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    Selah CJW


    XD! I love that video- and it’s been AGES since we posted on here last. ::P

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    Wow, I wish I was as immersed in my stories as some of you people are. 😆 Anyways, until then, I have a sizable collection of my own interesting experiences.

    You know you’re a writer when:


    Your school project is to write a newspaper article, but you’ve already been there, done that, and gotten it published.


    This one may be more of an exclusive experience, but…

    You and the co-author of your book spend more time arguing and/or making jokes about characters than actually writing.


    You have imaginary conversations with family members about random things like the different approaches to time travel just in case it ever comes up in a conversation.


    You use the word “premise” while talking to your mom.


    Sweeping the sidewalk turns into a breakthrough brainstorming session for your upcoming fantasy series.


    You take one look at all the writing classes out there, get overwhelmed, and decide to not try any of them.


    You’re reminded of the verse “The love of money is the root of all evil” while thinking of what you want to do with the sales from your book. 😆


    You find names in things like mixed-up words, word searches, and Bible genealogies.


    You wonder if you can sell more books by putting your first two initials and last name on the book cover, like all famous people.


    You merge fonts into your handwriting to make your journal entries look more medieval.


    You write in Old English all the time because your work in progress is written in it.


    You know you’re an introverted writer when you think taking archery or sword fighting would be really cool and beneficial to your story, but you’re too embarrassed to pursue it. 😋

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    @bama-rose This actually happened today. lol! 😉 😀

    You know you’re a writer when: you hear your brother say “I need a shower, but I don’t want to take one. I’ll just put on some deodorant,” and you immediately decide to use it in your story.

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    Arindown (Gracie)

    You know you’re a writer when…

    Your wall is plastered with quotes that either you or one of your characters said.

    You watch Fellowship of the Ring just to see what Legolas was wearing.😊

    You argue with your brother about whether your characters or Navy SEALS are tougher.

    Your brother tells you he’s worried about having nieces and nephews with names he’s never heard of (that you made up😆).

    You name a character the same name as yourself (although they’re not named after you), and then attempt to explain to your siblings that the story has nothing to do with your hopes and dreams for the future.

    When you tell your sister that you really like a how a teenage guy looks, and then have to take the trouble to explain that you “don’t like him,” and that you just want to use him as a reference for a character.

    When you attempt to tell your mother that you can’t just “come back into reality” at a moments notice.

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    You know your a writer when you make up a conspiracy theory for fun and then believe it. Or sit in a dark corner of a basement to see how long you think time has passed compared to how much actually has. Or listen to an out of range station just to hear static so you now have to write it down right.

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    You know you’re a writer when you realize how weird it would be if someone walked up and saw your Thesaurus tab: fat synonyms.

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