my eyes.

    Which reminds me…You know you’re a writer when you can write non-stop for hours on end, even when your hands, eyes, or/and head (heart, even) hurts.

    Especially excruciating when writing an entire novel by hand.  Been there, done that.

    You know you’re a writer when tears drip out of your eyes, you bury your face in the crook of your arm, and cry your heart out just because some misfourtune/death/whatever happened to the guy/gal you’re banging to life on the keyboard.

    I’ve done that. Shocked my poor family at my unexpected, irrational outburst.

    Writer. Thinker. Christian Gal. Canadian. Singer. Blogger. Health Nut. Author. Lumerit Scholar.


    Oh!!! I got one more!!!

    You’ll know you’re a writer when you tell a stranger that they look like the character in your book!!!!!!

    Tek an ohta! Tek an cala!


    You know you’re a writer when you ramble in your sleep about story plots and don’t remember a single thing when you wake up.



    Don't blame me if I spill the ink of my mind on your carpet. I just figured it needed a makeover.

    Zachary Holbrook

    When you attend a seminar on homeschooling children with autism, not because you know anyone who’s autistic, but because you have vague plans to write an autistic protagonist sometime in the future.

    おはいよう. 日本語は好きです .

    The Fledgling Artist

    You know you’re an artist when you can’t help but think about the totes of sketchbooks you’ll have 10 years from now if you keep filling them up at the same rate.

    When you justify drawing for fun as being productive because it’s ‘practicing’.

    You have no chance whatsoever of being a minimalist.

    You know you’re an artist when everything you draw looks awful but you keep drawing anyway. 🙂

    "Though I'm not yet who I will be, I'm no longer who I was."

    Parker Hankins

    You know you’re a writer when you wish to be kidnapped and you hang around supposedly dangerous people on purpose.

    When you see someone’s hair at the grocery and begin thinking of how you would describe the colors and style.

    When you criticize everyone’s stories, movies, and books because their characters weren’t developed as good as you thought they should or the plot wasn’t developed. *Siblings roll their eyes*

    When you see someone and think it’s a good character description. You stalk the person, writing down notes or memorizing in your head. *Siblings wonder what you’re doing*

    When you look at someone and say, “She’s a villain.” *Siblings look at you crazy*

    Living in a world of mystery and dangerous predicaments while working with the AWESOME Meraki's.


    Here’s one that happens to me way too often:

    Having an amazing story idea and convincing yourself it’s way too awesome to forget, (so you don’t write it down) then a couple hours later you’re like, “What was that story idea I had??”

    Spreading God's love until I can see seven billion smiles. 🙂 https://sevenbillionsmiles.home.blog

    R.M. Archer

    @emma-starr Saaaaaame.

    Speculative fiction author. Mythology nerd. Worldbuilding enthusiast. Singer. Fan of classic literature.

    Jenna Terese

    You know your family understands you’re a writer when…

    -you’re with friends and you start deeply analyzing the story structure of a movie you’ve seen, your friends are like “what???” and then your sibling is like “Oh, she’s a writer.” Then the friends say “Oh, I see now.”

    You know you’re a writer when you REALLY want to get out your editing highlighters to fix problems in a book you’re reading.

    "If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write." -Martin Luther

    R.M. Archer

    You know you’re a writer when…

    You have to refrain from commenting on pacing, forgotten disabilities, character development, etc. while you’re watching movies in the theater or with your aunt who just wants to be able to watch movies in peace… (I’m spoiled. My dad and I comment on movie workings together all the time. XD)

    Speculative fiction author. Mythology nerd. Worldbuilding enthusiast. Singer. Fan of classic literature.



    You know you’re a writer when you run into a display at Walmart because you were mentally lost in the forest in the world you are building. And the first thought that pops into you head is “Wow, I sure didn’t see that tree coming” and then you say “excuse me” out loud.

    *trust me, you get weird looks from others for doing that* 😂

    INFP-T. Christ follower, music lover, a dreamer of Middle Earth..........


    You know you’re a writer when you find part of a cow bone just sitting on the beach and you’re like “Awesome! Now I can describe bone spears better!” and you really want to tell your dad and younger sister about how it relates to your novel but you’d have to explain too much and you’d get some judgmental looks from the sister so you just suffer in silence looking at it. Or when you nearly get knocked off your surfboard because you’re planning the next scene in your novel and didn’t notice a big wave sneaking up on you.

    Or when you’re watching the new Jumanji with your friends and wishing the screenwriters had swapped some (i.e. all) of the inappropriate jokes for character and plot development (and wishing you could have been on the staff because UGH!)

    Or when you’re writing something like this and your other sister is like “why are you talking about cow bones” as she reads over your shoulder. Made my point for me!

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    I say I won’t buy any more books until I’ve finished the ones I have, and then I laugh at myself.


    You know you’re a writer when you say you’re a writer and you spend lots of time planning your books and then wastes most of your writing time on SE.

    Your story is yours and no one else's. Each sunset is different, depending where you stand. -A. Peterson

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