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    Daeus Lamb

    @hope-ann Make him a lot like you.

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    It’s so funny, there’s like this long silence now 😂

    Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

    Hope Ann

    @daeus Obviously impossible because I’m such a sweet, innocent thing.

    Victory in the march. Hope in the destination.



    You were quoted on the SE email!!!!


    Love is the wisdom of the fool and the folly of the wise.


    One of my main characters would be considered an anti hero, but could easily be a villain, so here’s my take on it.

    His drive comes from wanting to be accepted, for everyone to love him and think he’s the best.
    He fears rejection because he is an outcast in his own family, a victim of traumatizing abuse, he hides his hurt under layers of makeup, fancy costumes, and a scathing insult for anyone he thinks is judging him.
    His beliefs are also affected because of his PTSD. He once believed in his world’s deity, but forsook them when his life took a turn for the worst. He reasons that if the god he was taught about was real, they would have spared him the trauma he experienced.
    He is wary of anyone he thinks is looking down on him, and as such his mentality is twisted. He cares about what others think more than anything else. He has to be the best. Anyone he deems as competition or anyone he fears thinks lowly of him, he attacks with a stream of insults and profanity.

    He’s conceited, bitter, attention hungry, and believes his PTSD ‘justifies’ his sass, his attitude, and just overall him insulting everyone he comes in contact with.

    But he has a heart, as twisted as it may have grown. He is hesitant to trust, and even less willing to love, but once he does love, he is loyal. He can’t help but tease, and though most people take his verbal jabs as a sign that he’s not interested in love, he wants friends just as bad as -if not more than- anyone.

    In the end of the story he falls in love again, in a way he never saw coming. His friend pulls him out of the shadows, and he starts on the long road of recovery, hugs, prayers, and therapy.


    Here’s a snippet from my story with Hemlock, the Anti Hero and maybe villain. his friend Clay is trying to help him. These characters are of my own creation and what they say is what they say, not me, so if you don’t agree with it that’s fine.

    “…” Clay watched Hemlock pace the downstairs angrily from the upstairs overlook. Something… had to have happened to him for him to hate the gods so much… Clay had almost fallen into the same trap when he was younger… just, mad at everything.

    Hemlock stopped pacing, sitting down in a chair. “…do you need something?”

    “No. Just thinking, as you are.”

    “You want to know why I’m like this.”
    It wasn’t a question, nor a guess.

    “Well… I won’t lie, I’m curious.”

    “Heh… well if you like sob stories…”

    Clay’s eyes widened, “Wait, you’re actually gonna tell me?”

    “I… I don’t know. In all honesty I haven’t told anyone before. But sooner or later I know Travis (The mindreader of the group) will let something slip and the others will all come running to me with questions. May as well hear it from me than from him. …if you promise not to tell anyone else, and you give them your word that I’m fine.”

    Clay raised up his hand, “Knight’s honor. Do you… want to come up here? Or should I come down there.”

    Hemlock shrugged. “I don’t want to move.”

    “Fair enough.” Clay went down the stairs to where his stubborn elvish friend was.

    Hemlock sighed. “I… I don’t want to believe in any gods, because…I don’t think they would have let what happened to me happen. …I tried to stop it, but no one did anything to help me, and now it doesn’t matter because no matter what I do I can’t undo what happened. …the gods don’t care about me, and they proved it.”

    Clay sighed and sat down next to him, “if someone else hurt you… that isn’t the gods fault. It’s the person who hurt you, it’s their fault.”

    “But there was no warning! It couldn’t have been just because of them, the only way something like this could have happened is because the gods aren’t real! And if they are real they sure have a Dang problem with me because I loved her!”

    “Hemlock, you’re not listening to me. Whatever happened, you’re trying to deny it by blaming the gods. How about blaming the person who is actually in the wrong?”

    “I do blame her! But what about me? I didn’t do anything wrong, I believed in the gods and served them, why did something like this happen to me? I’ve had a hard life and I was prepared for one, but…but this…” Hemlock looked down at his shaking hands. “…do I deserve this?”

    “No… sometimes bad things just happen. Sometimes you break an arm or lose someone you love… the world isn’t perfect, and sometimes there isn’t a reason behind the bad things.”

    Hemlock covered his face with his hands, speaking through gritted teeth. “But they don’t care. They don’t care about me. If they cared, I wouldn’t feel this way. If they cared, they’d show me.”

    “Well… you can believe that. Even if it’s really sad. But you might think they don’t care because you don’t accept their love. You can’t feel their love if you push it away.”

    “…How do I accept it? How do you even know they’re real?”


    Hemlock buried his face in his hands, shaking with sobs. Tears rolled down his cheeks. Tears of relief. Tears of pain. Tears of gratitude.

    Arindown (Gracie)


    🤗 I know right?🤗 Thanks!

    Not all those who wander are lost.


    Thanks, @taylorclogston

    …I pretty much based my character [in God’s Not Dead] off of these guys that I see who are just angry — they’re just filled with anger and hatred.” -Kevin Sorbo, who wasn’t a very good villain

    I have actually found a way that this villain works. PTSD can do so many things to a person. One of my villains has been abused in their backstory. He hides his pain by constantly shunning others and being mean to them because 1: He doesn’t want them to be friends with him, he has low self esteem and doesn’t consider himself worthy of love. And 2: he’s not just sad, he’s scared. He’s scared of commitment, so he just insults everyone until they cant possibly love him, thus eliminating the ‘threat’ of a relationship.

    He views being rude to others as protecting himself, and also as ‘justified’ by his past trauma. he feels he has a right to hate everyone.

    I don’t know if that makes sense to you guys, I’m bad at explaining techniques.


    @loki That was really good. It makes me want to embrace him, maybe cry for him, if he’d let me.

    If he was real my heart would ach for him…

    The thing is, there probably really are people in this world who have his story…tis sad.


    (It seems you have him pretty well figured out, but, here are some questions we’re doing on here to learn more about our villains/antagonists.) I suppose it could work for heroes too. (: https://storyembers.org/forums/topic/villain-antagonist-development-game/#post-117763


    Love is the wisdom of the fool and the folly of the wise.




    I made a google doc of the questions, I could send it to you after it’s done, if you’d like to read it all. I love Hemlock, he is the BEST character.

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