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    Hello, I’m Tess, and I get socially awkward at times. Please excuse me.

    I’m an unpublished author at the moment. I got into writing by participating in Nanowrimo (before then it hadn’t occurred to me that I should write down the stories I make up?). So far my track record is:

    2015 YWP (40k trashy words, please don’t dig this out of my files. It’s suicide to try to read it.)
    2016 Nanowrimo (50k semi-trashy words, I mean there were a few good parts but you can’t write a novel and then change your MC halfway through)
    2017 April Camp Nanowrimo (15k stupid farby words, remind myself never to make up cultures again)
    2017 July Camp Nanowrimo (50k steampunk/sci-fi/time travel novel, but the only good thing about it was the cast. OH I LOVE THEM.)
    2017 Nanowrimo (50k WIP. Because I used to know legit nothing about plotting. But now I do. So I’m rewriting it. Cheer me on – this is the first project with any real promise.)

    Of course I have three gazillion abandoned WIPs but isn’t that everyone? Most of them don’t deserve to see the light of day so I won’t launch into those right now.

    A few more things about me:

    – I’m a homeschooler finishing 9th grade
    – My favorite book is The Giver by Lois Lowry
    – My favorite movie is Captain America: The First Avenger
    Actually I like a lot of Marvel in general. Not really GOTG but the rest is great.
    – I listen to a little too much tobyMac and Owl City.
    – Besides writing, I like to ride horses, draw, animate, and parkour (even though I’m really not cut out for it).
    – Oh, and I really, really, really like peaches.

    If you do MBTI, I’m an ENFP. And I am really into MBTI so all my characters have one. For some reason I write a lot of ISTJs? Someone explain that to me, that’s literally the exact opposite of me. WHY.

    I have a blog, even though I neglect it. (Some people take blogging really seriously, but I’m not one of those people.) Click here to plort yourself to it. I also try to make animations on my Youtube channel (which right now has a GoPro video, and a bunch of WIPs/tests. Someday it’ll be great!).

    So yes. There’s a lot more to me but that’s a good sample. I hope to be semi-active on this forum and make a few friends, maybe? (I have no irl friends. Just internet friends. I think it makes me lonely.) Feel free to chat with me!

    Sayonara for now!


    I'm an ENFP - fluent in English, jokes, confusing art teminology, MBTI, and maniacal screaming.


    @thetessinator, Hi. Sorry Vip (my tiny pet dragon) and I didn’t see this a week ago and welcome you then. I also am a homeschool student finishing Grade 9. I also have abandoned many WIPs.

    Your story is yours and no one else's. Each sunset is different, depending where you stand. -A. Peterson

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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