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    Sarah vdH

    You know you’re an artist when you have no blank spots in your math book and geometry becomes a world building challenge.

    You know you’re a writer when you have a Pintrest board dedicated to poisonous plants and how to use them.

    And another one for identifying wounds.

    And when you are depressed for a month because you just spent a week killing every character in your story for the sake of character development.

    It's a dangerous business, going out your door... who knows where you'll end up.

    Sarah Inkdragon


    So. True.

    "A hard heart is no infallible protection against a soft head."

    - C. S. Lewis


    What a hilarious topic!!! XD Let’s just get this straight: Authors. Are. Crazy. Period. And weird. Period.

    For starters @lady-iliara I almost had the same exact experience except I was acting out a dramatic death experience during math homework (or while I was supposed to be working on math) and a sibling walks in while I’m crying over the couch, with my hand stroking the air and whispering things like “No! Don’t go!” or “Grandfather you can’t leave me!!” XD

    Here are some others:

    You know you’re an author when you find yourself sitting staring at the ceiling wondering what it would feel like to be shot in the foot and you think to yourself: “Wow, seriously, that would actually be a helpful thing to experience…”

    You know you’re an author when your going through your old schoolwork and you find a chapter scrawled over a diagram of the heart that you drew for a test, one in the middle of two algebra problems, and another on the back of a page filled Latin translations.

    You know you’re an author when you find yourself pouring orange juice over pieces of paper because that’s what happens in your story and you want to be able to describe what the paper is like afterwards. (Okay so I haven’t done this yet, but I still need to and am planning to do it once I get my hands on some orange juice.)

    Also, mumbling poetry over and over again in the car to see if it sounds good and then changing it and going through it again.

    And seriously wishing that you could just go get lost in the wilderness for a couple days with absolutely nothing so that you can understand your character better. (Which I also still really want to do…)

    Also: you know you’re an author when you are researching how much it would cost to fly from Greenland to New York, how Eskimos make ice-cream, and learning how to build an igloo.

    And finally when you’re stuck on a plot, taking a scolding hot shower in literal pitch black at midnight. It’s amazing. you should try it. XD


    ~When you read a 500 page biography of a historical character you don’t like, simply because you’re trying to work on your villian.

    ~When you take notes on other people’s conversations–overheard at the gas station, grocery store, library, church… (this is actually a really good exercise to improve dialouge!)

    ~When you go an entire day without using your left arm because you need to know how it would affect someone’s every day movements.

    A dreamer who plans, and a planner who dreams; a paradox.


    You know your a writer when your hobby during road trips is to rewrite all the billboards along the road.

    You know your a writer when you starve yourself of sleep for two days and nights so you know how it feels to collapse from exhaustion.



    You know your a writer when…

    You and a group of friends get together and the first thing out of their mouth is, “When did you die?” and you don’t even think it’s weird because they’re talking about your favorite character.

    You decide that it would be a great idea to write a different language because one of your characters speaks it.

    You just randomly start talking with a different accent, limping, and say to your sibling (who knows already what you’re thinking) “Man, that was a tough fight.” And everyone else thinks you’re crazy.

    Krazy Katherine. 🙂


    @sam-kowal  I relate with you

    You know your a writer when people stare at you weird for talking through a scene to youself.

    You know your an artist when you stare at people’s legs from different angles so you can draw them better.

    When you have 10 sketch/notebooks and you want to buy more, just in case!

    Nola? AZELINE!!! For ChristWard!

    Kelly Lundgren

    Something that happens to me all the time is when you wake up from a crazy dream and think “man, that was amazing- with a little tweaking that could be an interesting story.”

    "And it came to pass that they lived after the manner of happiness."

    Grace Johnson

    You know you’re a writer when your mom’s on gardening Pinterest boards and she says, “Look at this bean! It says here it’s called a Dragon Bean. You could have these growing in Alamire.” FIY, Alamire is the name of my fantasy world, and my mom knows me all too well, lol.

    You know you’re an artist/writer when you’re trying to describe a weird facial expression in your novel, and you think: Goodness, how on earth would I draw that?

    You know you’re an artist when you grab your unsuspecting cousin, make him pose for a second, and snap a picture of the pose so you can look at it while you’re drawing a character.

    *Swirls cloak dramatically*

    Grace Johnson


    I know, right?!! That’s actually how I got the idea for the novel I’ve spent the last two years writing/revising–from my younger sister’s dream! (She has awesome dreams, lol.)

    *Swirls cloak dramatically*


    You know you’re a writer when you run off in the middle of a board game with your family to find paper and pencil to write down a random idea you just had for a story. (With them giving you strange looks as you do so because it’s your turn)

    You also know you’re a writer when you talk to yourself (out loud by accident sometimes) and to objects. I get especially weird looks from my sisters because I tend to tell my food to stay on my fork out loud at the dinner table.


    (artists allowed here?) @hope-ann You know might be an artist when..
    You find yourself fascinated by whether the light source IRL is warm, casting a cool shadow or cool light with a warm one.
    You find yourself starring at people or objects, wondering how you would do the lineart for it.
    Trying to do math on paper leaves you with am illustrated masterpeice.
    You have dozens of self portraits, not out of vanity, but because you are the only available subject
    You weird people out by staring at them,but you only wanted to try drawing strangers for a change

    Sketching with no reference is like hiking without a map!

    Steward of the Pen


    You know you’re a writer when you can’t sleep all night because you haven’t figured out the perfect name for your character, and then the second you’re satisfied and write it down you’re fast asleep.

    You know you’re a writer when most of your schoolwork pages have translations from English to your made up language scribbled on the corners.

    You know you’re a writer when you notice weird details about people, like all the different ways your family members eat soup.


    # 1

    You’ll know you’re a writer when you bore everyone around you by speaking plots, twists and the masterful works of (I insert Tolkien) and how amazed you are at how he pulled it off, can rant on three lines of dialogue for 30 minutes and everybody thinks you’re speaking Sindarin.

    # 2

    You’ll know you’re a writer when in the first real conversation with a new friend they ask you if you really do love writing. *Smiles and nods*

    # 3

    You’ll know you’re a writer when you have conversations with your characters/go to sleep imagining scenes from your story/act out scenes at any given moment

    # 4 (echoing another one of these lovely things that somebody else said)

    You’ll know you’re a writer when you think about how the tears on your face feel, sweat on your back, burn on your hand, stubbed toe, aching lonely night, butterflies in the stomach, stench of (fill in the blank), aching head, etc, and wonder how you would write that down.

    # 5

    You’ll know you’re a writer when you walk into a room, and subconsciously start thinking about how you would describe the ugly tile floor on paper.

    Tek an ohta! Tek an cala!


    You know you’re a writer when you get in trouble because “How hard is it to put a knife through someone’s sternum” showed up on your internet accountability report

    No one reads these anyway

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